Thursday, 30 September 2010

Day 29

Gosh, the last day of September!? ALREADY?! 

Happy Birthday Nan, who turned 94 today :) AND, as google reliably informed me, Happy 50th Birthday to The Flinstones!

WHAT A LONNGG DAY! 5 periods? Double EnglishLiteratre, Double Law and History? sghreghewghe. long. day. -_-

So, what happened at school other than that? Ermm... nothing? Literally. A very dull day. Like, on a scale from grass to loud noises, I'd put today at school at about 'airing cupboard'. 

Ben is going to Blof me. ... ... ... ?

Speaking of Ben, I dropped his poster round this evening, and I went for walksss with Saskia! We were laughing probably.. like. The entire time round? And she came up with a new musical instrument: The Retardophone. She's a virtuoso. SHIMMYSHIMMYSHIMMYSHIMMYPOW. 

Lyrics for todayy:

"I may not always love you 
But long as there are stars above you
You never need to doubt it
I'll make you so sure about it
God only knows what I'd be without you

If you should ever leave me
Though life would still go on, believe me
The world could show nothing to me
So what good would livin' do me
God only knows what I'd be without you."


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Day 28


My, oh my, what a day!

13 hours at school? Jeeeeez.

My speech was frickin' awesome, and so was Nick's speech as well! Congratulations to him :P

Ermm... hmm. Peeved is an understatement.

This is the colour red:

It is the colour of anger. If I was a colour, I would be red right now. 

And if not, then I'd be like: 



Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Day 27

So, Day 27, and I'm on the phone!

Basically, LONG day tomorrow, had a good day today, saw Ben in the evening, phone call with Johanna, piano lesson was lovely, and yes :)

Follow your dreams. <3 xx

Monday, 27 September 2010

Day 26

Louise. says:
 I was thinking
 Will from the inbetweeners reminds me of you

Just another day of my life, eh?!

Gotta admit, The Inbetweeners IS possibly the best show on tv.

PARENT TOURS THIS MORNING. My, I am glad that I can talk for England. Jeez. I think they may have all got bored of my voice. :S

Only had 1 period today, so, rather pleased about that, ermmm... what else?

My room is still being decorated, funsies, AND OH YES.


Oh, and today, we passed the 1100 view mark! Thankyouu all! <3 <3

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 25


This morning, this blog passed the 1000-View Barrier! *Celebrations*

We had the family around today, so it was entertaining them, and then once my aunty and uncle had left, I had to start clearing my room for re-decoration. Today, I realised JUST how much crap I actually own. Some ridiculous number of carrier bags full to the brim of books. N'AHH WELL.


Anyway.. not much else to talk about really.



Saturday, 25 September 2010

Day 24


So as if going to work on a sunny morning wasn't good enough I get to meet some pretty awesome colleagues at work, and I was working up in the Executive Suite. *ooooh*

AND so basically, my afternoon ended up serving lunch to Sir John Madejski, then I had a FRICKIN' FULL ON CONVERSATION WITH NONE OTHER THAN MICHAEL PARKINSON!!!!!

Oh, and then I just happened to serve coffee to the Earl and Countess of Portsmouth. All in a day's work. :)

That's about all I got up to today, y'know. If that wasn't enough.

I'm really thirsty. NEED SOME WATER :|

LoveLoveLoveeee <3

Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 23

And so, as another week ends, it's time to address my post-Friday-evening-with-my-best-friend blog post. 

Have I enjoyed this week? Kinda. 
Have I had some good times this week? Yes. 
Have I had some bad times this week? YES. 
On a scale of Marmite to egg custard tart, how good has this week been? Poached Egg.

So, today. What has happened today? Let me explain. 

IT WAS SO COLD THIS MORNING. By which I mean it was like. 8. But, before getting up, I was inspired by a song on the radio; it was this one: Les Beaut├ęs du Diable.

OHMYWORD. It's so beautiful. I want to be able to write music like that. 

Anyway, so there I was, on the train. Tootling away with my headphones in and IT HAPPENED. 

AAHAHAHAHSFIRweigt hwetiweprhtwe tipwhe toiwvhe tuweoh tfvpwierv. 

PERSONAL SPACE INVASION!? I gave him such a look as he sat there reading his little newspaper. 


So I get to school, and have to run assembly for our head of MFL. Fun times. Went to history, and looked to be the perfect student while the parent tours were going on.. (I GET TO DO MINE ON MONDAY!)

History itself was a little dull though. Then I had maths. BLEUGH. Maths. tbh. just. maths. very math-like. 


I played piano for the parent tours for a bit, that made me happy.

Law was quite fun this afternoon, gotta admit. BUT IT'S THE END OF SCHOOL FOR TWO DAYS AT LEAST!

Of course, what with it being Friday night, it was designated Ben evening. Which, as per usual, despite the somewhat unconventional nature of some of the conversations, I still love spending time with him :)


OOH. OOH. Time for lyric of the day:

"If you reach for the stars 
All you get are the stars 
But we've found a whole new spin 
If you reach for the heavens 
You get the stars thrown in 
Anything can happen if you let it 
Life is out there waiting so go and get it 
Grab it by the collar, seize it by the scruff 
Once you've started living life you just can't get enough"

LOVES <3 x

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Day 22



It's strange; I don't really notice how much time I spend on there until I want to open it up and take a look at what's going on!


Anyway, Thursday 23rd September 2010. What is my life like today? Well, can't complain really.


I liked that lesson! I had a Law Assessment and a Maths Assessment today, they went ok, free period playing more cards, and a rather funny history lesson! "DEAL OR NO DEAL!?"

Came home, finished my essay, and I've lazed around tonight! It's been rather nice! Talking to Johanna on the phone for a bit, and Peter for a bit as well. I gotta say, been a good night tonight!

Tomorrow night will be my Friday night, and then WORK on Saturday, which I'm looking forward to, because, ahaa. I hope it's with the same people as last week. ;D

People / Person.

You know.



She's good ^ ^ ^

And I gets me a mention :P

That's all for tonight I think.


A wild ZUBAT appeared!

OK, you can go back to your lives now :)

LOVE <33


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Day 21

3 Weeks Today :D

And all give yourself a little pat on the back for helping this blog past the 800-views mark!

I haven't much to say about today, it's been a rather average day. No amusing card games, no angry Indian men and no soggy crumble.

See, that's not very interesting, is it?! So instead, here's a picture of Chuck Norris.


Aha. I nearly misspelt that as "Jelly on a plant" - which would be random. And make just about as much sense as the Andrex Puppy sitting at the top of the stairs, covered in red spots and slowly catching on fire.


You know the type of person that suddenly gets like.. moderately popular? Like, enough so to make them arrogant? And then they walk round the place thinking they're some type of untouchable God?! YES?! WELL I DO. AND MY WORD. I WAS LIKE. OMG. I KNOW SOMEONE LIKE THIS. AND THEY PISS ME OFF. STRUTTING AROUND AND BARGING IN LIKE THEY FUCKING OWN THE PLACE! I GOT NEWS FOR YOU! YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE. FUCK BACK TO THE MEASLY LITTLE LIFE YOU CAME FROM AND GROW A PAIR.

Yea, that's all on that topic.

Anyway.. on the phone now, talk to you all soon..


<3 xx

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Day 20

Well, finally I can sit down and write something to here which might just be worth reading!

So, here it is, day 20, just under three weeks since I began notating my ever so slightly sporadic life, and looking back.... it's been a LONG 20 days!

I've been waking up and feeling SO tired recently, it's like. I wake up, and yet, my eyes stay shut. So it ends up looking so flamin' random, because I'm getting up, and getting dressed with my eyes shut. -_____-

OH. But, once I was on the train, my oh my, there was a VERY displeased Indian man on the phone sitting opposite me. It was kinda scary. And I must say, I find people that do that incredibly annoying, EVEN MORE SO, as I was sitting in the 'quiet zone'. On the left, is what Google found for me upon my searching: Annoying Indian Man on Phone.

So, school. Nothing wonderful to report really, EXCEPT AN AMAZING GAME OF IRISH SNAP! (Or.. Slapjack)

Piano lesson tonight.. which was. Hmm. Kinda.. like. Sentimental I guess... Got home, watched EastEnders, AND OMG KAT AND ALFIE ARE BACK <3 <3 <3 <3

And then, I got some crumble, put some evaporated milk on it.. and.. eesh. I forgot it, and left it on the radiator next to me, and I just looked at it, and it's all soggy and bleughh.

I'll eat it anyway!

I gots me some homework for tomorrow too.. so. I'll do that I think now!

ILoveYouAll <3 xx

Monday, 20 September 2010

Day 19

Sorry, just a quick post for today, long day at school, afternoon off and then rehearsals this evening.

Also, I got the first bit of my project back to me today! exciting :D
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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Day 18

Aaah what a bloomin' mixed day, eh!?

Quite a late morning, I was RATHER tired, and then off to work for the afternoon, and I had a flippin' wonderful afternoon, met some AMAZING people.. well. Aha. Yes, I had a great afternoon! Hysterics for 5 hours straight!

Are the dreams coming true?

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Day 17

It's been an interesting day... not exactly been in the best of moods, to say the least, went to the theatre this evening.. which was. Erm. Interesting.. Spoke to Johanna on the phone, which is always nice, saw Ben earlier today, and even though he wasn't feeling wonderful, I still love spending time with him.

When I got back this evening, I got a wall post on Facebook from Will which, I have to say, really made me smile, even though I was in a terrible mood! Such a lovely long message from him, and it really made me feel kinda special. Thank you William.. it meant a lot.. it really really did.

Not only that, thank you to whoever wrote a series of FormSpring questions for me tonight, I'm as awesome as a 'Jesus Pony', apparently. Isn't that nice?

I thought so.

I started watching this reality-drama-thing called 'Push', which is normally on channel 5 normally, and I actually really love it! It's rather cool :P

Oh.... THANKYOU for pushing the 700-view barrier (Y)

AND hello to my viewers in:
+ The UK
+ Ukraine
+ Portugal
+ America
+ Canada
+ Australia

That's all for now.. well. Just this bit below as well.. love you all.. <3

This is what everybody is using to VIEW my blog:

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Friday, 17 September 2010

Day 16

SORRYYYYYYY that I've not written on here for a while, things have been kind of, incredibly hectic. And, quite a fair bit's happened, BUT! WORRY NOT MY BELOVED FOLLOWERS! I am back to waste another 3 minutes of your lives :)

Quick few messages: WELCOME to the Pope! Phone conversations with Johanna are AMAZING, Coffee with Clare is just like. aaaahh.. AND SO IS GETTING LOST, HEY CLARE?! ;D

ANDDDDD what's more, a Friday night in a random field talking about the world with Ben, well, it's pretty wonderful!

DEFINITELY established quite a few facts.... xD


What's been going on in my life, I hear you cry restlessly.. WELL, fear not my hungry followers, I have but a feast of information for you.

LOL JK, nothing much.

Well. It's been a VERY up and and down few days, some frickin' amazing highs, and some rather tragic lows as well, but, hey. COMES WITH THE PROBLEM OF BEING LIKE ME.

I was thinking, what with all the talk of heaven and religion with the Pope, what do I think heaven looks like, if we say it exists.. See, I think it alters for everybody. And.. I think I know what my heaven would look like...

Something like that I think. 

And so, on that rather beautiful note, I bow out from Friday's blog post, and I hope to hear from you all soon :) <3 xx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day 13


Not for me though, I don't think. Well. BIG decision today. After 11½  years of lessons, I'll be stopping my piano lessons. I KNOW! :'|

But. N'ahh well. As Ben said, in quite honestly one of the best wall posts (AGAIN <3)....

Here's to the future.♥

And he's right! Giving up piano lessons means more time and more FREEDOM to take new creative directions! And that means NEW MUSIC. Which I'm quite excited about. Quite a big issue these last few days is the fact I've taken my compositions off YouTube. And I did. 

I may re-release them.. BUT, as I said, I'm going new directions. Which means collaborations, bigger ambitions and all that jazz, so really. Watch this space :)

SO... my little world of today. 2 FREE PERIODS?! OK then. I did some homework, and played piano for Josh as well, I think he liked it? :)

And I had a phone conversation with Johanna in the morning, which never fails to cheer me up :) I LOVE YOU JOHANNA :)

OOH MY WORD! History was LOLs today! WILLIAM DAVISON (who asked me to include him yesterday) And his own little mating call, eh?! ;D

AND Harry! And Steve! And AAH! 

It's been a good day, AND the medication is working, always a bonus tbh :L

Wednesday tomorrow.. SO I GET TO SEE CLARE?! :D

Ahaaa. And nearly Friday as well ;D

OH. AND OMG. OMG. OMG. I learnt my mother was a GATEAU KILLER!

She walked off while we were shopping and LEFT THE GATEAU ON THE SIDE TO MELT! :O :O :O

Anywayyy... that's all :D


Monday, 13 September 2010

Day 12


Kinda got very carried away. BUT actually, I got quite an interesting response from you all. My total blog views shot up, so HOORAH for breaking the 500 barrier! 

It's been an INTERESTING day. To say the least. There are some things I'd rather not go over, if I'm honest. Let's just say, things got to me. 

Do you know what I did earlier? I put myself in the middle of a lightning storm. Up in the clouds. Just, in amongst all that power. I liked it up there. Not because I felt like God... but because I felt in amongst all the chaos.

AND CRASHING BACK TO MY LITTLE WORLD... I get asked for homework help. Wow. 

Been to the doctors for the head problems! I'm on anti-migraine and anti-nausea drugs. OMNOM?

benjaminnnnn; It's So Hard To Breathe Right Now; I Wish I was Invincible. says:
Now, I presume that meant: involve me. So I did.



I think so.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-naaa I WANNA START A FIGHT.

Actually, I don't.

Because I'd get scared.


OK. I'm done. Nothing more today! Read and Repeat as you wish!


Just, some more than others.


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Day 11a

OK. Sorry.. quick rant. Just seen this on Facebook.. and I've replaced the name of the person.

[ Person X ] likes beautiful girls, all over the world, except you. fat bitch.

OK. Now, I'm sorry, WTF. 

If it had been: 'beautiful girls, all over the world, except you. black bitch.' or 'beautiful girls, all over the world, except you. old bitch.', then there would have been all the hoo-ha: "Oh, that's racist, or ageist"


But hey, it's ok, because it's taking the piss outta fat people. That's just funny. 

Wake up people. It's fucking wrong. BIGGER GIRLS ARE JUST AS BEAUTIFUL.

Day 11

Well, I woke up to another migraine attack this morning. I did a bit of research, and it looks like I have something called: Ice Pick Headaches (Facts) - so that was a bit more nausea and dizziness! Thing is, accompanied with that, I had a real problem adjusting to light.. so when I went out the house to the shops this morning, I had to walk with my eyes closed, because it felt like my brain couldn't deal with the added brightness.

But, it's kinda passing at the moment, so that's good. I DID, as I just said, go to the shops again this morning, and my parents (very kindly) bought me another suit. I'm not quite sure why... I already have one? But. Oh well :) Another suit and another tie to add to the collection, no complaints! Although, I've got a new pair of boots and a black overcoat on the wish list :)

And then I got the endless JOYS of homework to fill my afternoon.


I know what that means, nobody else does though, and actually it's just plunged me back into a bad mood.


OK. Good mood's gone totally. I want a lie in as well. Work yesterday and shopping today. It's going to be 10 days without a lie in. FML. I best pack for school tomorrow as well, but NOT LIKE MY TIMETABLE'S right anyway. FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKSSSSSS SAKE.


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 10

Just a little quick note before I begin, I've just sat down and watched the Last Night of the Proms. My word. What a rousing few hours!! :D I feel so bloomin' patriotic after that!




And so, after that, my day today :) and it was up early to go off to WORK :)

And I spent the entire day pouring pints! I had a great day! Well done to Reading who won 3-0 'gainst Palace :)

THEN it was Strictly Come Dancing launch show :) AND THEN the last night of the proms. 

Plenty to write about, but, I'm having a more serious conversation going on..I'll get back to you all... <3

Friday, 10 September 2010

Day 9

What. A. Day.

School was a little on the irritating side today. Working from 8 onwards. Then my timetable got mucked up, then I got re-classed, and had a free where I wasn't meant to, and it was all pretty weird. A good day though, got PLENTY OF HOMEWORK THOUGH. fml.

And then I got back, late, from school. Having had no lunch, as I was expecting to come back and lunchtime, but noooo. So, I was hungry. Pshh.

Then I dilly-dallied around until dinner, and then it was pack up your stuff and OFF TO BEN'S :)

(WHO you can check on the YouTubes singing and strumming away.. SO CLICK HERE)

And I hads a lovely times at Bens :) 'Cosssssss I gave him the catalogue. :) ANDANDAND nearly fell asleep. But. I got a lot said. As per normal. :D

And then as I was on my way home, I had a like. Migraine attack, which was really quite scary, and I threw up and went dizzy and it was REALLY HORRIBLE. D:

Half 11, I should really go to bed, as I have WORK TOMORROW. fml. So. Don't. Want. To. Work. As. I. Have. So. Much. SCHOOLWORK.


Anyways. That's all for..


I got a nice FormSpring question :P


That's all for now! Facebook/FormSpring/Flickr/YouTube/MSN/Text/Phone/Email/Write to me :)


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Day 8


Free Period, Maths, English Literature, Free Period, History.

OH. And as if handing in my one-night essay wasn't bad enough, I have a 15 minute individual presentation on Shakespeare's 13th poem in the series of poems: 'The Passionate Pilgrim"

It's actually a beautiful poem, and here it is:

"Beauty is but a vain and doubtful good;
A shining gloss that vadeth suddenly;
A flower that dies when first it gins to bud;
A brittle glass that's broken presently:
A doubtful good, a gloss, a glass, a flower,
Lost, vaded, broken, dead within an hour.

And as goods lost are seld or never found,
As vaded gloss no rubbing will refresh,
As flowers dead lie wither'd on the ground,
As broken glass no cement can redress,
So beauty blemish'd once's for ever lost,
In spite of physic, painting, pain and cost."

WOW. Plenty to waffle about. 

OHMYWORD. EastEnders was tragic tonight. Goodness me. 

Oh. Double law tomorrow? Yes please. And seeing Ben in the evening, yes please? :)

WEEKEND? Yes please!

PLENTY to moan about right now. Don't get me wrong. But. Taking the upper ground. Well, at least trying to.

HELLO TO ELOISE, BEN, JOHANNA. LOUISE, and all the other people getting a shout out!



dflghnv wegh pwe hgpwuehguwhgv uoehvguehguowehguoehg ouehg[weoghwegwe. 



Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 7

A whole week of blogging :) *woop*

I had my first full day of 6th form today :D (By full day, it was 3 periods.. :P)

GETTING UP EARLY WAS RUBBISH. I wants a lie in please?

So, I got to school, assembly. Bleughhhhhhhhhhhhh. Headteacher used the word 'you' 38 times in 10 minutes. ¬____________________¬ It was so dull.

I then had a FREE PERIOD. I likes them :) although I didn't do anything. I sat there and copied my timetable into my diary. Wow. Fun. Times. :)

Then I hads English Literatureee which was great, and we had lots to do, like, group work, and then presentations, AND THEN we had an entire essay (1200 words max) for tomorrow. Here's a short extract:

"Generally speaking, eye contact was present, but not used as much as would be possible. Luckily, they had a great foundation of personal pronouns to build their audience engagement skills upon, and it was effective, but there was still room for improvement"

WOW. -____-

History next, plenty of notes being made about the hierarchy of 8th century Britain and then Maths period 4, looking at linear graphs to start with!

Came home at lunch, wrote an essay, made the dinner, spoke to Ben and Johanna on the phone, plenty of people on msn, and here we are writing the blog now :)

It's been a good day, And what made it better was Ben's wall post on Facebook earlier. Made me smile lots :)

THANKYOUUU BEN. I know he reads this :)

You know where to find me on das internet ;D

Loveee <3 xx

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Day 6

TODAYYYYY was the first day of 6th form. And I LOVE IT. And I love my suit as well. And my timetable, and everything really :D AHA. Exciting stuff, can't wait for a 3 PERIOD day tomorrow :D

Wow. Lots of excitement :) Piano was ok in the evening as well.. but 6th FORM WAS AMAZING. SO MUCH FREEDOM! RARARARARARARARARA :D

That's all. I fell asleep at half 8 in the evening :)

Loveeee :) <3

Monday, 6 September 2010

Day 5

Well, OK, 6th form TOMORROW!! I'm not afraid to say that I'm rather excited!

Random events have been happening really, nothing big to write about.. I watched a film called 'The Invisible' last night, which was genuinely fantastic, kinda weird, but, fantastic! I enjoyed my last lie-in as well this morning before school starts again, and, I enjoyed it! Give it a few days and I'll be desperate to stay in bed for that extra 5 minutes! :P

After getting up, I got drawn in to amending a 3½thousand word legal contact. Y'know, as you do. It's all good practice.. I guess. :)

And then as I was sitting down to play piano for a bit, and Brit and Sammy arrived at the door, mostly to drop my sunglasses off, which was NICE, nice to see them :D

BUT.. I think one of the best bits about today was starting my little project! Getting all m'close friends and little messages, and AAH. It was rather exciting! A lot of people reading this will know what I mean, so yes. Exciting stuff!

I gotta say, I think it's about time to look up. It's been a rather turbulent 11 weeks, with some amazing ups and some rather tragic downturns, but, a new year, new subjects, and plenty to do, with plenty of people to see! Onwards and Upwards people!!



Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day 4

Well, after a serious lack of sleep, it's been a testing day. I don't really feel like writing too much if I'm honest, but I'll give you a bit of an insight.

Dan's party was great fun, which ended up with Harry and I helping a rather drunk Saskia home. It's all kinda trivial though I have to admit. It's been a strange day today. I watched 'A Clockwork Orange' film adaptation, and I have to admit, it's one of the strangest, weirdest and almost disturbing films I've ever sat through. I'd recommend it, don't get me wrong, but it really is a film you have to concentrate on. 

However, again, all of that seems to shadow the documentary I'm watching on Sky+ from last night: 102 minutes that changed America; it's about the Twin Tower attacks in 2001. I'm watching it with both mum and dad, and we're all sitting in absolute silence, even when the adverts came on, we were sitting in silence. Even though it was just under 9 years over, the footage of the people jumping to their deaths still remain some of the most poignant and unsettling scenes I've ever encountered. The documentary itself is just as powerful, with no narration, no music, just the eyewitness videos take by civilians, and their own commentary of the scenes that were unfolding in front of them. If you can get to watch it on 4oD, I really recommend it. You can see it HERE for another 4 weeks. 

That's about all from me, good luck to everybody going into 6th form tomorrow (Holt..) and then it all kicks off on Tuesday for most of us!


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Day 3

Well, day 3 of the blog, and I've gotta say, I'm having quite an interesting time writing this all. I'm back from Daniel's party, which was rather good fun!
With 6th form looming now, I'm looking forward to Autumn now, quite a lot now! And then I was sitting down about to write this and this advert came on the TV for VisitScotland, and I was rather happy! Here it is:

I know it was for Scotland, but, aah I was rather excited when I saw this! 
Just thought you ought to all know that!


It was quite an interesting day though beforehand, I'd seen Johanna over lunch, watched my brother play football, and made plenty of food for Dan's this evening. All in all, quite a busy day, but, plenty of things to keep my mind on. Roll on Christmas :D

You all know where to reach me!


Friday, 3 September 2010

Day 2

Today, I learnt that the world was a cruel place. I don't mean to start the post with what is, ultimately, a rather morbid statement, but in certain situations we live unfair and unforgiving lives.

Rest in Peace.


Normally, I'd do my blog post at the end of the day, but I'm out tonight at Louise's end of summer BBQ with some of the friends, and I won't be back 'til later, so I thought I best do it now.

Now, I would write about what's been happening in my little world, but considering that one friendly FormSpringer said this in a question:

"yes your life isnt that exciting....."

I thought that you probably wouldn't want to read all about my life. If you did, I had a haircut. Wowee.

Anyway, that's all for today I think, it's quite hard to think of things to write when my brother's sitting on the floor playing CoD saying phrases such as: "Oh, you're bollocking me" and "You TWAT!"


Well, you know where to find me, if not, then: Here or Here


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Day 1

OK. Day 1. Wow. What a day!

Filming in the morning/early afternoon with Pietre Fellows (who you can follow here: which was great fun, despite the somewhat.... unconventional costumes!

Spent kinda mid-afternoon with Ben, and then Louise turned up kinda randomly which was lovely, of course, to see her as well! We all kinda just lounged around, and I feel asleep. N'aww. UNTIL BEN WOKE ME UP. And made me jump. And frightened me. And, I wasn't happy. -_-

BUT... we went back to Louise's, I was waited upon while I kinda just sat there.. FEELING SLIGHTLY guilty about that.. But yeah. hey-ho.

Came back after a bit, and got really excited/depressed about 6th Form with Dan and Sam (respectively)

AND THEN, here I am. Typing away, 5 days 'til school starts, blogging. Which I think is quite cool!

IF, perchance, you want to reach me, Facebook me, OR, ask me a question:

Cheers my lovelies :)


First Post!

Well, here it is, my first kinda proper attempt at blogging I guess!

I think that this is more likely to be an online diary, with kinda insights as to how I'm feeling, but, we'll have to see how it pans out. First of all, I guess this is all thanks to Ben, who inspired this little project, so go him. *woop*

First things first, expected readership: 3. Maximum.

Well, hopefully more, but, yeah. Surely my life isn't THAT exciting!

Well, I'll be posting links around places so you can all read this, and hopefully carry on reading it as well!