Friday, 17 September 2010

Day 16

SORRYYYYYYY that I've not written on here for a while, things have been kind of, incredibly hectic. And, quite a fair bit's happened, BUT! WORRY NOT MY BELOVED FOLLOWERS! I am back to waste another 3 minutes of your lives :)

Quick few messages: WELCOME to the Pope! Phone conversations with Johanna are AMAZING, Coffee with Clare is just like. aaaahh.. AND SO IS GETTING LOST, HEY CLARE?! ;D

ANDDDDD what's more, a Friday night in a random field talking about the world with Ben, well, it's pretty wonderful!

DEFINITELY established quite a few facts.... xD


What's been going on in my life, I hear you cry restlessly.. WELL, fear not my hungry followers, I have but a feast of information for you.

LOL JK, nothing much.

Well. It's been a VERY up and and down few days, some frickin' amazing highs, and some rather tragic lows as well, but, hey. COMES WITH THE PROBLEM OF BEING LIKE ME.

I was thinking, what with all the talk of heaven and religion with the Pope, what do I think heaven looks like, if we say it exists.. See, I think it alters for everybody. And.. I think I know what my heaven would look like...

Something like that I think. 

And so, on that rather beautiful note, I bow out from Friday's blog post, and I hope to hear from you all soon :) <3 xx

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