Saturday, 18 September 2010

Day 17

It's been an interesting day... not exactly been in the best of moods, to say the least, went to the theatre this evening.. which was. Erm. Interesting.. Spoke to Johanna on the phone, which is always nice, saw Ben earlier today, and even though he wasn't feeling wonderful, I still love spending time with him.

When I got back this evening, I got a wall post on Facebook from Will which, I have to say, really made me smile, even though I was in a terrible mood! Such a lovely long message from him, and it really made me feel kinda special. Thank you William.. it meant a lot.. it really really did.

Not only that, thank you to whoever wrote a series of FormSpring questions for me tonight, I'm as awesome as a 'Jesus Pony', apparently. Isn't that nice?

I thought so.

I started watching this reality-drama-thing called 'Push', which is normally on channel 5 normally, and I actually really love it! It's rather cool :P

Oh.... THANKYOU for pushing the 700-view barrier (Y)

AND hello to my viewers in:
+ The UK
+ Ukraine
+ Portugal
+ America
+ Canada
+ Australia

That's all for now.. well. Just this bit below as well.. love you all.. <3

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