Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Day 20

Well, finally I can sit down and write something to here which might just be worth reading!

So, here it is, day 20, just under three weeks since I began notating my ever so slightly sporadic life, and looking back.... it's been a LONG 20 days!

I've been waking up and feeling SO tired recently, it's like. I wake up, and yet, my eyes stay shut. So it ends up looking so flamin' random, because I'm getting up, and getting dressed with my eyes shut. -_____-

OH. But, once I was on the train, my oh my, there was a VERY displeased Indian man on the phone sitting opposite me. It was kinda scary. And I must say, I find people that do that incredibly annoying, EVEN MORE SO, as I was sitting in the 'quiet zone'. On the left, is what Google found for me upon my searching: Annoying Indian Man on Phone.

So, school. Nothing wonderful to report really, EXCEPT AN AMAZING GAME OF IRISH SNAP! (Or.. Slapjack)

Piano lesson tonight.. which was. Hmm. Kinda.. like. Sentimental I guess... Got home, watched EastEnders, AND OMG KAT AND ALFIE ARE BACK <3 <3 <3 <3

And then, I got some crumble, put some evaporated milk on it.. and.. eesh. I forgot it, and left it on the radiator next to me, and I just looked at it, and it's all soggy and bleughh.

I'll eat it anyway!

I gots me some homework for tomorrow too.. so. I'll do that I think now!

ILoveYouAll <3 xx

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