Sunday, 31 October 2010

Day 60

Before you read this, just open this up in the background and listen to it while you read today's post:

Today is a happy day! Yes, it's a Sunday, yes, school starts tomorrow, but right now, nothing's going to bring me down from this good mood! I hope you're still listening to the song..?

Yes, I've been doing homework most of the day, I saw Ben briefly, but I've really not done too much, Oh gosh, it's Halloween today...!

Moving on, I'm still happy :) It's November tomorrow! I'll have to begin writing Christmas cards soon! Y'know what, today, I've been sitting here looking pretty rough, and thinking: there's quite a lot going well in my life, isn't there? So to everything and everyone that's good ; thank you! Thank you :)

*taps feet to song*

Thanks to this song ; I FEEL more than OK :)

That's all for today I think, have a happy Sunday! :D <3 xxxx

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Day 59

Well - there it is.

After an incredible run, Amadeus is finished! Quite sad really :/ but tonight's performance was great, and the post-performance drinks/gifts/presentations/photos were lovely too :)

Work today was ok... other than the fact I felt 'as rough as an old dog's tits' - thank you in no part to my man flu.

Last day of half term tomorrow.. which is quite depressing really, BUT exciting to think that the next holiday will be CHRISTMAS!

On a seperate note, the clocks go back tonight... HELLO WINTER!

ALSO.. Views! As well as breaking the 2500 barrier (!) we also broke September's number as well! We got 1252 views in September, and currently, October has gathered 1320 so far, bringing the total to 2572 while writing this! More views than I could have imagined!

Love to you all :)

Friday, 29 October 2010

Day 58

A rather lovely day to say the least, penultimate performance of Amadeus, a great afternoon with friends, ordering some rather.. strange things for free :P

I've learnt a lot today.. quite a lot. And things have been said and all that. But. It's good.

The thing that really got me above all, is a prevailing sense of humour, even where you don't expect it.

1. Go to Google Maps
2. Press 'Get Directions'
3. In A, put your starting place as Japan.
4. In B, put your destination as China.
5. Press Enter
6. Look at Direction number 43 :)

Made me laugh! Thank you Google <3

Blog tomorrow :) <3 x

Day 57

:) <3

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 56

nose = blocked
head = ache
E = MC^2

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice & Chemical X = Powerpuff Girls.

Today. Gosh yes. Didn't get up for a while. Watched 'To Buy or Not To Buy' and 'Bargain Hunt' this morning. Both, equally SHOCKING tv programs. If you've never seen them, I recommend you omit to go out your way to do so.

This afternoon meant some piano.. at last. Kinda half wrote a new piece. Sounding a bit. like. normal. at the moment.

Then I mades a loadaaaa Chocolate Orange Brownies which went down rather well at the theatre. Tonight's play was rather.. fail. I came off a little way through and almost fainted. Heat and Sick and all that crap.

Spoken to Ben tonight, get to meet Eleanor tomorrow (Y) - I hope..? :)

* Sneeze *

OK peeps, we cracked the 2400 mark as well, always good news.

Sleep time now. New glasses tomorrow :D

<3 xxx

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Day 55

OK. So. My head. I'm in pain, right.

Imagine, if you will, the pain incurred if you had a child screaming in one ear, a elephant stamping on the other, slowly being head-crushed in a car compacter, repeatedly hit with a golf putter, and being subjected to 48 hours of Justin Bieber. I have a headache quite similar to that right now.

Talking of Justin Bieber.. how FAIL does he look here?! :

MEGALOLZ. Justine. aha.


Anywhos, to my day. Erm. Late start, didn't wake up feeling in the best of moods, and then like, erm. EYE test, that was good, got some new glasses, JASPER CONRAN <3

Erm. Then I fell down the stairs in Clarks in Wokingham. OMYGOSH THE PAIN.

How fail.

And then I got my provisional liscence form. Hoorahh :)

Thenn.. I came home, ebayed a bit, bought Will's Christmas present, and and and.. erm. Theatre again tonight.

This time, the family came to see it, and I think they rather liked it :D

Erm, so yes. Here we are. All is well. I have a headache, and I think I'll be going to bed soon! :P

Gnightt :) <3

Monday, 25 October 2010

Day 54

OK, I think we're back to normal now.

OMGSH. I am so cold :|

Walked back from Cantley, and I forgot my scarf / gloves / coat when I left for Eloise's (more on that in a sec) so I walked home with a thin jumper and it's like. just above freezing out there. 40 minute walk. SO COLD.

BUT, to today. I woke up, feeling rather grotty after sleeping in day time clothes, and then, came home, in a long and sun-in-my-eye-for-2-hours journey. Got home, lazed about a little, before spontaneously having my anti-tramp treatment (a shower..) and heading off to Eloise's :D


And then off to the theatre, for another Amadeus. It went well needless to say, got a good applause and all that.

Then it was the walk home, and the one which I was MEANT to pop in a see Ben, but being as hopeless as he is ( LOVEYOUREALLY ;D <3 ) he didn't pick up to tell me he was with Louise, so I went the long, and decidedly colder route.

Alas, here I am. Warming up. Slowly.

Ready for another fun filled day tomorrow :D

Oh, we passed the 2300 mark :)

Oh, and how about a man eating a sword.


Day 53 - Continued

OK, confused system of posting, but never mind everybody, we're back!

I've just got back from relatives, we left yesterday morning, had a long day of drinking and eating, and then I watched the Hangover on Sky (interesting film >_<)

Had a confusing night's sleep, random dreams ftw, and THEN, woke up, by mum, early, as we were leaving.

But that was this morning (Day 54) So I'll have to cover that later on ;D

Speak to you all again, soon..? :P xx

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Day 52 & 53

All's a bit lost these last few days, I'm at relatives at the moment!

Last night was AMAZING! An excellent performance, and THEN, we all went out for a curry, by which I mean, yes, we all sat down to eat in the restaurant at half 11 at night!

I'll catch up with you all soon! Lovee <3

Friday, 22 October 2010

Day 51

So, we are in the second half of the way to 100 posts.. exciting - no?

School today was ok ; theatre this evening went according to plan, but overall, this day has been marked by a tragic tale. One which I shall never repeat, but, it has marred the success of my day somewhat.

I'll write a proper post tomorrow ; the first of the October half term (Y)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Day 50

Here it is my audience, Day 50. And we're just over 2200 views. (44 views a day on average!)

So, what treasure have I seen before me, 3 weeks into October. Well; I think after my somewhat failed attempt at getting up on time and making myself a poached egg, it was FAR too late, and I ended up with a lift to the train station and having to catch the later train, going utterly breakfastless, and what is worse.. not a cup of tea.

This is what I would look like, if a cartoon was taken of me at around 8am:

And so I travlled wearily to the fun factory, AKA, 6th Form. 

I have to say, little else happened except the gayest trip to Sainsbury's, me taking in too much pork into my mouth, drinking latte, winning a game of cards, Matthew shouting in my ear, getting stuck behind 2 packs of year 7s (yes, I referred to them as packs, herds would work just as well) and what was, undeniably, THE MOST innuendo-filled English Lesson. (Gems included Mrs Blackband 'stooping' down to our level. ;D AND me closing the curtains 'because it was in my eye'.) Oh dear. 

ALAS, I came home. And there I was.. sitting, when ALL OF A SUDDEN.... I got a text. 

It was Nick. 

We had a bit'a conversation which included a certain CAMEL. ;)

AND THEN, night 2 of Amadeus, which went marvellously, despite a few errors. AND THEN! (Bless her!) Becky, our ASM, turned to me and said: "Your parents must be so proud of you."


Anyways... I will leave you all to get back to your lives, and if you get a moment, check out THIS GUY'S BLOG. I love you too William :) <3

See you all tomorrow :) <3

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Day 49

Well, having just returned from the opening night of Amadeus, I can say it all went RATHER swimmingly :) that is to say, rather well. And champagne afterwards? Oh you do tempt me so.

I hear you cry in a sharp desperation: "WHAT DID YOU GET UP TO TODAY THOMAS?"

You may not realise you're doing so, and no others hear it, yet, I hear you ask.

My most unremarkable answer lies thus: Not much.

After a rather uneventful morning at school, I took leave and returned home for the afternoon, whereupon I watched the last Inbetweeners.. ( :/ ) and Whitechapel from Monday :)

THEN it was a bit'a homework, and quick as a flash, after consuming a rather tasty dinner, it was off to the theatre; calling at Ben's on the way, naturally. Ben, you understand, is undeniably my best friend. And I love him very much. :) He knows this of course, I tell him enough ;D

THE PLAY'S THE THING. Said Hamlet, and tonight, it was. The play tonight went really well, and although I got hot, my wig almost fell off and a candle refused to go out, it was a rather wonderful evening!

All in all, my day? Well. I'm sitting here feeling rather satisfied with myself.. we're edging up to the 2200 view mark, and all is well :)

What is more.. THIS. is a potato.

BlogTomozza ;D xx

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Day 48


Zimbabwe Hamlet.
Chris' Birthday.


To all my readers, except one.. you have every reason to be jealous of one thing in particular. The friendship I have.


Monday, 18 October 2010

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Day 46


When you have finished reading this sentence, close your eyes and count to 5.


I hope you did it.

Imagine, just for a moment, that you are a cloud. You don't need to be anybody particular, just imagine you are a cloud. You can be any colour or size or shape that you want to be. You are nothing but a cloud. From your home in the sky, you can see everything. You can observe everything. Every so often, you'll get too big to float, and will take a visit to Earth. But soon enough, you'll be a cloud again.

You can go anywhere. You can go everywhere. You can mask the sun while people below look up and point at you.

The birds soar towards you, you are a cloud. Light, and floating above the world.

I would like to be a cloud. Imagine the freedom.

Nothing but simple floating water.

I would like to be a cloud, just for a day.


Day 45

I know, I was out last night! But this is the blog post for yesterday, just written it today :)

Had a LOVELY time in London with Harry, and we went to see Wicked as well, which, was. Awesome :D

Even if it WAS the 3rd time I've seen it. :)

Then, got back from London, went into Wokingham and had Sammy's meal out, which was FAB :)

THEN there was the walk home, with Saskia. :L MY, what an interesting few hours THAT was!

I'm out again tonight, HOPEFULLY with Ben/Louise and the other meal-peeps, if not, I will be so peeved.



We just BROKE THE 2000 VIEW MARK! :D :D

LoveLovee <3

Friday, 15 October 2010

Day 44

To Everybody: HELLO. And Hello to everybody.

This morning started with a flourish of activity.. by which I mean I mean in my dreams. Like I'd be ready to do anything at 7am! In my DREAM though, I was a Wild Mushroom Farmer, and a rather good one! I sold a mushroom to Alan Sugar for £200.

However, much to my disappointment, I awoke once more to my own world, and promptly stayed in bed. It took a remarkably Herculean effort to get out of bed this morning.

Once at school, the day proceeded with relative calmness and ease, and I had a few questions about Person X from yesterday's post, at least people are reading this!

So, after school, I continued to rest, alas, not for long. Time for Wig and Costume Fitting at the theatre tonight.

Wanna see a picture of me in my wig? Aha:

There we go then!

OH, what else, I got 2 awards today! The Senior Prize for Literature and The Senior Prize for Music, woop. :)

I think that's just about all for today, thanks for keep taking an interest! ;D

Loveee <3

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Day 43

Not exactly been the BEST of days, at all actually. Everything seemed to go a little wrong, and school was a bit rubbish, and I wasn't feeling right all day.

Fortunately, I get to write about it on here.

Now, I know that a lot of people read this, and I'm humbled by it, but, to those people who come up to me in school and say: "Oh, I read your blog, it was REALLY boring.", please be aware, I will turn round to you and say: "Well don't read it then."

I appreciate my life isn't THAT interesting, but, some people DO take an interest. So, please respect that?

I put my bedroom back together tonight... 7 speakers, 3 screens, 2 computers and an electricity bill that much be THROUGH THE ROOF, I'm back in my little domain.

I think I might offer you my opinion or something, and I presume you want to hear it, otherwise you wouldn't want to read it.

I want to introduce you to person x. This is a real person. Person X is a bit of a lad. He's one of the boys.

In school, and in those lessons, it's one rule for person x and his mates, and one rule for the rest of us.

Just because they're a bit more banterful, teachers should not expect any less as far as standard of work or completing the task is concerned.

Because.. oh wait, that's UNFAIR. While the rest of us are slogging it out over our work, and turn up with it done, Person X does barely any, and gets away with it. Were the shoe on the other foot, most of us would be punished for it, and Person X would be praised to high heavens.

I don't like it that way. And I told one of my teachers today that I didn't like it.

Won't change anything though.

BlogTomorrow. x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Day 42

So, here it is. 42, the meaning of life.

According to some at least.

Just a quick 'hoorah' for the rescue of the trapped miners in Chile today, as Connor said earlier, it's good to see some good news once in a while! I was watching it earlier on, and I'm not gonna lie, I was nearly in tears! There was just so much love and emotion, and it was really sweet! <3

I also saw this earlier on.. now, I know it's nearly 17 minutes long, but, watch it from start to finish. I know a lot of people aren't Christian, but.. I found this amazing:

She's just an inspiration.

It's been a mixed day for some people; and my heart goes out to them, they know who they are, and I really love you, it's going to be ok, it always is in the end.

I have to do this early, as I've got MORE rehearsals, as well as trying to put my room back together later tonight, gonna be a long night, and THEN (!!) I have a full 5 period day tomorrow. fml much?

It was nice to see Ben last night as well, random visit to his house made me smile :)

AND random phone calls from Johanna, I like those as well!

AND what Eloise said to me earlier as well, THAT made me smile lots :D


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Day 41

Aaaahhhhhh, I had my last piano lesson tonight.. *tears*

It's been quite a wonderful day! I woke up, and you know, when you're so tired, you can't open your eyes and you just end up squinting at everyone? Yeah. That was me this morning. TIRED. But not grumpy, at least I don't think so. I think mum'll disagree though.

Cute yawning baby?


Of course, this is one of the few examples of children I actually could spend any length of time with. One that makes zero noise.

Children. Demonic little wankers.

Not ALL of them, granted. I, personally, do not like children as a whole.

Well.. not babies, I can stand cute toddlers as well, but that infant/primary school age where they just cry and whinge and moan and run and poo and cry again and argue and draw things on walls and jump and sing and shout and scream and skip and eat and poo again and wee and not go to bed on time sorta kids.

I don't like them.


Oh, yes. William Davison. This boy is one awesom cookie. SO awesome in fact, that I wrote: "vagina olive juice" on his arm.

Aha, I love him.

I think I may have to cut this short, I'm off out to see Ben! WHO JUST GOT THE MOST AMAZING NEWS.

I love him to pieces as well :)

That's all for y'all today :)

LOVEE :) <3

Monday, 11 October 2010

Day 40

And so, my day continues. Today, I learnt that a Fiat 500 with square wheels is possibly THE funniest thing ever, and also that I have some rather remarkable friends :)

I'm also quite happy that I got 104 views in a day yesterday, bring the current total to just over 1800 views! (For you maths people, in the first 39 days, I've averaged about 46 views a day! :D)

I've still got a bit of work to finish, so I shan't write much, OH, and, one of my favourite photos of late:

N'awwwwwwwwww :)

BlogTomorroww <3

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day 39

OK, so I get a text at quarter past 7 this morning. I was awake! It was Ben. I replied, I fell asleep again. I had a dream I was in a death-defying robbery, at Ikea. In the dream, my mum told me: "So you were willing to risk your freedom for some rather lovely flat pack furniture?" 

I woke up at that point, because William had texted me! It was quarter past 10. He asked me about my work yesterday, I answered his question. At this point, I got up. I had a shower, and proceeded to sit on MSN for a bit. 

I got talking to Ben. The conversation was worthwhile in the end. CDR;IEA. 

I was then sitting downstairs, as my room continues to be decorated when LO AND BEHOLD! The phone rang. It was Daniel. "Hello" I said to Daniel. "Hi Tom" he said to me. It was a relatively short phone conversation, but alas, one that led him to staying at mine for lunch. A cup of tea, some gossip and a delicious ham, cheese and salsa tiger roll later, he left. I was alone once again. 

I resumed my time on msn, while browsing the internet, internet shopping. Needless to say, I bought nothing. I simply found William his Christmas present. 

As well as it being 'Lose The Game' day (which means I've lost the game. All day) - It's also the 10/10/10. 

Wow. I know. Now normally, I like these days. I will admit, these past few years, I have felt a certain self-gratification upon announcing: "Today it the 9th of the 9th '09, or some variation beforehand. I had planned to do this today, HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR A FACEBOOK GROUP I SPOTTED EARLIER ON. All is revealed: 

"Today is 10/10/10, won't happen again for another 1000 years so you might as well like it ♥"

I looked at this group and thought: "Wait. Stop. Surely, it will happen again in 100 years, not 1000, when it is 2110?"

And so began my dislike for all the people joining this group, and subsequently the creators. Didn't think THAT one through.. did you? No. 

Today, I also learnt that you could get SINGLE-SLICE toasters. I'm proud to say that I felt a slight tingling sensation upon discovering this, and proceeded to say: "N'awww.. ITSHO CUTE" to the picture. I THEN found out that Claire had one. And that made me jealous. 

So, what are my plans, I hear you cry in deep and unquestionable interest. I'm off to Ben's tonight, and then 5 more THRILLING days at the fun factory. 

This has been quite a long winded post, I know. But. It happened. Nnamdi. 

I shall now retreat to m'shnugglejumper Rachel, and rest until going out later. 

TwoHootsAndAMerryGoRound <3 xx

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day 38

What a LOOONGGGG day! :L

> > > My View Tonight at Work :) > > >

Working from 1 'til half 10 tonight.. AND THEY DIDN'T TIP ME. BASTARDS :|


+ 20 Pints of Heineken
+ 18 Pints of Guinness
+ 15 Pints of Bulmers
+ 6 Vodka and Cokes
+ 2 Jack Daniels
+ Pint of Pepsi
+ 9 Main Courses
+ 9 Desserts

AND NOT A WORD OF THANKS. I was not impressed. :/

And that is quite literally ALL I have done since waking up this morning. :L

OH, and... my shelves are up now ; and they look LOVELY :D

Anyway.. LAST NIGHT WAS AMAZING FUN! I had a lovely meal out with Johanna, Joe, Nick, Laura Harry, Will and Saskia (Who, incidentally crushed my Pannacotta and ANNIHILATED my latte (She was still amazing company though ;D)) and it was all lovely and chatty and relaxed and then, before we went into the restaurant I threw up. ... ... ... And then again when we'd eaten... ... ... THEN we got a taxi back to Johanna's and Joe, Johanna and I chilled for the rest of the evening! It was wonderful! I love these people. All of them :)

Rightyho.. OH. We passed the 1600 mark earlier. :)


Friday, 8 October 2010

Day 37

Wow! Sorry about the post yesterday, it was a little morbid, but I'm ok now :D

Again, another early post, because I am off out this evening with the friendlings :P

Quick thing I'd like to say: HELLO! To my worldwide audience. This week, I've had readers in the following countries:

+ United Kingdom
+ Ukraine
+ United States
+ Canada
+ France
+ Chile
+ Japan
+ South Korea
+ Portugal

Aha.. I'm gonna have to say, I think that it's all rather cool, people I've never met before are reading about my life.. :D

Had quite a successful day today, was rather lovely, and, well, yes. I'll get back to you tomorrow!

Thomas xx

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Day 36

Actually had quite a nice day, but it's all so totally irrelevant.

Because there it goes again. Gah, I'm so screwed up. I got what I wanted though. 24 Hours. I got it. I wanted it to last, but nope. Not a hope in hell. I'm back to how I was.

Don't expect to hear from me, I can't face it. Because if I do, well, it's just not worth it for you.

I just wish.. well. What does it matter WHAT I wish.

Oh, but a quick question, is too much to ask? Just for something randomly nice to happen. Just for someone totally random, just, eugh. I seem to see it everywhere else, except with me.I just hope it isn't my fault? Thinking about it, things like that used to happen, and I know I'd make them happen for other people, I HAVE made it happen. But. Ha. Never mind.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Day 35

Is there ANYTHING like re-discovering old music you used to love!? Hello Daniel Powter and Maroon 5!

Erm, this is only a quick post, I have so much work to do! :L

Thank you ALL so much for pushing us up to the 1500 view mark! I couldn't do it without you all! Just to thank you all, here's a picture of a cactus. The plural of cactus is cacti :)

RANDOM FACT: Most only bloom at night to conserve water and are therefore principally pollinated by bats and moths. Cacti, that is :P

Blog again soon <3

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day 34

Today's blog post is a little early, I won't be around much tonight, so I'd thought I'd do it now.

I've had a one-period day ; plenty of work to keep up with ; plenty of people spoken with ; plenty of music composed ; and one incredibly inspirational woman.

Phyllis Green is 90. She's in hospice care. And she blogs! (You can click here to see her on the BBC) ; and you can read her blog here: (Click Here)

She really IS an awe-inspiring woman. Needless to say, I'm following her blog now! Her final message in the video goes a little like this:

"I hope I made enough of an impact for people to remember me fondly when I'm gone. How can I be this lucky, to be as sick as I'm supposed to be, and not have any pain. and be sure that I'm not going to have any pain. I have loving children. I mean, I have just been blessed, and AM blessed. And I hope everyone who reads this knows that when wonderful things happen, you should stop and acknowledge them, and share them with anyone who'll listen"

This made me smile rather a lot. Incredible.

~~ Exclusive~~

So, music composition. People like to know how I do it, and often, the process of how it's done. Well, I sat down earlier at the piano at school in a free period, and worked on a series of ideas I'm going to use in one of my releases later this year. Now, if you'll excuse the terrible video quality and my flawed playing skills, this is the initial stage of writing. Here it is:


Ahaa. Terrible Quality. But, there it is :) I don't know the name of it ; but there we are people :D

Erm, what else... gosh. Erm. Yes. :) I'm off to piano now, my penultimate lesson! Oh, and hello to all of my 'religious' followers :P

Rightyhooo, Talk to you all soon I hope! <3 xx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Day 33

No, I don't eat Bonsai trees.

Now that's cleared up, Day 33 :)

We passed the 1400 park earlier!

Such a HYSTERICAL DAY! :L Ohh my word. So much to laugh at! Both English, History AND the LEGENDARY Maths lesson today!

I've had a redesign on the blog as well, so you can probably notice, ermm.. what else? Not much, I have to say.. Oh, congratulations to Nick and Laura, I spoke to her about it earlier this evening which was NICEEEEE. Erm, what else. Gosh. Tuesday tomorrow; bring on the 2 period day :) <3


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day 32

OK, so, Sunday. SHIT. What a day. And by that, I mean: 'What a FUCKING AWFUL ONE'

Admittedly, after not sleeping until.. 4/5am? I was woken early to go and buy ANOTHER suit. Yes people, suit number 3. So, 1 suit, 3 pairs of trousers, a scarf, 2 jumpers, a shirt, a lampshade and a ceiling lamp later, I returned home from M&S.

My day, was then shit. For reasons I do not want to go into. But, it just was. Like. Worse than bad shit.

Never mind, my room's finished, all I need is some new bedsheets, and then it'll look done! Here's a quick picture..

Now, quick matter to address, I love being an inspiration to people. I really do, and as Will pointed out, plenty of blogs popping up in amongst all the friends. *cough*

Well, yess. Oh, erm. MASSIVE RANT ALERT.

People let you down. SO BADLY. And by FUCK. If only they knew.

FormSpring me - I haven't had anything in a while ----> QqUuEeSsTtIiOoNnSs

OH, you bunch of cool people.. take a look at this awesome blog ;D

Taraa xx

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Day 31

Hoorah! We passed the 1300 mark earlier!

Thank you all :D

LONGG day at work, but some pretty awesome people, and that's about all I've done today, I know, isn't it terrible? Nothing exciting to say, other than the fact I can barely move!

Speak to you all tomorrow :) <3 xxx

Not like any of you ACTUALLY care what I'm writing? Seriously? Psh.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Day 30

Welcome to October, my readers!

Wasn't it a horrible day with all the weather? *Sighs*

Oh well, today at school was actually rather good :) History was ok, kinda starting to get there with all the names now, then MATHS WITH RALPH!! :O Ahaha. He addressed us as 'lads' no less that 49 times in the lesson. Joe kept a tally :)

Then period 3&4 was sat around with Will, Ed and Ujj having LOLs at all the university prospectuses.

And thenn..ermm.. oh yes, then I spent with Nick (Crandon, not Matthews) talking about life. Which actually, was a really lovely conversation :) Thank you Nick, again!

So then I had to give a boys tour, which was... *cough* interesting.. :L Will D will know what I mean!

We dropped Harry home, because it was raining, spoke to Ben on the phone, got home, showered, homeworked, spoke to Ben again before he went out, watched Spooks on iPlayer, watched Strictly Come Dancing, and then spoke to Clare and Saskia ( my best tree ;D) on msn :D

That's about all for this Friday, sat at home not doing much. Aha. Fun. :/