Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Day 41

Aaaahhhhhh, I had my last piano lesson tonight.. *tears*

It's been quite a wonderful day! I woke up, and you know, when you're so tired, you can't open your eyes and you just end up squinting at everyone? Yeah. That was me this morning. TIRED. But not grumpy, at least I don't think so. I think mum'll disagree though.

Cute yawning baby?


Of course, this is one of the few examples of children I actually could spend any length of time with. One that makes zero noise.

Children. Demonic little wankers.

Not ALL of them, granted. I, personally, do not like children as a whole.

Well.. not babies, I can stand cute toddlers as well, but that infant/primary school age where they just cry and whinge and moan and run and poo and cry again and argue and draw things on walls and jump and sing and shout and scream and skip and eat and poo again and wee and not go to bed on time sorta kids.

I don't like them.


Oh, yes. William Davison. This boy is one awesom cookie. SO awesome in fact, that I wrote: "vagina olive juice" on his arm.

Aha, I love him.

I think I may have to cut this short, I'm off out to see Ben! WHO JUST GOT THE MOST AMAZING NEWS.

I love him to pieces as well :)

That's all for y'all today :)

LOVEE :) <3

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