Thursday, 14 October 2010

Day 43

Not exactly been the BEST of days, at all actually. Everything seemed to go a little wrong, and school was a bit rubbish, and I wasn't feeling right all day.

Fortunately, I get to write about it on here.

Now, I know that a lot of people read this, and I'm humbled by it, but, to those people who come up to me in school and say: "Oh, I read your blog, it was REALLY boring.", please be aware, I will turn round to you and say: "Well don't read it then."

I appreciate my life isn't THAT interesting, but, some people DO take an interest. So, please respect that?

I put my bedroom back together tonight... 7 speakers, 3 screens, 2 computers and an electricity bill that much be THROUGH THE ROOF, I'm back in my little domain.

I think I might offer you my opinion or something, and I presume you want to hear it, otherwise you wouldn't want to read it.

I want to introduce you to person x. This is a real person. Person X is a bit of a lad. He's one of the boys.

In school, and in those lessons, it's one rule for person x and his mates, and one rule for the rest of us.

Just because they're a bit more banterful, teachers should not expect any less as far as standard of work or completing the task is concerned.

Because.. oh wait, that's UNFAIR. While the rest of us are slogging it out over our work, and turn up with it done, Person X does barely any, and gets away with it. Were the shoe on the other foot, most of us would be punished for it, and Person X would be praised to high heavens.

I don't like it that way. And I told one of my teachers today that I didn't like it.

Won't change anything though.

BlogTomorrow. x

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