Friday, 15 October 2010

Day 44

To Everybody: HELLO. And Hello to everybody.

This morning started with a flourish of activity.. by which I mean I mean in my dreams. Like I'd be ready to do anything at 7am! In my DREAM though, I was a Wild Mushroom Farmer, and a rather good one! I sold a mushroom to Alan Sugar for £200.

However, much to my disappointment, I awoke once more to my own world, and promptly stayed in bed. It took a remarkably Herculean effort to get out of bed this morning.

Once at school, the day proceeded with relative calmness and ease, and I had a few questions about Person X from yesterday's post, at least people are reading this!

So, after school, I continued to rest, alas, not for long. Time for Wig and Costume Fitting at the theatre tonight.

Wanna see a picture of me in my wig? Aha:

There we go then!

OH, what else, I got 2 awards today! The Senior Prize for Literature and The Senior Prize for Music, woop. :)

I think that's just about all for today, thanks for keep taking an interest! ;D

Loveee <3

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