Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Day 49

Well, having just returned from the opening night of Amadeus, I can say it all went RATHER swimmingly :) that is to say, rather well. And champagne afterwards? Oh you do tempt me so.

I hear you cry in a sharp desperation: "WHAT DID YOU GET UP TO TODAY THOMAS?"

You may not realise you're doing so, and no others hear it, yet, I hear you ask.

My most unremarkable answer lies thus: Not much.

After a rather uneventful morning at school, I took leave and returned home for the afternoon, whereupon I watched the last Inbetweeners.. ( :/ ) and Whitechapel from Monday :)

THEN it was a bit'a homework, and quick as a flash, after consuming a rather tasty dinner, it was off to the theatre; calling at Ben's on the way, naturally. Ben, you understand, is undeniably my best friend. And I love him very much. :) He knows this of course, I tell him enough ;D

THE PLAY'S THE THING. Said Hamlet, and tonight, it was. The play tonight went really well, and although I got hot, my wig almost fell off and a candle refused to go out, it was a rather wonderful evening!

All in all, my day? Well. I'm sitting here feeling rather satisfied with myself.. we're edging up to the 2200 view mark, and all is well :)

What is more.. THIS. is a potato.

BlogTomozza ;D xx

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