Thursday, 21 October 2010

Day 50

Here it is my audience, Day 50. And we're just over 2200 views. (44 views a day on average!)

So, what treasure have I seen before me, 3 weeks into October. Well; I think after my somewhat failed attempt at getting up on time and making myself a poached egg, it was FAR too late, and I ended up with a lift to the train station and having to catch the later train, going utterly breakfastless, and what is worse.. not a cup of tea.

This is what I would look like, if a cartoon was taken of me at around 8am:

And so I travlled wearily to the fun factory, AKA, 6th Form. 

I have to say, little else happened except the gayest trip to Sainsbury's, me taking in too much pork into my mouth, drinking latte, winning a game of cards, Matthew shouting in my ear, getting stuck behind 2 packs of year 7s (yes, I referred to them as packs, herds would work just as well) and what was, undeniably, THE MOST innuendo-filled English Lesson. (Gems included Mrs Blackband 'stooping' down to our level. ;D AND me closing the curtains 'because it was in my eye'.) Oh dear. 

ALAS, I came home. And there I was.. sitting, when ALL OF A SUDDEN.... I got a text. 

It was Nick. 

We had a bit'a conversation which included a certain CAMEL. ;)

AND THEN, night 2 of Amadeus, which went marvellously, despite a few errors. AND THEN! (Bless her!) Becky, our ASM, turned to me and said: "Your parents must be so proud of you."


Anyways... I will leave you all to get back to your lives, and if you get a moment, check out THIS GUY'S BLOG. I love you too William :) <3

See you all tomorrow :) <3

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