Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Day 55

OK. So. My head. I'm in pain, right.

Imagine, if you will, the pain incurred if you had a child screaming in one ear, a elephant stamping on the other, slowly being head-crushed in a car compacter, repeatedly hit with a golf putter, and being subjected to 48 hours of Justin Bieber. I have a headache quite similar to that right now.

Talking of Justin Bieber.. how FAIL does he look here?! :

MEGALOLZ. Justine. aha.


Anywhos, to my day. Erm. Late start, didn't wake up feeling in the best of moods, and then like, erm. EYE test, that was good, got some new glasses, JASPER CONRAN <3

Erm. Then I fell down the stairs in Clarks in Wokingham. OMYGOSH THE PAIN.

How fail.

And then I got my provisional liscence form. Hoorahh :)

Thenn.. I came home, ebayed a bit, bought Will's Christmas present, and and and.. erm. Theatre again tonight.

This time, the family came to see it, and I think they rather liked it :D

Erm, so yes. Here we are. All is well. I have a headache, and I think I'll be going to bed soon! :P

Gnightt :) <3

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