Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 56

nose = blocked
head = ache
E = MC^2

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice & Chemical X = Powerpuff Girls.

Today. Gosh yes. Didn't get up for a while. Watched 'To Buy or Not To Buy' and 'Bargain Hunt' this morning. Both, equally SHOCKING tv programs. If you've never seen them, I recommend you omit to go out your way to do so.

This afternoon meant some piano.. at last. Kinda half wrote a new piece. Sounding a bit. like. normal. at the moment.

Then I mades a loadaaaa Chocolate Orange Brownies which went down rather well at the theatre. Tonight's play was rather.. fail. I came off a little way through and almost fainted. Heat and Sick and all that crap.

Spoken to Ben tonight, get to meet Eleanor tomorrow (Y) - I hope..? :)

* Sneeze *

OK peeps, we cracked the 2400 mark as well, always good news.

Sleep time now. New glasses tomorrow :D

<3 xxx

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