Saturday, 30 October 2010

Day 59

Well - there it is.

After an incredible run, Amadeus is finished! Quite sad really :/ but tonight's performance was great, and the post-performance drinks/gifts/presentations/photos were lovely too :)

Work today was ok... other than the fact I felt 'as rough as an old dog's tits' - thank you in no part to my man flu.

Last day of half term tomorrow.. which is quite depressing really, BUT exciting to think that the next holiday will be CHRISTMAS!

On a seperate note, the clocks go back tonight... HELLO WINTER!

ALSO.. Views! As well as breaking the 2500 barrier (!) we also broke September's number as well! We got 1252 views in September, and currently, October has gathered 1320 so far, bringing the total to 2572 while writing this! More views than I could have imagined!

Love to you all :)

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