Sunday, 31 October 2010

Day 60

Before you read this, just open this up in the background and listen to it while you read today's post:

Today is a happy day! Yes, it's a Sunday, yes, school starts tomorrow, but right now, nothing's going to bring me down from this good mood! I hope you're still listening to the song..?

Yes, I've been doing homework most of the day, I saw Ben briefly, but I've really not done too much, Oh gosh, it's Halloween today...!

Moving on, I'm still happy :) It's November tomorrow! I'll have to begin writing Christmas cards soon! Y'know what, today, I've been sitting here looking pretty rough, and thinking: there's quite a lot going well in my life, isn't there? So to everything and everyone that's good ; thank you! Thank you :)

*taps feet to song*

Thanks to this song ; I FEEL more than OK :)

That's all for today I think, have a happy Sunday! :D <3 xxxx

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