Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day 90


So excited for Christmas, it's genuinely unreal. Like, on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being 'Couldn't give a toss' and 10 being 'a little bit of wee just came out') - I'm just about pushing 47.

So, dearest fireside companions, what happened on this, the most wintry of November days? Well, I awoke (to what, I must admit, I hoped would be a foot of snow and a cancelled school) ; alas: no. About 4mm of snow. Pathetic. Barely a sifting of the stuff! But, I trudged, albeit rather cautiously to dear old Wokingham station, where I bought a ticket for Reading, met Chris, Jon, Daniel (!), Alex, etc etc.. and we were carted off to Reading, where, I must say, must live a collection of the slowest walking commuters in the South of the country. *fussle-russle*

Anyway, so, after a wintry walk to Reading Concert Hall, we met with the teachers and then.. OWAIS :O


Erm, and so, the lectures about maths began.. it's good to see that the Grinch is back in the public eye.. *cough* GREEN TIGHTS *cough* - but an interesting morning nevertheless :)

Saw Anna and Sammy and Louise and all d'others afterwards as well, always nice :P - Oh ok, then went to Costa with Nick and Steve.. headed back to the station, where I ended up getting the train back with the Holt :3

Thenn.. oh yes, then met Ben, was walking 'bout with him and THERE POPPED UP SARAH(h) :O

LOVELY to see her, of course, always is :) went back to her house with Ben, eat toast and watched Jeremy Kyle :3 - THEN, Ben went to do his hair ;D - and see Louise, and Sarahh and I sat down with a cupp'a tea to watch Jeremy Kyle get slagged off! Yay! :)

THEN, I gets home, and my Christmas lights have arrived! I still need to put them up.. but they're kinda roughly up at the moment, this is what they look like :

I've also put up my Advent calendar for tomorrow. BECAUSE IT'S MOFO'ing DECEMBER :D

I booked my first Driving Lesson today!

So, road users, at 9am on the 18th of December, steer clear of Wokingham. :)


Monday, 29 November 2010

Day 89


Given the blog a bit of a Christmas-y feel, as we are only a matter of weeks away from the big 25 :)

Also, you can see how many views we're on now, if you just look to your right :P

Should be edging to 4100 views :) Views have been a little bad lately, so, hopefully we can pick'em up a little :D


Burst pipe = school shut? *sarcastic look* BUT WHO CARES? Not gonna lie, lie in this morning pretty much a Godsend.. Did a bit of revision, wrote a few Christmas cards, all that jazz.. went to the theatre tonight, which is always lovely to say hullo to everyone and be all.. theatre-y. :)

And then tonight, well, popped out for a cheeky.. well. With Daniel, good ol' catchup! This is him looking like a fail. In a park. On a seesaw.

Isn't he just as cute as a button? ;D

And then, after I kinda half-deserted Daniel, I met Ben!

Whom I walked/skipped/talked with all the way home, at which point he PUNCHED ME, TOTALLY UNPROVOKED!

No, not really. :P Well... kinda, I was only trying to help!

At this point, he would like to contribute to this post by saying:


Doesn't that make TOTAL sense?!

Also, just thought I should share you with this all, but I've been sitting here, typing away, and it has come to my attention that the banana skin in my teacup looks SLIGHTLY like a penis.

I'm just saying..


Sunday, 28 November 2010

Day 88

Two fat ladies ; 88.

So, it would appear Wagner has left the X-Factor! Finally, the public has decided this is a singing contest again! Now we've just got to get rid of Ann Widdecombe and Gillian McKeith, and the world of reality TV will be purged of these disgraces!

Sorry, just noticed, an advert for Plan B on TV, how many more times can they re-release 'The Deformation of Strickland Banks' ?! - guys, take a hint, write something new please.

So, people, Sunday! I have to say, and I did say earlier, the only thing about working on a Saturday, it does feel like I only have a 1 day weekend.. :/

BUT.. I had a lie-in today which was LOVELY <3 ; ermm.. watched some Come Dine With Me, revised law and maths this afternoon, always good.. ermm.. Ooh, and then tonight, went out for walks with Ben, and it SNOWED! :O And there was a really pretty cat as well :3

Happy Sunday (Or what's left of it :P)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Day 87

I have to say, work was quite good fun today! Cheeky £25 tip goin' on there :)

Other than that, it's really not been a very interesting day! OH..

Oh wait.. WE BROKE THE 4000 VIEW MARK!

I'm going to leave you now, and head back to the X Factor, I'm a Celebrity, and other trash TV :) <3

Friday, 26 November 2010

Day 86

Happy Friday everybody :)

You know how sometimes, there are just those moments which send a shiver across you, and all your hands stand on end, and you feel a little cold? I had one of those this evening, I suggest you watch this:

This was an advert for T-Mobile on earlier this afternoon that I saw, and it just fills me with such.. happiness :)

Isn't it just lovely?!

It's been one of those odd kinda Fridays, but oh well! History this morning, not exactly the most thrilling of lessons.. then I had maths, and, well. Logarithms. BUT.. is here a suitable place for some witty maths? ;D

Yes, this is what I did today.

I then had a double free with Harry and Josh ; we watched Chicago.. >.< :L

Then I had law this afternoon, which was average I suppose...

Then, I walked home with this LAD they call Alex, ahaa.. I love our conversations :P

So, here we are tonight..! We are SO close to 4000 views! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep it up everyone!

OK, so, a few links too: Phoebe and I music-ed last night, and there are some rough recordings on YouTube, take a listen? :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fjSmBzwDFw - 'Your Song' Cover

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xavqn6gnPk - Untitled #1 :)

OK, Saskia's on her way round in a bit.. 24!! :D

And I'm a Celeb? :)

Have a good evening everyone :) <3

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Day 85

OK, I'm feeling a little better now!

Had a LOVELY evening last night with Katie and Clare, so good to see them again after so long!

And then, this morning, my mum rang me at 7 in the morning, from her bed, to tell me it had snowed. Those of you in the know, will of course be aware, she tried to trick me. :L

Then, school.. well. BLEUGH. It was one of those days, y'know. Just seemed to draaaaaagg! But.. hey, I still had this afternoon to look forward to!

And my, it was rather incredible!

Phoebe came round, and we made music. Simple as ; we did a cover of Elton John's 'Your Song' , as well as 3 compositions of our own.. and gosh. Yes, it went rather well!


No seriously, it went really well :3




Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Day 84

I'm not really in the mood to talk about my day; maybe when I'm feeling a little better?

In the meantime, I was wondering if any of you fancied contributing to the blog, as a guest blogger?

I dunno, maybe nobody will want to, but, if you wanna give it a bash, reach a worldwide audience, spread the love, announce your engagement, host a funeral, or any of the other fun and exciting things you can do on a blog, then feel free! Just let me know somehow.. text/facebook/msn - any of those..

Anyway, here's a picture of my brother eating a bagel too big for his mouth, back in the summer.

We're edging close to 4000 views people..


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Day 83

'If' - it's a funny word, isn't it? As far as 2 letter words go: if. It's a weird one. Especially when combined with 'What'.

'What if' - maybe the most treacherous opening to a question ever?

'What if I'd never met you?' ; 'What if that had never happened?' ; "What if that HAD happened?" ; 'What if it worked?' - and so on.

Let's move on, shall we.

I'm a Celeb has just started..  looks like it's going to be another hour of the world's most pathetic human doing (or failing thereafter) whatever she can for 20 seconds of fame.

People like that, well. I dislike people like that. ffs - just get a fucking grip on your LIVES.

Anyway, so, back to me. ;)

No, I jest, I jest.

School.. well. I had ONE period. Nice day wasted..

Saw Ben most of the afternoon, including his little snack of a fluorescent yellow coronation chicken baguette. So much innuendo in the shop though.

Well, doesn't that just look..


Audition went well tonight, been asked back next week.. ermm.. yeshhums.

Half Day Monday, Tuesday and tomorrow as well. *hoorayy*

Ooh. OK, I'll leave you too it, bush tucker trial :3


Monday, 22 November 2010

Day 82

Just before I begin, I like the number 82 - there's something terrifically.. even about it :)

So, SHOCK HORROR! Readers of the world, prepare to have your mind blown. I WAS UP. ON TIME THIS MORNING! :O

I know. MADNESS.

No seriously, I was up, showered, dressed, and went off to the train station, at what can be described a lesser pace than is usual for me, considering I'm normally in a rush.. >.<

So, I arrived at the train station, and who should I see but... Ben! :O

He took a little bit of time to realise it was me.. bless him, but, we got the train together, and was all very like. Tiredness and all that, but lovely to see him, as it always is. So, I get to school, absolutely freezing, and, I'm sitting there. Like. Hmm. People filter in slowly though, and it isn't long before I'm LOLing with Harry at.. well. He knows what ;D

But, lessons started soon enough with Double English Literature. First lesson, I managed to blag my way through my entire presentation, and even though I said things that were contradictory, and wrong, and stupid, I managed to pull it off :)

Then, second English lesson, well. It just meant a load more talking and discussion. I love our English lessons :3

So, then.. *brain ticks over* - oh yes, History. What... fun. No, it was ok really.. looking at the post-conquest effects on the normal people. Interesting.. yes? *shifty eyes*

Then we had maths, which, while doing a past paper, y'know as you do, somehow, there managed to be an entire tree's worth of paper thrown, and a test tube. (?)

So, I came home then :) Afternoon off, had a bit of a chill out, then theatre, got offered an audition for tomorrow! And then, alas, after eating the most ORGASM-INDUCING turkey, ham and cheese toasted sandwich, here you and I are.. blogging!

I'll leave you to your own devices now.. although, come tomorrow, expect massive rants about the drama queen, that is... Gillian McKeith.



Sunday, 21 November 2010

Day 81



For those of you living under some sort of rock, Wagner should be OUT of X Factor.

So, a day at the grandparent's! Quite nice to see family, and play a lot of piano and eat the MOST DELICIOUS FRICKIN' ROAST TURKEY <3

Then we got stuck in traffic on the way home..

BUT.. quick hint for Saskia, who I want to cheer up:


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Day 80

My what a LOVELY Saturday!

Well, if we start back at midnight, we were all sitting there watching Children in Need, having a LOVELY time nomming food and all that jazz :) - So then, I threw up.. BUT, then at 2, we started the home circuit :P

Dropped Sam and Anna at Anna's, then Saskia, Ben and I walked all the way to Saskia's, dropped off Saskia, then Ben and I walked back to Ben's, I dropped off Ben, and then walked home. All on my own. :P

But hey, walked in at 3:10am, went to bed :)

Woke up then in the morning, just in time to stroll down to the train station where I met Johanna, and we went Christmas shopping xD

My, what a rather wonderful time I had with her! Spent so much money >.<
But hey.. gots most'arr me presents :)

Hey, ermm.. then. A good evening/afternoon just dossing round, and like. That's quite nice, gotta say :)


Ahahaha. Love :)

Today's photo... *hmm* - *flicks through phone* - OHOHOHOH, bags :)

5 Weeks.. <3

1 Week, 6 Days <3

Friday, 19 November 2010

Day 79

Wow.. a REALLY early one tonight! Basically, it's Children in Need, so I'm a little occupied tonight! :)

Quick plug; DONATE : 0345 7 33 22 33 - Children in Need Website

So, FRIDAY! At last! Hoorah!

School wasn't overly-exciting, but, nevertheless, nothing tragic happened! :L

AHA Tonights :)

Erm.. well. Gosh. Can I catch up with the rest of you later?

I'm sorry.. things to do!

We passed the 3600 view mark (As well as a reader in Jamaica? :O)

Here, as an apology, take a look at the view over Wokingham this afternoon?

I took that :) <3

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Day 78

Right, I'll be with you in a moment, just trying to uninstall the new MSN Messenger, and reinstall the old one.

If you USE MSN (Windows Live Messenger) then DO NOT UPDATE TO THE NEW ONE! It is SHOCKING.

Meanwhile, browse through the stickmen I drew on Robert's Law folder today:


OK, sorry about that, I'm now downloading what claims to be the old version, which we all knew and loved!

So, Thursday.. hmm. What a day (!)

Woke up, late, as per usual, got to the station in time to be greeted by, well, a man who I suspect may have already been awarded Wokingham's slowest walker. Upon our turn to mount the train, this man felt the need to abandon every inch of urgency and speed, and walk at, what can be described as a leisurely pace, at best.

However, upon getting on the train, there was indeed, a nice surprise waiting for me! YES! It was the return of the angry Indian man! :D He last appeared on Day 20 of the blog, and it was a nice surprise to see him again this morning! I only knew it was him as he was on the phone, and was shouting at another man. In Indian.

So, I gets to school, only to realise my keys are at home still, and it is then I think to myself: "My, it's going to be a long day today ¬_¬" - BUT, a few minutes later and there I was playing my heart out on the piano :)

Period 1 Today - English Literature: There were 4 of us :L BUT actually the lesson was great fun, and I managed to write an entire love poem! *N'awwww*

Period 2 : Law - Mrs Connor, that was ok actually, quite good fun, and then Period 3 was law again with Mrs Noble, where I drew the stickmen ^.^

Then, finally (as my period 5 english lesson was cancelled) - I had history, looking at Anglo-Norman Feudal Society. Omnom fun.

Sooo, then I came home, caught up on some work, watched a bit'a TV, but, BUT, I gotta say... MISFITS AGAIN TONIGHT!! XD

SO excited!


OK, so I'm going to go and leave you all to it now, I hope you have a lovely evening :)


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 77

People of The World...

I've always wanted to say that; but now I can! :O

Hello to readers in the following countries: 

+ UK
+ Ukraine
+ India
+ Russia
+ Canada
+ Greece
+ Indonesia
+ Ireland
+ South Korea

Not going to pretend, I think that's quite awesome; never did I imagine I'd have a global audience! As far as views go, we pushed well past the 3500 mark last night, and we're on the way to beating the month on month total for November :) 

So, after that bit of number crunching, we see the closing hours of Wednesday.. 

Woke up, late, again, POWERZOOMED (yes, another new word) to the train station, where I caught the train.. *phew* - got to school, realised I had a BIT of work to catch up on..! BUT, I got it done and then off we went to law. Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. History was ok, a LOT of confusing family tree calculations though: "So Harold's Aunty's Husband was Brother to Cnut, who was the second husband of Emma (who coincidentally was the sister of William the Conquerer's Grandfather?) and subsequent stepfather of Edward the Confessor?" - Gotta love a bit of history? 

Then there was critical thinking, which is the actual lesson equivalent of the ' -_- ' face. 

Sorry, just realised, I have a yoghurt on the desk to me.. hold on.. 


( While I'm eating, check out THIS SONG and tell me you don't love it <3 )

Oh gosh, what a deliciously nice yoghurt that was. It was a Strawberry Muller Light, just in case you were pondering over my choice of yoghurt. 

Sorry, yes, then I had English, which was quite good, gotta say! :)


Travelled home on a peculiarly old train, and then walked home from the station with Kyle, which is ALWAYS lovely ;D

Oh, the Saucepan Debate entered it's third day today... *fussle-russle-russle*

I saw Ben tonight :) that was LOVELY <3
So, my darlings, what am I excited about? 

+ Children in Need on Friday!
+ My 17th
+ Christmas
+ New Years

And all that stuff in between! xD

I think that'll do tonight? Oh-ho-ho - wait, look!

I forgot to share this: This was the CAMPEST man on the Bayeux Tapestry! 

Lovelove :) <3

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Day 76

Can you believe we're on day 76? It seems like.. really recent I started? :P

Just to update you: 798 Views so far this month; 3473 Overall :) - 46 Views a Day average!

OH GOSH, I thought it was about 7 o'clock.. it's not. :S

I have homework to do, so I think I'll go and get started on that :P

Just.. after this :)

Songs, have been stuck in my head today include:

- Barbra Streisand - ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.
- Only Girl (In the World)

They have actually been stuck in my head.. ALL day.

So, today was quite a lovely day actually. The morning was good fun, more so than usual! Ermmm... Oh, oh wait, ermm.. oh yes, then there was history, which, was comparatively dull, a lack of English, as the teacher was ill, and then maths this afternoon which confused the hell outta me!

Anyway.. Erm, that's all I'm going to write for now! Go and enjoy your evenings everybody! :) <3

OH WAIT - this photo, sums up my walk to the station this morning; I love this time of year!


Monday, 15 November 2010

Day 75

Tralalala :)


Today, my friends, mes amigos, today is a happy today! I don't even know if that was spanish or not! BUT IT SOUNDED COOL. OK?

I have a slight claim to fame actually: I was once the youngest person in the world!

Yeah! Aha. :)

"Sliced Bread: The Best Thing Since Torn Up Bread"


Erm. Ooh yes, I've LIKED today, today has been a good day. On a scale of Runny Poo to Cherry Icing, it's up there with the blueberry muffins :)


Ben made me lol.

A LOT is making me laugh today.

Which is weird.

Even the sick jokes, like: "What always breaks when you give it to a 5 year old?" - "Their Pelvis."

That is JUST WRONG. And quite sickening.. but I laughed when I heard it!

Oh, just so as you know, I won't find a related picture on THAT subject!


No, erm, sorry for distinct lack of blog-ness (I nearly typed clog-ness?) but.. wow. BUSY WEEKEND.


I'm still a happy bunny. What else is rabbit related in terms of saying?

Breeding like rabbits?

I don't know.

How many rabbit sayings are there?

Too many rabbits spoil the hutch?




Sunday, 14 November 2010

Day 74

WAY too tired for a post today ; tomorrow, I promise.. <3

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Day 73



I don't think so.


*gets up and collapses again*

So I'm now in bed.. I'm SHATTERED. Genuinely been on my feet for so long at work, BUT, I did get a £20 tip, so that was all RATHER groovy beans.

I really haven't actually that much more to write about, which is almost upsetting..! :/


*collapses with excitement*

I love Christmas :3

I have yet another day at work tomorrow, which could be... interesting :S

BUTBUT right.. yes. Let me tell you a story.

No, wait, do you want to read a story?

I'll let you use your imagination, reader, dearest reader.

Imagine for me, an apple.

Give it a name.

Watch it shapeshift into a banana.

Wasn't that cool?

I'm sorry for a dull post.. my mind isn't really working at full capacity right now. :/

Tomorrow and all that.. we passed the 3333 mark earlier :P


Friday, 12 November 2010

Day 72

Wow; what a response from you all last night! 129 Views for one post, QUITE a lot! But, I think it got the message across ; most people seemed to agree >.<

Up and off to Winchester today.. which means.. EMBARRASSING PHOTO TIME! Will Davison :)

The trip was great fun though :)

And then Speech Night... dryyyy as per usual.. and this is what Nick ended up doing as well:

Tonight? Well. Just fuck tonight I think, not been overly good.. at all.

:/ <3 x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Day 71 - A Second Post

I know this is unusual, but I wanted to address the feelings everybody is having over the Muslim protesters in London earlier today. These are the images that have shocked an entire country: 

First off, I think it's most interesting to see how people have responded in the media. These images are from the Daily Mail website, where the headline reads: 

"Poppy-burning Muslim protesters mar Armistice Day commemorations as millions fall silent to remember war dead."

However, on the BBC News Website, not only is the news story on how Britain commemorated the remembrance incredibly far down in small writing on the front page, it mentions NOTHING about these protests. 

As far as I'm aware also, nothing was mentioned on the BBC News at 10 tonight. 

Back to the Daily Mail, there have been quite literally HUNDREDS of comments on these protests: 

"This vile, evil racist scum are a disgrace to their religion. Every single one of them should have been arrested and charged within inciting racial hatred. If you don't like this country and it's values you have a choice. Let me know when you are leaving, I'll come and wave you off."
Next, I feel it important to mention the EDL (The English Defence League) - who are a group of Pro-British Far-Right demonstrators. They were issuing a counter-protest against the Muslim Extremists present; now, go on, GUESS who were arrested for 'arresting racial hatred'? Hmm? The Muslims, burning the poppy, shouting 'English Soldiers Burn in Hell', and held banners declaring: "Islam Will Dominate" & "While Our Dead Are in Heaven, Your Dead Are in Hell!" - so go on, WHO were the more guilty? Yes, the police arrested the English Defence League Supporters, while the Muslims were allowed to continue, as they have 'a right to free speech'. 

Now, I don't know about you, but THAT, THAT really gets to me. 

Next, I want to look at the 'Facebook' reaction.. 

This is where it gets interesting; take a look at a cross section of groups that have sprung up tonight: 

+ I hate the Muslims scum who burned the poppies on Remembrance Day - 158,330 Members
+ Let's show these poppy burning bastards how many people want them deported - 255,355 Members
+ Burn our poppies, disrespect our traditions....leave the fucking country! - 15,612 Members

And a section of statuses left by my friends on Facebook: 

+ " Would you like it if we burnt something close to your hearts? Get out you disgraceful individuals."

+  "Those Muslim protesters should be killed. I'm not going to use words like "appaling", "atrocious" or "disgusting". They should just be shot."

+ "So Muslims think it's ok break the 2 minute silence with banners saying "British Soldiers Burn In Hell" & burning poppys, If you don't like us British people paying respect for our brave fighters, then you know where the fuckin airport is!!"

+ "If I was to say burn a vail, or a mosque or something you believe in, while I was in your country, I would be dead right now, you lot know where the airport is, so if you don't like what the English respect in ENGLAND, I will happily pay for your flight home..."

+ "I'm not racist, simply patriotic."

Now, I think we've all our own opinions on this matter, but just to clear this up. I don't care if I offend anybody through doing so, but I WILL be wearing my poppy with pride, I WILL be silent for 2 minutes come Sunday, and my God, I will be BLOODY PROUD TO DO SO. 

We WILL Remember Them. <3 

Day 71

So, on today, the 11th of the eleventh month, we're into our eleventh week of blogging :)

TodayTodayToday ; well. Morning was. Well, expected. Got to school, and had a REALLY baffling, and kinda confusing and really deeply kinda.. philosophical English lesson! We were looking at the virtues of Catholicism in Brighton Rock ; made my head hurt! :P

Then it was a free period, and off to Sainsbury's for a coffee... which. On the whole, wasn't as successful as it could have been >.< BUT. Nevertheless, things had to be said, and they were.

History this afternoon was incredibly UNPRODUCTIVE, but it was still quite a fun lesson! :P

Oh, and I then got SOAKED on the train station, but then I got home, and all was well. Erm. Oh yes.. ROSS NOBLE WAS SO FUNNY. GENUINELY NEARLY WET MYSELF :L :L :L :L :L :L

Andand.. erm. Hmm. I'm writing my history essay now.. HOPEFULLY in time for..


Winchester tomorrow ;D

IN the meantime, here's a picture of Will in wooden glasses :3

Same time tomorrow..? <3

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Day 70

Just to start.. Tom Jones might be an old Welsh codger, but MAN, can he write lyrics: 

"He, He buys you diamonds
Bright, sparkling diamonds
But believe me, dear when I say,
That he can give you the world,
But he'll never love you the way
I Love You"

So, today's post is quite early, because I'm off out to see the rather cool bean that calls himself Ross Noble! Quite exciting much? 

We passed the 3100 mark :)

Oh gosh, yes, TOTAL mind ramblings last night with Ben made me smile, and kinda jump about. I was SHOO COLD. :O

Buttt... fun times <3

AHA. So I awoke this morning with a bit of  grin on my face. Which, needless to say, QUICKLY vanished on my realisation of the fact it was Wednesday. Law was ok, MAYBE GETTING TO DO LOWER SCHOOL HISTORY CLASS PLACEMENTS?! :) English was GREAT :) as per usual ; History was alright.. OMNOM Cadbury Eclairs, and then Maths.. which was decidedly unremarkable. :)

OOH. And the microphone came today :3

Thursday tomorrow :/


Ooh, got my Oxford and Exeter Prospectuses through the post. 

Oh, and and and AND 24 last night with Saskia ;D



<3 <3 <3


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Day 69

Aha. 69. ;D

Ohgosh, yes, just to let you know: IH.

Yes, it really did.


So, today! Got up WAY too late, got a lift to school, did assembly stuff, and THEN.. oh, yes, and then we went to this car safety thing in Reading ; which, I'm not gonna lie, almost had me in tears! It was deffo employing the shock tactic! Then back for maths, which was ok I guess, and then law, again, which was ok :)

And then after school. Hmm.. :)

So, yes. Today has been a GOOD day, even for a Tuesday! :L


"Yours is the first face that I saw, think I was blind before I met you, now I know what I am, I don't know where I been, but I know where I want to go."

Lovely, yes.

I'm a happy being tonight :)

Monday, 8 November 2010

Day 68

*drum roll* - 3000 VIEWS!

Congratulations you lovely reader-type-people :) I must say, this won't be a long post.. but, I'll get down to it!

Woke up - late. Got to the train station. Got soaked, and cold, and unhappy.
Arrived at school, set up for assembly.
Sat through assembly.. listening to my iPod and Facebooking.
Double English Literature
New Shoes
Back to Forest
Helping out at the Year 11 parent-student-thingy
Blog Writing :)

This evening... well. It had its highlights, including a bit'a banter in the biology office :L
Speaking of which.. Nick Crandon ; Mrs Thomas. I'm just saying. ;D

Anywhos, here we are now.. short and sweet, I know, but, things to do :)

OH OH OH OH, and (!) A great conversation with James Dalton about other people's blogs.. :P


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Day 67

Cantley was good fun last night :) Got some love photos as well... including this one I took, which is now my desktop background:

I thought it was quite cool >.<

So.. what happened? Well. Got to Cantley.. EVENTUALLY, met plenty of people, got UP to plenty.. and then, after.. well. Afterwards, headed back to Jonny's for a bit of.. well. BANTAHH! NOMNOM chocolate?

So I gots back early in the morning sometime.. and went to bed. HAD THE MOST FRIGGIN' AWESOME DREAM! First of all, mum and dad bought me a £750K party house, and did it all up, so we had like, pools and outside furniture, and just. It was a party house :)

Then I got to go to random auditions for a musical and sing my heart out? Which made me feel quite awesome :L but I woke up REALLY hot! :O

I got up... eventually. And, well, what did I do today? Nothing really. Homework that I needed to do, kinda.. mulled really. Saw Ben for a slight encounter this evening.. but no, here we are again, Sunday evening, on m'eoown.

I'm glad I got another mention on Phoebe's blog ( http://phoebejohanne.blogspot.com/ ) Which made me laugh WAY more than it should have done! Oh, and Will's blog as well! ( http://oh-look-a-distraction.blogspot.com/ )

Take a read of them! :)

Rightyhoo.. good ol' Monday tomorrow.. :/

Talk to you all soon :) <3 xxx

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Day 66

So, on day 66, I'm sitting in the living room with my brother and 3 of his friends. This is great fun. While we're waiting for the pizza to arrive. Needless to say, I didn't really have a choice in which pizzas were ordered, it was kinda just dictated to me :P Nah, they're ok, it's Tom, Sam, Brook and then my brother, I think Harry's on his way later on..

So then, what's happened so far today? Well. Nothing really ; literally. I was woken up this morning before my parents went out for the day, and then, like. They went, and then Matthew's just been sitting here with me most of the day, playing a mix of both CoD and FIFA, and continual swearing in between those. Nice and classy. (Y)

Highlight of my day (so far) would have been going down to Morissons to withdraw some money for tonight, and then, well. Hey-Ho. Came back, and like.. watched Come Dine With Me, which was just. Great. :P

So then, Cantley tonight ^.^ Gonna be goooooooood :3 walking down with Alex, and meeting close to everybody I've ever spoken to before in the area - I love these evenings :D

Oh, class comment from the 'lads on the sofa' in the room: "He's got a milf and a silf in the same house, who wouldn't? *wanking movement*" Sam is now on the floor. This is so weird.. >_<

Oh dear.

I'll let you al know how it goes laters on :) <3

Friday, 5 November 2010

Day 65

So, Ben's sitting next to me..

Oh well. The things you endure for friendship ;D I joke, it's quite relaxing really. I know this makes no sense.. but, secretly, it does. And that sounds slightly sexual. He'll know what it all means. I love you Ben <3

I think I'm gonna have to drag him out of the house in a moment, because I am quite literally turning into Thomas casserole sitting in my jumper. So, what happened today?

Good question, it was a Friday, just in case you didn't know :) I was kinda.. up.. on time? Ish? But, I did leave a little late, and ZOOMED to the train station this morning, total ninja mode, you wouldn't have known it was me :P Apparently, I passed Clare, but I didn't realise, so I'm sorry Clare :/

I got to school... 'did' my history homework, and then it was history period 1 :) I managed to get away the entire lesson without saying anything! :) And THEN.. maths with the LEGENDARY Ralph, and we started some sort of past paper. I don't really know, I was just kinda dazed, sitting there.

And then I had a double free period, now, these are great if you have things to do.. luckily for me, I did! My two free periods today involved ringing about 5 hire companies to find somewhere I could hire a lectern for.. in a week. On a limited budget. Luckily, I got one.. well. a Lectern Microphone. Not that that's particularly exciting really. But I properly felt like I was on the apprentice, ringing up all the companies, and asking for quotes and all that. :)

And then law ; one of the longest hours of my life? -_- *yawn*

Then, then I came home. and Like. Aha. Spoke to one of my new friends :P

Had dinner, and then here's Ben, and here we are, listening to music.. enjoying a Friday evening :)

I'll blog to you all again tomorrow.. :)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Day 64

Good Evening, Hello There, Bienvenue, and enjoy the show!

So, we're not alone. It would appear every man and his dog are creating blogs now. Admittedly, I wasn't the first.. but. Hmm. Y'know. I have nothing against it! :L but like. yes. :)

I started watching the 4th Harry Potter last night.. OH BUT WAIT, Ben's present arrived yesterday as well!! Sorry.. erm. So I was watching it.. and I almost fell asleep. Well.. I did. So, I woke up this morning, got up relatively early to be honest, and had a shower. Now, if you're not a morning person, you know what early-morning showers can feel like. It's like.. you're there, under hot water.. totally naked, but still it feels like a dream, because you can barely open your eyes. You just go into autopilot. Of course.. then, I went back into my room in my towel, having left my window open all night, and then yes. Fucking freezing. I shivered while getting dressed. :P I've had two showers today..?

But. Then. School. Double English, Double Law and History.  Does the excitement EVER end?! Truth: Yes. It ended this morning as school began. Nahh, it wasn't that bad.. but. I almost fell asleep. Needless to say, I didn't.. and here I am!

I got home to find the first of MANY free samples which had arrived.. my free Yorkshire Tea bags :)

So I headed off to Anna's house after school, and was like. Anna, they came! And she said: I KNOW! I GOT MINE TOO!

So we both had a nice cuppa tea :3

Had a nice chit-chat with Anna, came home, ate dinner while flicking through the sheet music for the 'Warsaw Concerto for Solo Piano' and then came upstairs and wrote this.

I've got homework to do now.. but. Before I go.. I'll offer you my opinion on the 'star' they call Daniel Radcliffe. And, I realise what I don't like about him. It's two things: his bottom lip, and they way he 'ahh..ahh's all the time.


And just like, in all the films, when his hand is pressed against his head because he's bad at acting and can't seem to say his scar his hurting without making it OVERLY DRAMATIC, it's like: "Aahh...Ahh.. my SCAR..ahh! ahh!"

And I sit there, like: -_-

So. I'll leave you with the image of Daniel Radcliffe's OVERLY punchable face :)

Evenin'all <3

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Day 63

So, today I found myself rather more ill than I have been of late.. so, today was my first day off this term, and obviously this year. Can't say I got up to much.. like.. at all. I actually watched the first 3 Harry Potter films.. fun, yes? :P

I discovered a band last night called 'Peter and the Wolf' (http://www.myspace.com/peterandthewolfmusic) who are like.. not very well known, but, I have to say, that, I love them, and all their music! 'Duties' and 'Coming of Age' from their 2010 album Golden Stars (Spotify Link) and 'Tommy' from their other album (Spotify Link) are particular favs :)

I have to admit.. having done nothing all day, I've not much to write about! Sorry! Back to school tomorrow I should hope :) <3

This brightened my day though:


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Day 62

Nick: "Do you think he's a bit mad?"

He was talking about me ; it made me smile. 

Nevertheless, I'm so tired. This cold / man flu has really taken everything out of me.. :/

We struggle on though, in the face of adversity, each one of us. 

On views, we're up to 2749, as of writing, which is kinda good, I think anyway >< So thank you all. 

Now, I always write about my life on here.. but. BUT. I implore you, if there's something you want to know, I want you to ask me tonight! FormSpring me, and, I'll answer'em all :)

Just Click Here :D

Please? I could do with some interest tonight.. 

Other than that, all is well, I am well, and although I'm so knackered.. well. Just yes, really. Just yes. :) <3

Monday, 1 November 2010

Day 61

It's been quite an odd day today... I like odd days though! They keep me on me toes. :)

Up this morning (AND on time for the train! :O) Even though I went without breakfast. So I arrived at school, went in and played a bit of piano, then Harry & Steve arrived, and then Nick, and then Joe, and set up assembly, y'know. The norm. So then, 3 free periods until maths!

I filled this time, as you do, with a new composition, an amazing game of cricket indoors, and a great trip to the shops! So there I was, in Sainsbury's, and I got out my bag for life, and Nectar card, and was like: "Oh yes, I came prepared!" Kinda proud of myself. Hey, hey, wanna see William fail at crawling through stacked tables..? ;D

So this evening, sat in the living room, and the One Show came on... *ONEEE dununununu ONEEEE dununununuuu ONEEEEEEE dunununnununu ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* - and there's a report on these disabled people who were being picked on, guess what?! BY TEENAGERS. I was watching the news earlier, another attack on teenagers, on and on, don't you find?

When was the last time you heard ANYTHING good about teenagers in the news? Hmm? They refuse to sell us eggs and flour because of the media saying we're all menaces, we're all louts, and GOD FORBID WE CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING TO SOCIETY. Gosh, us measley teenagers, all we want to do is cause trouble.

I hate society sometimes.

Anyway.. that's all for today, we're doing well on the page views my friends :) <3