Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 77

People of The World...

I've always wanted to say that; but now I can! :O

Hello to readers in the following countries: 

+ UK
+ Ukraine
+ India
+ Russia
+ Canada
+ Greece
+ Indonesia
+ Ireland
+ South Korea

Not going to pretend, I think that's quite awesome; never did I imagine I'd have a global audience! As far as views go, we pushed well past the 3500 mark last night, and we're on the way to beating the month on month total for November :) 

So, after that bit of number crunching, we see the closing hours of Wednesday.. 

Woke up, late, again, POWERZOOMED (yes, another new word) to the train station, where I caught the train.. *phew* - got to school, realised I had a BIT of work to catch up on..! BUT, I got it done and then off we went to law. Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. History was ok, a LOT of confusing family tree calculations though: "So Harold's Aunty's Husband was Brother to Cnut, who was the second husband of Emma (who coincidentally was the sister of William the Conquerer's Grandfather?) and subsequent stepfather of Edward the Confessor?" - Gotta love a bit of history? 

Then there was critical thinking, which is the actual lesson equivalent of the ' -_- ' face. 

Sorry, just realised, I have a yoghurt on the desk to me.. hold on.. 


( While I'm eating, check out THIS SONG and tell me you don't love it <3 )

Oh gosh, what a deliciously nice yoghurt that was. It was a Strawberry Muller Light, just in case you were pondering over my choice of yoghurt. 

Sorry, yes, then I had English, which was quite good, gotta say! :)


Travelled home on a peculiarly old train, and then walked home from the station with Kyle, which is ALWAYS lovely ;D

Oh, the Saucepan Debate entered it's third day today... *fussle-russle-russle*

I saw Ben tonight :) that was LOVELY <3
So, my darlings, what am I excited about? 

+ Children in Need on Friday!
+ My 17th
+ Christmas
+ New Years

And all that stuff in between! xD

I think that'll do tonight? Oh-ho-ho - wait, look!

I forgot to share this: This was the CAMPEST man on the Bayeux Tapestry! 

Lovelove :) <3

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