Saturday, 20 November 2010

Day 80

My what a LOVELY Saturday!

Well, if we start back at midnight, we were all sitting there watching Children in Need, having a LOVELY time nomming food and all that jazz :) - So then, I threw up.. BUT, then at 2, we started the home circuit :P

Dropped Sam and Anna at Anna's, then Saskia, Ben and I walked all the way to Saskia's, dropped off Saskia, then Ben and I walked back to Ben's, I dropped off Ben, and then walked home. All on my own. :P

But hey, walked in at 3:10am, went to bed :)

Woke up then in the morning, just in time to stroll down to the train station where I met Johanna, and we went Christmas shopping xD

My, what a rather wonderful time I had with her! Spent so much money >.<
But hey.. gots most'arr me presents :)

Hey, ermm.. then. A good evening/afternoon just dossing round, and like. That's quite nice, gotta say :)


Ahahaha. Love :)

Today's photo... *hmm* - *flicks through phone* - OHOHOHOH, bags :)

5 Weeks.. <3

1 Week, 6 Days <3

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