Monday, 22 November 2010

Day 82

Just before I begin, I like the number 82 - there's something terrifically.. even about it :)

So, SHOCK HORROR! Readers of the world, prepare to have your mind blown. I WAS UP. ON TIME THIS MORNING! :O

I know. MADNESS.

No seriously, I was up, showered, dressed, and went off to the train station, at what can be described a lesser pace than is usual for me, considering I'm normally in a rush.. >.<

So, I arrived at the train station, and who should I see but... Ben! :O

He took a little bit of time to realise it was me.. bless him, but, we got the train together, and was all very like. Tiredness and all that, but lovely to see him, as it always is. So, I get to school, absolutely freezing, and, I'm sitting there. Like. Hmm. People filter in slowly though, and it isn't long before I'm LOLing with Harry at.. well. He knows what ;D

But, lessons started soon enough with Double English Literature. First lesson, I managed to blag my way through my entire presentation, and even though I said things that were contradictory, and wrong, and stupid, I managed to pull it off :)

Then, second English lesson, well. It just meant a load more talking and discussion. I love our English lessons :3

So, then.. *brain ticks over* - oh yes, History. What... fun. No, it was ok really.. looking at the post-conquest effects on the normal people. Interesting.. yes? *shifty eyes*

Then we had maths, which, while doing a past paper, y'know as you do, somehow, there managed to be an entire tree's worth of paper thrown, and a test tube. (?)

So, I came home then :) Afternoon off, had a bit of a chill out, then theatre, got offered an audition for tomorrow! And then, alas, after eating the most ORGASM-INDUCING turkey, ham and cheese toasted sandwich, here you and I are.. blogging!

I'll leave you to your own devices now.. although, come tomorrow, expect massive rants about the drama queen, that is... Gillian McKeith.



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