Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Day 83

'If' - it's a funny word, isn't it? As far as 2 letter words go: if. It's a weird one. Especially when combined with 'What'.

'What if' - maybe the most treacherous opening to a question ever?

'What if I'd never met you?' ; 'What if that had never happened?' ; "What if that HAD happened?" ; 'What if it worked?' - and so on.

Let's move on, shall we.

I'm a Celeb has just started..  looks like it's going to be another hour of the world's most pathetic human doing (or failing thereafter) whatever she can for 20 seconds of fame.

People like that, well. I dislike people like that. ffs - just get a fucking grip on your LIVES.

Anyway, so, back to me. ;)

No, I jest, I jest.

School.. well. I had ONE period. Nice day wasted..

Saw Ben most of the afternoon, including his little snack of a fluorescent yellow coronation chicken baguette. So much innuendo in the shop though.

Well, doesn't that just look..


Audition went well tonight, been asked back next week.. ermm.. yeshhums.

Half Day Monday, Tuesday and tomorrow as well. *hoorayy*

Ooh. OK, I'll leave you too it, bush tucker trial :3


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