Friday, 26 November 2010

Day 86

Happy Friday everybody :)

You know how sometimes, there are just those moments which send a shiver across you, and all your hands stand on end, and you feel a little cold? I had one of those this evening, I suggest you watch this:

This was an advert for T-Mobile on earlier this afternoon that I saw, and it just fills me with such.. happiness :)

Isn't it just lovely?!

It's been one of those odd kinda Fridays, but oh well! History this morning, not exactly the most thrilling of lessons.. then I had maths, and, well. Logarithms. BUT.. is here a suitable place for some witty maths? ;D

Yes, this is what I did today.

I then had a double free with Harry and Josh ; we watched Chicago.. >.< :L

Then I had law this afternoon, which was average I suppose...

Then, I walked home with this LAD they call Alex, ahaa.. I love our conversations :P

So, here we are tonight..! We are SO close to 4000 views! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep it up everyone!

OK, so, a few links too: Phoebe and I music-ed last night, and there are some rough recordings on YouTube, take a listen? :) - 'Your Song' Cover - Untitled #1 :)

OK, Saskia's on her way round in a bit.. 24!! :D

And I'm a Celeb? :)

Have a good evening everyone :) <3

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