Sunday, 28 November 2010

Day 88

Two fat ladies ; 88.

So, it would appear Wagner has left the X-Factor! Finally, the public has decided this is a singing contest again! Now we've just got to get rid of Ann Widdecombe and Gillian McKeith, and the world of reality TV will be purged of these disgraces!

Sorry, just noticed, an advert for Plan B on TV, how many more times can they re-release 'The Deformation of Strickland Banks' ?! - guys, take a hint, write something new please.

So, people, Sunday! I have to say, and I did say earlier, the only thing about working on a Saturday, it does feel like I only have a 1 day weekend.. :/

BUT.. I had a lie-in today which was LOVELY <3 ; ermm.. watched some Come Dine With Me, revised law and maths this afternoon, always good.. ermm.. Ooh, and then tonight, went out for walks with Ben, and it SNOWED! :O And there was a really pretty cat as well :3

Happy Sunday (Or what's left of it :P)

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