Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day 90


So excited for Christmas, it's genuinely unreal. Like, on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being 'Couldn't give a toss' and 10 being 'a little bit of wee just came out') - I'm just about pushing 47.

So, dearest fireside companions, what happened on this, the most wintry of November days? Well, I awoke (to what, I must admit, I hoped would be a foot of snow and a cancelled school) ; alas: no. About 4mm of snow. Pathetic. Barely a sifting of the stuff! But, I trudged, albeit rather cautiously to dear old Wokingham station, where I bought a ticket for Reading, met Chris, Jon, Daniel (!), Alex, etc etc.. and we were carted off to Reading, where, I must say, must live a collection of the slowest walking commuters in the South of the country. *fussle-russle*

Anyway, so, after a wintry walk to Reading Concert Hall, we met with the teachers and then.. OWAIS :O


Erm, and so, the lectures about maths began.. it's good to see that the Grinch is back in the public eye.. *cough* GREEN TIGHTS *cough* - but an interesting morning nevertheless :)

Saw Anna and Sammy and Louise and all d'others afterwards as well, always nice :P - Oh ok, then went to Costa with Nick and Steve.. headed back to the station, where I ended up getting the train back with the Holt :3

Thenn.. oh yes, then met Ben, was walking 'bout with him and THERE POPPED UP SARAH(h) :O

LOVELY to see her, of course, always is :) went back to her house with Ben, eat toast and watched Jeremy Kyle :3 - THEN, Ben went to do his hair ;D - and see Louise, and Sarahh and I sat down with a cupp'a tea to watch Jeremy Kyle get slagged off! Yay! :)

THEN, I gets home, and my Christmas lights have arrived! I still need to put them up.. but they're kinda roughly up at the moment, this is what they look like :

I've also put up my Advent calendar for tomorrow. BECAUSE IT'S MOFO'ing DECEMBER :D

I booked my first Driving Lesson today!

So, road users, at 9am on the 18th of December, steer clear of Wokingham. :)


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