Friday, 31 December 2010

Day 121

Happy New Years Eve/Day! Happy 2011 :'D

I'll post properly tomorrow, but, had an IMMENSE night with everybody!

I hope 2010 passed happy and well with you all <3

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Day 120

Evening Everyone :)

I got to sleep this morning at around 5am. That was fun.. ¬¬ But I awoke to some good news, and subsequent panic. :L

I have to say, I wasn't full of energy this morning, and, having had a week or so of such little sleep (or so it feels) - I seem to spend much of the day with my eyelids drooped and all the muscles behind my eyes feeling SO strained! Oh well, shan't really complain; hopefully my sleeping pattern will return soon!

I watched a few episodes of CSI:NY to continue my annual EPIC marathon.. wow, I love that show <3 Erm.. I revised a little this afternoon, just had a relaxing afternoon until about 4.

I was on the phone to Johanna and my HERCULEAN organisation skills swung into action.. although I did nearly have a heart attack! :L

Anyway; hopefully everything is sorted now!

So, as this rather crazy year closes.. I seem to have a similar thought each year, perhaps this year more than before: Do I reflect on what HAS been or look to what WILL be? Or a mix of both?

I think, it's down to the individual, and what sort of circumstances we're all in. Personally, I'm looking to the future, holding all the positive close to me as we head into 2011.

But what will be remembered of 2010?!

Well, some of the more major news stories this year:

+ The Haiti Earthquake
+ The Chilean Earthquake
+ The Winter Olympics
+ The Death of Poland's President
Eyjafjallajökull ; -_-
+ BP Oil Spill
+ The General Election & Coalition Government
+ The World Cup
+ WikiLeaks
+ Swine Flu Pandemic 'Over'
+ Chilean Miners Rescue
+ The Hadron Collider WORKS!
+ North/South Korea Tension
+ The Student Protests
+ Snow, January AND December

And WHAT will 2011 bring?! We'll just have to wait and see!

Last day tomorrow though! :) <3

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Day 119

Tom Hanks once said that his mother told him 'Life was like a box of chocolates, sometimes you never know what you're gonna get'.

Well Mrs Gump, Perhaps so, however.. I disagree.

First of all, thanks to the intuitive use of a little leaflet saying which chocolate is which, you have the ability to always know what you're choosing, and what you're going to get. Unless there's a fault in design OR manufacture, then, well. You see my point.

Secondly, I would be more inclined to say that life was like a Jacob's Cracker Selection Box. Different people in our lives resemble a different variety of cracker.

Just stay with me on this guys..

1. The Cream Cracker - Dry, bland, boring, sucks every last drop of moisture and interest out of conversation and should you have to deal with more than 3 at a time, you have to go to certain measures to keep yourself from dying a slow and very dry death.

2. The Cornish Wafer - slightly like a Ritz biscuit. Nothing special, just your average typ'a guy. A little bit of richness sometimes shines through in a somewhat buttery taste.

3. The Choice Grain - Difficult. A square person/cracker who often needs to be accompanied by some sort of meat or cheese to ensure a pleasant experience.

4. The Water Biscuit - Most likely to be the Vegan, animal-activist, politically correct, cold toast eating, no-fun, in bed with a cup of cocoa at 6, gardeners world type of person. Quite literally the only good thing is with this type of person, you can get sympathy from others if you've ever had to deal with them.

5. High-Fibre Cream Cracker - Similar to number 1, except these people make you need the toilet. >.<

6. The Hovis Biscuits - The Cream of the Crop of civilisation, funny, witty, charming, good looking, charismatic and enough general knowledge to save us all from the cream crackers. Utterly lovely.

7. Cheddars - The salty and bitter cracker.. although the name seems charming enough.. beware the salt and any ulterior motives.

8. The Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Bakes - One of those people who're just all over the shop. So many different sides to them, they're borderline schizophrenic, but lovely enough to be a great friend. That is, until they lodge a piece of pepper in your throat and it's pain from there on in.

OK, so now I've got that out the way...


I can't quite believe I spent 20 minutes researching and writing that. What HAS my life come to!?

I went into London today :') After a fairly rushed start (and I use that term lightly) - me and the family headed in! We went to the Apple Store, and I think I've pretty much decided, I want an iPad so bad >.<

We did a bit of shopping 'n' lunch in Covent Garden and then headed back to the Noel Coward Theatre to see 'Deathtrap'. It was absolutely brilliant. Fucking petrifying at some points, but, all in all, it was a really good show :D

Had to stand up on the train on the way home a lot of the way, which was a bit bleugh.. but, actually. Yes. I reckon we made good time :P

Got home about 7, just had some dinner, and I'm looking forward to the rest of my night in :)

I'll talk toy'all tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Day 118

So; erm, gosh, 500 views today?!

OK; Thank You! Thank you must go to whoever it was that recommended my blog / featured it across the pond :'D

So, a lot of people decided to read my philosophical ramblings, Day 116, so, yes, Mhmm :)

Today though.. well. I got to sleep at about 4:30? Woke up about 9:30ish.. erm, yes, and then. Wow, to be honest I sat and revised, and watched a bit of CSI:NY. Popped out for a bit tonight. And yes, mundane and dull day, no?

I'm going to go to London tomorrow with the family to watch Deathtrap, so that should be great :D

I'm thinking about Vlogging. I dunno.. I'll post a poll on the side, see where it heads!

This evening, we still have SO much turkey in the fridge, so.. dinner for this evening, was spaghetti hoops, pasta and turkey, I'm running out of ideas now!

I AM going to get back to BBC3's "The Most Annoying People of 2010" - I'm hoping that Justin Bieber, Katie Price and Jedward are on there :D <3

Monday, 27 December 2010

Day 117

Bonsoir mes amis :)

I'm off out tonight, so I guess I have to blog now, so, sorry for the fact it's a little early!

First off; yes, new design. Again.. Hopefully I'll be sticking with this one for a while!

Secondly: You've heard me mention him a million and one times, now you can read about his life! It's Ben's blog >> here <<

Thirdly: Yesterday's post got an interesting response. Well.. just over 180 of you sat down and read it! There were a few comments via Facebook as well, so, thank you! If you haven't read it, then you can read it >> here <<

I didn't get up until 1 this afternoon.. BUT, I did crack on with plenty'a revision this afternoon, so it wasn't a totally wasted afternoon! Had a Skype session with Ben, and yes. Mhmm :)

Anyway, that's really all for today! Oh, while I remember, you can now look (and browse) a selection of the blogs I follow, which are located just below the 'share this' bit on the blog, down on the right!

We also cracked 7000 Views last night, so, thank you readership! Thank You!


Sunday, 26 December 2010

Day 116

Warning: This Post will include some of my rather philosophical ramblings.. feel free to read - but, it may be quite long >.<

Boxing Day Today ^.^ - I woke up, having had a very odd dream; I don't remember what it was about really, but I remember waking up and thinking: ooh. okayyyy then? Something to do with a factory? I think? I think I had a gun.

So, I was woken up to be told that the family was arriving in about 20 minutes so it was time to get up :L
I did get up, in time, made a cuppa tea, and yes :)

Had a LOVELY day with the family, talked plenty, watched Toy Story 3 when boys went off to football (funnily enough.. I didn't go. :P)

Had a lovely lunch AND dinner, but, I really have eaten too much this holiday. Need to cut down methinks >.<

And just to help that.. I was bought Black&White M&Ms (Themed on the piano.. of course :D)

Anyway, so I eat too much today. Again. :L

So, now it 19:40 (at the time of writing) and I'm in bed.

I know. I'm in bed at 20 to 8. Madness.

But.. y'know how you have those really life-changing thoughts in the shower? Yes? I just got out the shower, and I'd been thinking about this kinda.. theory that a friend from Brazil had put to me. Now.. it came from a very Christian person.. so it's going to be influenced by their beliefs, obviously, but, I've modified it slightly to fit my frame of mind.

Just before I go on.. my frame of mind. I'm open to the idea of religion.. but I don't firmly believe in any set religion. I agree with the morals it can teach us, and I believe in the great hope and support it provides many around the world. But.. this idea, which I must admit, I like, kinda takes that all out of context, and rethinks some of the ideas of the founding basis of religion.

What if... (I know.. such a bad way to start anything..)

What if this isn't life? As in.. what if this is nothing more than the pregnancy period for our actual lives? Such as human pregnancy is the preparation for human life.. what if our world is nothing more than womb of eternal life? I know it's sounding similar to 'the afterlife' - but that suggests that this is 'LIFE' and what follows is after our main life. What if there is no heaven and hell; or anything else EXCEPT a life similar to that which we're living now.. but.. well.

Human Pregnancy: The Growth & Development of the Human for it's Life on Earth
Eternal Pregnancy (Life): The Growth and Spiritual Development of the Human for our ACTUAL life.

What if upon death we are reborn in to the life that we are being prepared for right now?

It wouldn't be perfect, like 'heaven', it wouldn't be torture, like 'hell', but.. it would be forever. It would be fair.

And fairness.. in the eyes of eternity, what if these religious leaders are equal to all others. What if The Pope is the equal of the homeless on the streets of Rome? What if each President around the world is equal to those soldiers who serve them? What difference does sexuality make? Why shouldn't straights, gays, bisexuals, asexuals, transgenders etc.. be equal? What difference does race make? What if every race and culture is the same as one another? What if no religion was right? What if we are all simply being prepared for our lives beyond this temporary state of development?

I'm just going to pause and let you take that in.. I know I'm rambling a bit here.. but. Yeah.

I know not everyone will agree with this ideology, but, just take a moment to think. What if everything we've ever accepted is different? Not wrong.. but different. What If.

Just think about it.

Sweet Dreams, World. <3

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Day 115 - Merry Christmas!

Before I begin, spare a thought for those poor people around the world with Christmas-like names: Mary Christmas, Noel, Mariah Christmas, Jesus, Joseph Manger, Beth Lehem, Anyone with the surname: Wiseman or Shepherd. It can't be easy being the butt of everybody's festive jokes! Oh wait.. my surname's 'Joy'. -_-


Oh-ho-ho the festivities :') <3.

Not going to lie to you, I love Christmas :)

Let me take you on a journey, back 24 hours! Johanna was round, we played all the traditional board games, had a proper chitchat, aaahh it was lovely :) 

So, I didn't exactly get much sleep (not because I was excited.. more like insomniac :P) - and was awoken, and, it was Christmas. Surprisingly enough, Santa had been. (Y)

I wasn't hungry, so I skipped the yule-tide breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and all manner of what have you, and settled with little more than a cup of tea :)


Santa delivered, not gonna lie. :) all what I wanted and more :)


Love. :D
Christmas Dinner was a pleasure-inducing TREAT of fine cooking, kudos to mother once more :) - And.. for you specially, I will include my cracker 'joke' (and I use that term lightly..)

"What do you call a blind reindeer?"

Nice to see the cracker company still support the failed comedian charity. *thumbs UP*

Christmas TV is a treat as always.. Actually.. it's not been too bad today!

Rightyho peepsicles (Miranda <3) - I'll get back to my Vanilla Vodka and Coke and leave you to your festivities and bid you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful evening :) <3

Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 114


It's Christmas Eve :'D

I NOW feel festive enough to be all excited :) And it's been one of those, really cosy picturesque days actually <3

I was up about half 10 - I was MEANT to go and give blood, but, by the time I'd walked to the station with Sammy and Saskia, met Ben with his new bike and walked up to the masonic hall, there was a 90-minute wait.. and. No offence to them.. but it's Christmas Eve! There are a few things I'd rather be doing than waiting around.. so I'm going to go next week I hope :) So, then I was picked up, taken home, and I've had such a lovely afternoon :)

I sat down with Matthew - after gaining quite a substantial bruise on my face; we've played Poker, Uno and all the rest of it, and I think a family fame of Pictionary is in order tonight! After, of course, the customary Christmas Eve meal: Steak, Chips, all the trimmings.. SO delicious :')

For all of you Scrooges out there: you can TRACK SANTA!

I also LOVE William even more... to continue the Saucepan argument, he got me a saucepan for Christmas, WHATTA BABE! <3

I just dropped off Fiona's card & shortbread.. Woohoo :P

I think I'm going to let you all get back to your own lives now.. I hope you have a magical Christmas! :)


Thursday, 23 December 2010

Day 113

Christmas Eve Eve :')

I woke up to a text from Ben; realising I was meant to see him in the morning.. that failed then >.<

I HAD MY FIRST DRIVING LESSON THIS MORNING. Wow. Now, that was quite worrying. I drove.. well. As it was my first lesson. I cannot WAIT to get used to this. Just hoping I don't stall it next lesson;; again.

Then this afternoon? Ready.. Steady.. COOK! No, not the program with Ainsley Harriot, as lovely and charming as he may be.

So; 2 Orange Shortbreads, Mince Pies, A Chicken Curry, 25ish stuffed dates and a pastry penis man later, I really do not want to see any more food!

Wait, I hear you say, a pastry penis man? Yes, readership. Ben and I really did make a man with a giant penis out of pastry, and yes, we did consume him. With Jam. This was him:

It was a work of art really.. I promise. Well, it tasted nice anyway. >.<

Ben and I went back to his, where, well. Yes. :P Talky/Film Times!

OK, I think that's all.. I'm going to give blood tomorrow :D

Will Shillibier now has a blog :) take a read:

Merry Christmas-Eve-Eve <3

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Day 112

Congratulations Ben! 111 is Binary for 7 :) - as a prize, you get a cooked marzipan breakfast. ;D

I said to Ben earlier.. it's been a weird sort of day, like. I've been up, and alive, but just sitting here really. Like, starting blankly at my screens waiting for a miracle! Alas. One did happen in the end. :P

2 Meals later, and I went onto msn, and got invited round to Ben's. Donchaknow.

So I went round.. after a brief excursion to the land of Morrisons, and back to Ben's.

We made (ahem..) - Marzipan cooked breakfast. This is what it turned out like:

I also dropped off Louise's card (She now has a blog; take a read HERE)

And on that note.. time for me to say over and out for tonight :) <3

PS: Y'know when you feel like you're sitting on something, and it turns out to be a crease in your clothing? Just had one of those moments. ><

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Day 111

Day 7

(If anybody gets that ^ - then get in touch, you'll get a massive congratulations and a prize)

So no, Day 111 - It's the shortest day today; and I do believe a Lunar Eclipse last night - it is ALSO only 4 days until Christmas :)

Although;; as I said to Nick, I'm not really that excited yet! I'm more excited about my first driving lesson on Thursday and giving blood on Christmas Eve!

So I got up early today to go have my haircut, and then I came back for lunch, revision and a shower. I know right. Went to Fiona's this afternoon/evening/dusk-type-time and watched Miranda! And Home Alone 2, and Come Dine With Me.

I left then.. :P - I came home to dinner, and then a little more revision and some msn/phone/spotify time later, here we are!

IF you are on Spotify, and you watch Misfits, I compiled all the music from the two series, which you can subscribe to here: MISFITS <3

Here's a quote from my mother:

"Oh, he must be a marxist, he's wearing a Denim shirt!"


TickTock-TimeIsComing <3

Monday, 20 December 2010

Day 110

What a very merry day :)

No, Christmas pun aside, it was a lovely day! I got up.. quite late :P then I had lunch while watching the news. Now, obviously, the big news is the snow. Obviously. I was watching a report earlier on, and it went something like this:

"So, you've been stood in this queue for how long?"
"About 3 Hours"
"And do you know if you're flying today?"
"No, we've not been told."
"So do you think you'll get away today?"
"Probably not, I don't think so."
"When do you think you'll get to fly?"
"I don't know, not today.."
"So you're not convinced you'll travel today?"

And I was like: HE DOESN'T FUCKING KNOW! SHITTABRICK! Give the poor guy a break.

What gets me; we wish for a White Christmas, and then when we ACTUALLY get one, we're all like: PANIC! WOAH! SNOW! WHAT'RE WE ALL GONNA DO!? PANIC!


Anyway, after that, I headed to see Beckie and little Juliet, and we had a lovely afternoon and a good ol' catchup, much needed of course, had some rather meaningful conversation, and some more lighthearted stuff - of course :P but it was absolutely lovely, and here's hoping Juliet gets better soon :) <3

THEN, went to Phoebe's (blog) - where the music flowed and flowed and hopefully, it'll get itself onto YouTube later on! Either way, I had a lovely evening, a delicious dinner and - well it was just wonderful :)

I'm home now - and I'm off to have my haircut tomorrow - greattttt. ¬¬

LoveYouAll :D <3

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Day 109

GAWD. It's flamin' cold out there.

Sorry for the late post, I just got home after an evening with Saskia, first at the cinema waching Burlesque, SUCH an incredible film, and then back to mine to watch Misfits Christmas Special; which was like. Inconclusive. But hilarious!

That follows on from earlier in the day when I dined with the fabulously wonderful Johanna, so many calories though! ;D

Had a lovely lunch with her, including the child who threw all his food on the floor, and.. the vibrating starfish ;)

There was quite a lovely scene as I was walking home though

There was an even lovelier scene later in the day though <3

WE BROKE 6000 (and 6100) views. Yay us :)

Proper post tomorrow I hope <3

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Day 108

My driving lesson was cancelled this morning ¬¬


I wasn't impressed - and so to get back at the world, I stayed in bed until half one this afternoon.

I have to say, then I got up, and had the most lovely turkey and sundried tomato baguette. Omnom. <3

Erm.. what else did I do? Nothing.. I watched Inception again, I cleared snow off the drive, and then. OK nothing.

It's been quite a nice day really :)


Oh, one more thing, you can now put this on Facebook or Tweet us :) Take a look under the archive for the links!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Day 107

My oh my, I was pleased when the clock struck 12 last night. It meant that my birthday was finally over! That was one hell of a long day..! Don't get me wrong, it had it's moments, but overall. Just. Not worth repeating.

I was scrolling through the blogosphere earlier, and I came across a number of 'blogs' where people simply re-posted other people's photography, which they themselves reblogged from another person, which another person reblogged, and so on until the originating point of the piece in question is totally lost. Now, I'm sorry, but.. unless the blog is called: "random crap I found online" then.. just putting random photos is not blogging? At least write the purpose of why the picture's there! If it has a caption, then that's fine. But. Wow. Annoyed moment.

Anyway.. back to today. It was quite a.. well. I'm not sure really! It was a good day, just. A bit different! Got to school, practised carols for period 1, went to the church and carried on playing period 2, and then period 3 was the service which went very well.. Thanks must go to Richard Walker (blog) for organising it all!

So I came home, at what, 12:30? And I have to say, I've not really done much for the rest of the day!

Alex is now with Steph! <3

Ermm.. yes. Oh, gosh, there was quite a nice image as I got off the train this morning:

So, that's about all for now, have a wonderful evening! It's the Christmas holidays! <3

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Day 106

Happy Birthdayy to me >.<

So, today was my 17th. Hooraahhh.

I had a terrible day. Actually. A few nice highlights, but overall, pretty rubbish. :/

N'ah well. Least my 18th is next year..

Thank You to 150 people so far who've wished me a happy birthday.. (Y)


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Day 105

MY! What a WONDERFUL day! :D

Went for a januty'saunter up LONDONIUM with the English Class :)

So I got up, normal time, got the train, went to Sainsbury's to pick up some mints and a paper for the train to London; got to school - found out I got an A on my history mock! :D

Then there was the train trip to London. Basically, me and Harry with my iPod, listening to Chicago and Shirley Bassey all the way there. Slightly embarrassing when I hit Harry around the head after head-butting my paper. But oh well :)

Got to London and had a RATHER unexpectedly long walk to the Globe on the Southbank, alas, we made it there eventually! We had a good look round the exhibition (where, coincidentally, it was decided that Mrs Blackband was going to make me a full tudor costume if I went into Reading Town Centre and recited Shakespeare and did casual shopping in full regalia!)

We then had the tour around the globe itself, which was a little cold, but, really interesting actually :) That lasted about an hour (?) - and then it was time for a spot'o lunch.

Now, the rest of the class decided to opt for hot dogs on the river bank. Me and my two English teachers dined at the British Film Institute, where I had the most ORGASMIC steak sandwich. *arghh*

Then, it was time to pop next door where we took our seats for Hamlet. My, those seats felt  more like a second home the amount of time we spent in them. Needless to say, Hamlet is a VERY long play. Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely stunning as far as performance goes, but. Wow. Nearly 4 hours long :|

Anyway, we were walking out of the theatre, and in the lobby, who should walk past me.. but.. CATHERINE TATE :| *DAHAHAHAH!!*

I was a bit starstruck if I'm honest! :P

Anywhos, got back to Waterloo, I made a TEENYWEENY error and got us on the wrong train (ie. the one that didn't stop at Winnersh..) but I got home eventually!


:) blogg then :) <3

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Day 104

I'm going to be 17 in less than 40 hours :) Not gonna lie, that's actually quite worrying >.<

Tuesday, in case you hadn't noticed (!) - I didn't get up on time today. At all! So, I got a lift to school, lazy, yes. But I was so tired! D:

I gave Will his Christmas present this morning :3 I THINK HE LIKED IT. He wore it today:

You can of course take a peak at his BLOG as well :)

Bless'im :)

First period today was spent mostly on the phone, and then playing piano, practising for Friday's carol concert.. then I made a crack on my English homework due in period 3. Gotta say, that took up the rest of the period 2 as well.

We had history period 3; if you can call it that. :L

Then period 4, teaching the class about my annotations.. I got through 10 pages out of 21 in an hour >.<

Then, had a massive red-nose-day-nose fight with Nick and Will this lunchtime, that was good fun :)

Maths was cancelled, came home.. and then.. oh yes, watched Miranda. LOLS. :L :L

Then I popped over for a MUCH NEEDED catchup with Anna, which was quite lovely :3

And then this evening.. I've had a shower, and now I plan to sit back all evening, download music for my iPod tomorrow for the train journey, and yes. Nearly Christmas :)


Monday, 13 December 2010

Day 103

Commiserations to Rebecca, who SO should've won the X Factor :/

HEY GUYS. Randomly, as a favour, fancy doing a random act of kindness? 
- Go to:
- 'Like' the page
- 'Like: This Video (Asha May's 2011 Peppa Chan Audition)

So, back to today, ah yes. Monday. There is DEFINITELY something about Mondays I tend not to like. It's just like. Oh fml, so many days until next weekend. And then the day after is Tuesday, so you're then tired, plus it's still DAYS until the weekend. I gotta say, it's all very like, pessimistic. I don't like Mondays. Tell me why. I don't like Mondays. (Music fans might get that reference)

So, this morning: Up Late, Dressed Badly, Walked Quickly, and got on the train with Joe. Talked a bit, got to school, talked more, talked again. Assembly. Free Period. Free Period (Piano), Cut a hole in a crashmat, Maths, home, Harry Potter, Shower, Dinner, Awards Night, Home, Blog, MSN.

What a random day.. and to add to the randomness, in maths, Josh and I drew a rocket/hotdog/penis.
I call it: 'The HotRockDogPenisKetchupVein' - and here it is:


I think I'm gonna settle down for the evening now; 192 views yesterday! :O
Talktya'allsoon :) <3

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Day 102

I've already had over 100 views today, and I've not even published the post yet! I love you all! :)

Here you go, random statistics: In 12 Days this month, we've equalled the entire September's number of views... isn't that wonderful :P

December 12th today, which meant most of my day was spent up at Forest, sitting behind a curtain on the stage playing COUNTLESS hours of Christmas music. Now.. it's not as fun as it sounds (!) - honestly. There's only so much festive spirit one can endure -_- Here was today's set up!

I did get a few things done though.. for example, read Pietre's latest blog post ( Here ) - had a bit of a giggle at that, caught up on blogs and Facebooks and all that.. so a fairly successful online day (Y)

Today, my headteacher told me I am now 'the music department' - as our HoM is off this week, and we have the carol concert at the end of the week. Let the fun times ROLL.

OHGOSH. Yes, my parcel arrived! ISN'T THE BOX SO COOL!? It smells quite nice too :3

So, Monday tomorrow :) - Which entails school, and then school in the evening for Certificate Evening! Hoorah! Yawn.

BUT BEFORE THAT (!!!) Is the X Factor Final! Apparently, 20MILLION of us are expected to watch it... wow. :|

Anyway.. I'll let you all get back to your cosy evenings! :)<3

[ Update ] - Quick bit of beef with EasyJet - their Spotify advert just told me I could 'see it all' on their website, and experience Belfast on their website. I'm sorry.. but no. If I could do that, then I wouldn't have to go there to see Belfast, and thus, your advert is obsolete. *Tut* Gah.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Day 101


The Numeral Equivalent to 'LOL' ?

No, the day. fahaha.

Now, I was up on time, just about, and then off to work. Work was awful today. Normally, I have quite a good 8/9 hours, good people, fun job, and all the rest of it. But not today. I had the most obnoxious bunch of snobs imaginable. Rude, disrespectful, arrogant, and utterly unworthy of being distinguished as human beings. I had a rough day with them.. I mean seriously.. manners don't cost anything!

Anyway.. I was picked up, ferried home and then I've had Ben round this evening (even if I had been falling asleep) - so Smirnoff, food, film and talks, always lovely :) He's just heading home, and I'm sat here, tired as anything, worn out, listening to bad music, talking on msn, thinking that I'll be at school tomorrow helping with the school fayre. Hoorah (YN)

Here was my little box today though ><

So fuck the people I served.


Friday, 10 December 2010

Day 100

WE MADE IT! One Hundred Days :)

First of all, let's address these last few days.. last night.. WE BROKE 5000 VIEWS! (And then 5100 views..!)

Very interesting response to what's been going on recently, and 337 views in 2 days? You guys are awesome :D

Let us turn our attention to today though! Almost got run over by a car on the way to the station -_- but I got to school on time at least, SO that meant I could go and get Steve's cake! This morning was his little birthday ditty mini-party thing, so we had a little cake before school started!

And then there was an interesting assembly, where we were all shouted at.. again. (Y)

As it turns out, I would do something about it later on in the day.

We had a history revision lesson this morning, followed by maths, nothin' like simple mathematics every now and again! In period 3 and 4 I did my mock for history that I missed yesterday, and then came lunchtime.

Now.. my lunchtime consisted mainly of voicing the opinion of most of our year to our head of 6th form about the reforms that are being implemented. Turns out, I can still talk for quite a long time!

Anyway, that was THOROUGHLY successful, especially with a lot of people supporting me as I went into his office; This afternoon was Law, which was looking over our mocks.. normal really :P


So, for day 100, it's been quite an average day! BUT.. my little century-message!

These past 100 days have been filled with wonder, disappointment, panic, joy and all the rest of it.. but I think, after it all, we can come to a solid conclusion: Life is SO worth it!

Keep on' living people! I'll blog to you in the second-hundred stage of the blog :)


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Day 99

Didn't make it into school today; had a hospital appointment smack bang in the middle of the day.. so, I didn't exactly miss much.

I just want to bring the attention of today's post to the breaking news of the evening: The Tuition Fees.

I'm sitting here watching police and protesters clash with one another in Parliament Square. According to Sky, there are 'hundreds' of people taking part in violent protests. Watching the news now, I can see protesters through metal gates directly at the riot police.. it's beginning to look kinda volatile. So, putting it to Facebook, having just found out there may be now protesters inside the treasury, here's some of your responses:

Teresa Howard - I have to admit Tom, right now, how I'm feeling about this vote? I want to go out and smash something.
Will 'Jack' Davison -  To be honest i would quite like to see the mps ho out and tell the students how they voted in person
Sarah Hood -  I don't think the government can make decisions that will change the lives of everybody who can't vote!
Peter Ireson -  There's something particularly noble in people fighting for their education in my opinion.
Saskia Runciman -  Fuck them all.
Alex Thurston -  Tax the rich, seriously thats what the government should be doing... im talking people on 60+K a year who live in million pound houses.
Dom Whittall - in short: the tories have fucked the poor over once again, and we're all gonna be saddled with debt. Shame on you Clegg - education is now a privilege for the few.

So, people aren't happy!

I don't really blame them to be honest, there's a lot of confusion on the news, if you have a look at some of the banners people have:

"Start listening to the people"
"Fight Back"
"We are not your slaves"
"Haven't got a cLEGg to stand on!"

The Met Police have commented: "We are disappointed with the action at today's protests"

BUT HEY! The government say they are proud of the police 'for their bravery' - Oh, how VERY brave of them.

So, the crowd is said to have grown, and the violence has escalated. There have been 9 arrests thus far..

So, me and my year group will be the first year to be subjected to up to £9000 a year fees, and we didn't get a say, at all. If you can get to watch the news... I recommend it. They're now talking about CS Gas as well.. this could get interesting..!

[[ [[ Update ]] ]] - Among the banners of: "Fuck the Fees" - there's a group now moving towards the Houses of Parliament, and the police are failing to mention that as well as the 9 police officers have been injured, TWENTY THREE have been injured by the police. Riot police are now failing to let people out - just because of the 20 or so violent protesters.. 

[[ [[ Update ]] ]] - Charles and Camilla have said to have been attacked by protesters in London as the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square is burnt and Oxford Road's Shop Windows are smashed.

[[ [[ Update ]] ]] - Twitter continues to buzz with comments: 

Police: "Protesters have failed to stick to the agreed route." To be fair, neither did the Lib Dems.
There are a small minority causing trouble in Parliament Square but they are dressed with blue helmets and visors so easy to spot.
There's a massive fire in ParliamentSquare - police believe it may be Nick Clegg's pants.

So.. as protesters break into the Supreme Court, the action unfolds.. 

[[ [[ Update ]] ]] - So, as 'ParliamentSquare' becomes Twitter's biggest trending subject, tweets are comparing the riots to 'The Thatcher Years' - as it's rumoured that: Police seem to be insisting that everyone leaving Parliament Square is photographed.

[[ [[ Update ]] ]] As we pass 113 views so far today, just to keep you up to date; thousands of protesters have remained in London, as news of the attack on Charles and Camilla reaches CNN in America. The protests have calmed slightly, but further surges are expected later. BUT, hey, at least it's being compared to Coronation Street! 

[[ [[ Update ]] ]] - As Facebook and Twitter continue to be disgusted at the news, riots continue in London. The NUS (National Union of Students) have said they are 'extremely disappointed' - Meanwhile, it's been revealed that the deputy leader of the LibDems abstained from voting in protest against his party's plans. 

OH. Here we go: Nick Clegg.. 

Keep up to date.. <3

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Day 98 - 100th Post!

Without getting a little excited, 100 posts :)

What amazes me, is that people come back day after day to read this! Why!? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!? No; I'm only joking, it's quite humbling really :) - thank you!

It still makes me smile when people randomly come up to me and say: I read your blog last night!

I tend to lose that smile if they tell me they hate it. *shifty eyes*

Now, my lack of sleep didn't help last night with my early morning this morning. I dislike mornings, I have to say! I trundled along to the station, and, I've said it before, people at the train station amuse me! This morning's 'Good Person at the Station' Award goes to the woman in the black coat! She came over to me, totally out of the blue to tell me I had dropped my glove! SHE GMH <3

Assembly this morning was a barrel of laughs. HEADTEACHER. If you so happen to read this. I have a bone to pick. Yes, Year 13 set records, and yes, Year 11 have great potential. THAT IS NO REASON TO SLAG OFF YEAR 12! HE STOOD THERE FOR THE BEST PART OF 20 MINUTES RANTING AT YEAR 12. EVERY SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT WE HAVE COLLECTIVELY, TOTALLY GLOSSED OVER TO TELL US WE WEREN'T AS GOOD AS OTHER STUDENTS.

He finished the assembly with: "Year 13, our current record holders, Year 11, BRIMMING with potential! Year 12: Just try your best."

Pissed me RIGHT off. :|

I had a law mock period 1, that's always fun :)

OH, English was GREAT fun! No teacher.. so we taught ourselves! Here we all are (and yes.. Harry IS sitting on a cupboard...?)

I had history after break.. day before our mock, so we all watched Beowulf :3 OMNOM HARIBO.

Maths.. cover lesson. Set the work. Copied answers. Went home. SIMPLES.

I got home, and then watched Corrie from last night. Made me cry! :S

OH, Matthew was feeling a little down last night, so I bought him a bag of cookies and left them on his desk with a little note :)

So, anyway, I got on with a bit'a revision; a shower, and then went to pick up Fiona! Yay ;D

She came back to mine and we watched Miranda (AGAIN) - then Alan Carr. SO funny. :L

Had dinner, watched a super thin woman fail at answering questions, then I walked her hommee.. :)

Now, here we are. I've warmed up at least.. and I will let you carry on with your evening <3

Check back tomorra' :D

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 97

Bloggers of the world ; this is my 99th POST!
I think.. anyway :P

TUESDAY. Not the best day of the week; generally speaking that is - I don't really see myself as a Tuesday sorta person. Oh well; it happens once a week I suppose, we must learn to fight through it :)

The normal morning routine ensued, I got to school, I had my first Saxophone ensemble rehearsal! Then I had a double free (not wonderfully exciting..) - then I had critical thinking.. ahem. Waste of an hour. Then it was Maths, which was BUT MORE LOGARITHMS, or lack thereof, and finally law in the afternoon, looking at sentencing and all those beans.

Upon getting home this evening; I did very little. I did a bit of work, and then I had dinner, and then, THEN, I went out to the theatre :3

Went to see the Christmas Production at Wokingham Theatre, which, and congratulations to Fiona and Fay in particular, was FANTASTIC! Genuinely laughed the entire way through! It's fully booked, so you can't go and see it, but, if you could, you would LOVE IT :D

And so, I got home, to find that, in my absence, the house had descended into chaos. APPARENTLY, there was a radiator leak, which turned into water through the ceiling, lots of buckets and towels and panicking - AND I MISSED IT! The only evidence now, is the tea towel sticking out the ceiling of our dining room ceiling, where the light should be..

OHWELL. Ta'ra :) <3

Monday, 6 December 2010

Day 96

Can you believe it?! We're on our 96th day! And this will also be my 99th post :3

So, Monday today then. Hmm. Monday. Mondays are a little kinda, monday-ish, aren't they, just sometimes.

It was bloody FREEZING on my walk this morning, although, I did snap up these tree silhouettes:
I thought they looked quite pretty :)

So, I got to the train station, and, now, this was one of the best things I've seen in a while, she walked onto the platform, headphones in, and I think she may ave been completely unaware she was singing to herself! She was properly belting it out! Good on her, it brightened up my morning, that's fo'sho' :P

Got to school - decided that we're going to organise Steve his little birthday ditty on Friday morning.. and then, ah, yes, form. Waste of time. Then, DOUBLE ENGLISH LITERATURE.

Fun, no? It wasn't too bad really, Othello and the theme of 'love' - and then Brighton Rock, where Harry guided us most expertly :)

Break time.. and then history. REVISION TIME FOR MODULES. I am dreading that exam so much D:

And then finally, logarithms with Ralph, so all in all, not a bad day at school.

I got home, had a very nice toasted gammon and cheese sandwich, then went up for a shower. Now, I use a combination of 'Original Source' and 'Herbal Essences' - I swear I must come out of the bathroom smelling like half the jungle? >.<

I then went to see Ben, we popped into Wokers, I bought a loaf'a bread. Fun, again. Then we dropped off a parcel, went back to his, where I promptly humiliated myself. :L

Went back home for dinner. And then, yeahh.


Anyway, have a good evening everybody :) <3 x

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Day 95


I had a lie in this morning, got up at like... erm. 11? ish, I think?

Anyway, got up, and mum and dad had just been to get the tree, so I spent a few hours decorating it! THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE:

Anyway.. so what then this afternoon? Well, not much, I think I did something.. but I can't remember..! Oh, I played piano for a few hours, that was nice... ermm.. had dinner..?

OH, sat down and watched Love Actually :) <3

Now, yes, it IS one of my favourite films of all time, but I swear it is designed to make single people feel even lonelier?

Anyway.. sitting here on MSN, Spotify in the background.. but it IS monday tomorrow :/


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Day 94

Ooh gosh, well at least it's Saturday.. although, I have to say it's been an odd day..

Happy 4th December at least (Y)

Erm.. so, I was up on time for work, and off to work I went.. fun times. Ermm.. well, work was a barrel of laughs. I mean no offence to people there, I love most of the people I work with, however, being stood up for 5 and half hours doesn't do my legs any good at all :/

And then this evening... well I HAD plans.. but they didn't materialise. At all. So, I've been sat at home all evening, upstairs because my brother wouldn't let me sit downstairs with himself and Harry. Hmm.

Can't say it's been a great day, but at least the Christmas decorations are on their way up. Here's our new little Christmas tree in the dining room; we're getting our main one tomorrow (Y)


Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 93

Wow everybody, 119 views yesterday! :P

I know it was a total rant yesterday, but I wasn't a happy bunny! Anyway, I'm mostly back to normal now, except oh wait.. our internet is on the brink of death... so everything is just laaaagggiiiinnnnngggg. And, to be used to fast internet, and get what seems to be primitive speeds, I feel like giving up!

Just so you Facebookers are aware, the following status is going round; get involved:

"Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same, for the NSPCC. Until Monday (December 6th), there should be no human faces on Facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is a campaign to stop violence against children."

Personally, I changed my picture to Edd (Double D) from Ed, Edd and Eddy.. possibly my favourite cartoon from childhood! :3

It was the 3rd of December today.. just over 3 weeks until Christmas! I'm quite quite excited... shh ;D

I woke up today with a text from Josh, telling me the school was open.. not the news I wanted to get at 7 in the morning -_-

Oh well, I was up and dressed and all that, and that then meant, as the trains were totally screwed, a walk to school. Now, don't get me wrong, snow, well, it's lovely. Ice on the other hand, isn't. It was a painful 45 minute walk, all the way on sheet ice, somehow though, I managed not to fall over for the entire journey - a new record for me I think!

Anyway, get to school, and I wasn't insulted by my form tutor... something was clearly going to be better about today! Anyway, I had history first thing, we've started looking at possible questions for our History Module in January... and I'm cacking it. :|

We had maths next... well, we were meant to, Ralph was off to help somewhere else, so hello free period. And another free period, and another... yes. I had 4 hours in between one lesson and another. OH WELL, I did mainly law revision for the rest of the time. Fun, yes? -_-

Had a law mock this afternoon.. well. That was genuinely exhausting. SO MUCH WRITING >.< I forgot what it's like to write that much so quickly!

I have to say; since getting home, I really haven't been up to much at all, seems like a bit of a wasted evening if I'm honest.. :/

Oh, yes, here's what's left of the postbox on the corner of our road:

I think someone went round the corner a little too fast, after all, the road IS sheet ice!

Listen, I'll let you get back to your lives and I'm gonna watch some trash TV in the form of I'm a Celebrity :)

lovelove <3

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Day 92

Good grief. What a day.

So, waking up to a reasonable amount of snow, and knowing that school has been shut for considerably less, I thought: Day off school... surely?! I couldn't check our website, the internet was down. I rang the school: nothing. fml.

So, I got to Wokingham station, the train was cancelled.. Ben turned up, we thought it best if we went back to his, rather than stood in the freezing; we did. I warmed myself up, and got back to the station, where I caught a train, seemingly the same train as the vast majority of Wokingham.

I got to school, which was close to empty, and I complained, as per usual. I did NOT want to be there on my 5 period day. Alas, the day got off to a start. This day, I would later come to name: 'Pick on Tom Joy day'.

I got into form, where there were 3 other people.. and my form tutor and I had a conversation that went something like this:

"Oh, [teacher] wants to see you, Tom."
"Right now? Is that ok?"
"Yes, that's fine, go now."
"Aha, ok! You sound desperate to get rid of me, Miss!"
"I am."

Gee THANKS miss. As I was walking out the class, she then said this:

"Ooh, it's so cold in here, but we're ok, we have Tom, and he makes a lot of hot air."

At this point, I turned round and said, loudly, to her face: "Oooh HAHA, very WITTY, miss."

She laughed it off. ¬¬

In English this morning, 'pick on Tom Joy' day continued:

Miss Bishop -"So, in Act I Scene III, we see Othello makes a very long winded speech, very rehearsed, and seemingly going over the same point a few times."
Steven - "A bit like a Tom speech then?"

Miss Bishop - "Basically, Iago is a spoilt rich kid."
Steven - "A bit like Tom then."

I was wearing my: 'I'm unimpressed' face.

We then went to Law, where, well, Mrs Connor wasn't here, and ironically, as the room we were in, was ABSOLUTELY freezing, she decided to remind us she was at home, nice and warm. We also had the same teacher who had insulted me earlier, we, also, were to have her for the Law lesson after break.

The lesson climaxed with Mrs Noble turning to us all and saying: "Every time you hesitate in your answer, a fairy dies. Every time you do not quote a particular case, a fairy starts crying."

As she laughed, there was an awkward silence, and this got me thinking.. what would a tortured fairy look like? I started to draw.

We then had another law lesson, much the same, and then a history lesson, where more than half the class had decided they'd had enough, and they weren't coming to the lesson. I don't blame them really; hello William II and Pope Gregory.

'Pick on Tom' day continued in Period 5 with another English lesson - I can't really be bothered to get into it..

The train on the way home was cancelled, there hadn't been a train in close to 3 hours, so, Alex and I decided to walk. It was actually quite an enjoyable walk home, in what was left of the snow and the remaining mush..

I got home, and have milled about tonight, alas, I feel I'm to crack on with my history essay now...

Oh no, wait... William Shillibier. Vote him :)

ciao <3

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day 91

WOW - What a surge in view numbers! Hello people :) - And yes, that means you viewers in Switzerland, Croatia and Australia too; as well as the normal viewers from USA, Malaysia and Ukraine :)

A few quotes from today?

- William; you are ma BIG WILLY.
- "Miss, is Jesus a saint?" - "No Josh.." - "Why not?! Surely, he was quite saintly." - "Because, well, what do you think?" - "He was a bit higher up than a saint?" - "He was the son of God, you mean." - "Yes."

So, I OPENED MY FIRST DOOR ON M'ADVENT CALENDAR TODAY! :) That brightened up my morning, it was in the shape of a cracker :3

I got up.. eventually, saw Ben on the train, got to school, and oh GOSH, I was in such a foul mood. ON THE WAY TO THE STATION. Like. A cyclist refused to go on the road, so rode into me, a car refused to let me cross and just went ahead and drove in front of me, WHEN I HAD BEEN CLEARLY WAITING, and then when I try to get off the train, the commuters felt it right to crowd the door SO I COULDN'T GET OFF.


So, we had law first. AND GOSH. It was so cold in that room. The heating was seemingly, well, there just wasn't any. The lesson itself was kinda pointless.. Then I had to take a VERY COLD walk to history, where were looking at the Anglo-Norman Church and ... *drifts off*

Oh, then there was critical thinking. That THOROUGHLY worthwhile lesson, where we quite literally did nothing for 30 minutes, before being let out early. wtf.

Then, aah yes, then we had English ; looking at Othello and al that, but MOST importantly.. we got muffins from Miss Bishop, SHE IS SO LOVELY >.<

Then, well, oh yes, then it was back home, had a bowl of soup, and promptly fell asleep. Nice going me.

But, I woke up in time to get back down to the theatre for a production meeting of the play in Februaryy, ermm, then I Got back, had some dinner, and sat down.

It's SNOWING... finally.

It's like, weird snow though. Almost, dry snow? I dunno.. That sorta stuff!

Anyway, keep up with your wonderful lives, and I'll check in again tomorrow :) <3