Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Day 104

I'm going to be 17 in less than 40 hours :) Not gonna lie, that's actually quite worrying >.<

Tuesday, in case you hadn't noticed (!) - I didn't get up on time today. At all! So, I got a lift to school, lazy, yes. But I was so tired! D:

I gave Will his Christmas present this morning :3 I THINK HE LIKED IT. He wore it today:

You can of course take a peak at his BLOG as well :)

Bless'im :)

First period today was spent mostly on the phone, and then playing piano, practising for Friday's carol concert.. then I made a crack on my English homework due in period 3. Gotta say, that took up the rest of the period 2 as well.

We had history period 3; if you can call it that. :L

Then period 4, teaching the class about my annotations.. I got through 10 pages out of 21 in an hour >.<

Then, had a massive red-nose-day-nose fight with Nick and Will this lunchtime, that was good fun :)

Maths was cancelled, came home.. and then.. oh yes, watched Miranda. LOLS. :L :L

Then I popped over for a MUCH NEEDED catchup with Anna, which was quite lovely :3

And then this evening.. I've had a shower, and now I plan to sit back all evening, download music for my iPod tomorrow for the train journey, and yes. Nearly Christmas :)


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