Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Day 105

MY! What a WONDERFUL day! :D

Went for a januty'saunter up LONDONIUM with the English Class :)

So I got up, normal time, got the train, went to Sainsbury's to pick up some mints and a paper for the train to London; got to school - found out I got an A on my history mock! :D

Then there was the train trip to London. Basically, me and Harry with my iPod, listening to Chicago and Shirley Bassey all the way there. Slightly embarrassing when I hit Harry around the head after head-butting my paper. But oh well :)

Got to London and had a RATHER unexpectedly long walk to the Globe on the Southbank, alas, we made it there eventually! We had a good look round the exhibition (where, coincidentally, it was decided that Mrs Blackband was going to make me a full tudor costume if I went into Reading Town Centre and recited Shakespeare and did casual shopping in full regalia!)

We then had the tour around the globe itself, which was a little cold, but, really interesting actually :) That lasted about an hour (?) - and then it was time for a spot'o lunch.

Now, the rest of the class decided to opt for hot dogs on the river bank. Me and my two English teachers dined at the British Film Institute, where I had the most ORGASMIC steak sandwich. *arghh*

Then, it was time to pop next door where we took our seats for Hamlet. My, those seats felt  more like a second home the amount of time we spent in them. Needless to say, Hamlet is a VERY long play. Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely stunning as far as performance goes, but. Wow. Nearly 4 hours long :|

Anyway, we were walking out of the theatre, and in the lobby, who should walk past me.. but.. CATHERINE TATE :| *DAHAHAHAH!!*

I was a bit starstruck if I'm honest! :P

Anywhos, got back to Waterloo, I made a TEENYWEENY error and got us on the wrong train (ie. the one that didn't stop at Winnersh..) but I got home eventually!


:) blogg then :) <3

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