Friday, 17 December 2010

Day 107

My oh my, I was pleased when the clock struck 12 last night. It meant that my birthday was finally over! That was one hell of a long day..! Don't get me wrong, it had it's moments, but overall. Just. Not worth repeating.

I was scrolling through the blogosphere earlier, and I came across a number of 'blogs' where people simply re-posted other people's photography, which they themselves reblogged from another person, which another person reblogged, and so on until the originating point of the piece in question is totally lost. Now, I'm sorry, but.. unless the blog is called: "random crap I found online" then.. just putting random photos is not blogging? At least write the purpose of why the picture's there! If it has a caption, then that's fine. But. Wow. Annoyed moment.

Anyway.. back to today. It was quite a.. well. I'm not sure really! It was a good day, just. A bit different! Got to school, practised carols for period 1, went to the church and carried on playing period 2, and then period 3 was the service which went very well.. Thanks must go to Richard Walker (blog) for organising it all!

So I came home, at what, 12:30? And I have to say, I've not really done much for the rest of the day!

Alex is now with Steph! <3

Ermm.. yes. Oh, gosh, there was quite a nice image as I got off the train this morning:

So, that's about all for now, have a wonderful evening! It's the Christmas holidays! <3

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