Monday, 20 December 2010

Day 110

What a very merry day :)

No, Christmas pun aside, it was a lovely day! I got up.. quite late :P then I had lunch while watching the news. Now, obviously, the big news is the snow. Obviously. I was watching a report earlier on, and it went something like this:

"So, you've been stood in this queue for how long?"
"About 3 Hours"
"And do you know if you're flying today?"
"No, we've not been told."
"So do you think you'll get away today?"
"Probably not, I don't think so."
"When do you think you'll get to fly?"
"I don't know, not today.."
"So you're not convinced you'll travel today?"

And I was like: HE DOESN'T FUCKING KNOW! SHITTABRICK! Give the poor guy a break.

What gets me; we wish for a White Christmas, and then when we ACTUALLY get one, we're all like: PANIC! WOAH! SNOW! WHAT'RE WE ALL GONNA DO!? PANIC!


Anyway, after that, I headed to see Beckie and little Juliet, and we had a lovely afternoon and a good ol' catchup, much needed of course, had some rather meaningful conversation, and some more lighthearted stuff - of course :P but it was absolutely lovely, and here's hoping Juliet gets better soon :) <3

THEN, went to Phoebe's (blog) - where the music flowed and flowed and hopefully, it'll get itself onto YouTube later on! Either way, I had a lovely evening, a delicious dinner and - well it was just wonderful :)

I'm home now - and I'm off to have my haircut tomorrow - greattttt. ¬¬

LoveYouAll :D <3

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