Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Day 111

Day 7

(If anybody gets that ^ - then get in touch, you'll get a massive congratulations and a prize)

So no, Day 111 - It's the shortest day today; and I do believe a Lunar Eclipse last night - it is ALSO only 4 days until Christmas :)

Although;; as I said to Nick, I'm not really that excited yet! I'm more excited about my first driving lesson on Thursday and giving blood on Christmas Eve!

So I got up early today to go have my haircut, and then I came back for lunch, revision and a shower. I know right. Went to Fiona's this afternoon/evening/dusk-type-time and watched Miranda! And Home Alone 2, and Come Dine With Me.

I left then.. :P - I came home to dinner, and then a little more revision and some msn/phone/spotify time later, here we are!

IF you are on Spotify, and you watch Misfits, I compiled all the music from the two series, which you can subscribe to here: MISFITS <3

Here's a quote from my mother:

"Oh, he must be a marxist, he's wearing a Denim shirt!"


TickTock-TimeIsComing <3

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  1. It won't let me follow you :(
    Although you do post it on facebook, so i'm hardly ever going to miss it!
    Keep up the good work (Y)