Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Day 112

Congratulations Ben! 111 is Binary for 7 :) - as a prize, you get a cooked marzipan breakfast. ;D

I said to Ben earlier.. it's been a weird sort of day, like. I've been up, and alive, but just sitting here really. Like, starting blankly at my screens waiting for a miracle! Alas. One did happen in the end. :P

2 Meals later, and I went onto msn, and got invited round to Ben's. Donchaknow.

So I went round.. after a brief excursion to the land of Morrisons, and back to Ben's.

We made (ahem..) - Marzipan cooked breakfast. This is what it turned out like:

I also dropped off Louise's card (She now has a blog; take a read HERE)

And on that note.. time for me to say over and out for tonight :) <3

PS: Y'know when you feel like you're sitting on something, and it turns out to be a crease in your clothing? Just had one of those moments. ><

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