Thursday, 23 December 2010

Day 113

Christmas Eve Eve :')

I woke up to a text from Ben; realising I was meant to see him in the morning.. that failed then >.<

I HAD MY FIRST DRIVING LESSON THIS MORNING. Wow. Now, that was quite worrying. I drove.. well. As it was my first lesson. I cannot WAIT to get used to this. Just hoping I don't stall it next lesson;; again.

Then this afternoon? Ready.. Steady.. COOK! No, not the program with Ainsley Harriot, as lovely and charming as he may be.

So; 2 Orange Shortbreads, Mince Pies, A Chicken Curry, 25ish stuffed dates and a pastry penis man later, I really do not want to see any more food!

Wait, I hear you say, a pastry penis man? Yes, readership. Ben and I really did make a man with a giant penis out of pastry, and yes, we did consume him. With Jam. This was him:

It was a work of art really.. I promise. Well, it tasted nice anyway. >.<

Ben and I went back to his, where, well. Yes. :P Talky/Film Times!

OK, I think that's all.. I'm going to give blood tomorrow :D

Will Shillibier now has a blog :) take a read:

Merry Christmas-Eve-Eve <3

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