Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 114


It's Christmas Eve :'D

I NOW feel festive enough to be all excited :) And it's been one of those, really cosy picturesque days actually <3

I was up about half 10 - I was MEANT to go and give blood, but, by the time I'd walked to the station with Sammy and Saskia, met Ben with his new bike and walked up to the masonic hall, there was a 90-minute wait.. and. No offence to them.. but it's Christmas Eve! There are a few things I'd rather be doing than waiting around.. so I'm going to go next week I hope :) So, then I was picked up, taken home, and I've had such a lovely afternoon :)

I sat down with Matthew - after gaining quite a substantial bruise on my face; we've played Poker, Uno and all the rest of it, and I think a family fame of Pictionary is in order tonight! After, of course, the customary Christmas Eve meal: Steak, Chips, all the trimmings.. SO delicious :')

For all of you Scrooges out there: you can TRACK SANTA!

I also LOVE William even more... to continue the Saucepan argument, he got me a saucepan for Christmas, WHATTA BABE! <3

I just dropped off Fiona's card & shortbread.. Woohoo :P

I think I'm going to let you all get back to your own lives now.. I hope you have a magical Christmas! :)


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