Saturday, 25 December 2010

Day 115 - Merry Christmas!

Before I begin, spare a thought for those poor people around the world with Christmas-like names: Mary Christmas, Noel, Mariah Christmas, Jesus, Joseph Manger, Beth Lehem, Anyone with the surname: Wiseman or Shepherd. It can't be easy being the butt of everybody's festive jokes! Oh wait.. my surname's 'Joy'. -_-


Oh-ho-ho the festivities :') <3.

Not going to lie to you, I love Christmas :)

Let me take you on a journey, back 24 hours! Johanna was round, we played all the traditional board games, had a proper chitchat, aaahh it was lovely :) 

So, I didn't exactly get much sleep (not because I was excited.. more like insomniac :P) - and was awoken, and, it was Christmas. Surprisingly enough, Santa had been. (Y)

I wasn't hungry, so I skipped the yule-tide breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and all manner of what have you, and settled with little more than a cup of tea :)


Santa delivered, not gonna lie. :) all what I wanted and more :)


Love. :D
Christmas Dinner was a pleasure-inducing TREAT of fine cooking, kudos to mother once more :) - And.. for you specially, I will include my cracker 'joke' (and I use that term lightly..)

"What do you call a blind reindeer?"

Nice to see the cracker company still support the failed comedian charity. *thumbs UP*

Christmas TV is a treat as always.. Actually.. it's not been too bad today!

Rightyho peepsicles (Miranda <3) - I'll get back to my Vanilla Vodka and Coke and leave you to your festivities and bid you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful evening :) <3

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