Sunday, 26 December 2010

Day 116

Warning: This Post will include some of my rather philosophical ramblings.. feel free to read - but, it may be quite long >.<

Boxing Day Today ^.^ - I woke up, having had a very odd dream; I don't remember what it was about really, but I remember waking up and thinking: ooh. okayyyy then? Something to do with a factory? I think? I think I had a gun.

So, I was woken up to be told that the family was arriving in about 20 minutes so it was time to get up :L
I did get up, in time, made a cuppa tea, and yes :)

Had a LOVELY day with the family, talked plenty, watched Toy Story 3 when boys went off to football (funnily enough.. I didn't go. :P)

Had a lovely lunch AND dinner, but, I really have eaten too much this holiday. Need to cut down methinks >.<

And just to help that.. I was bought Black&White M&Ms (Themed on the piano.. of course :D)

Anyway, so I eat too much today. Again. :L

So, now it 19:40 (at the time of writing) and I'm in bed.

I know. I'm in bed at 20 to 8. Madness.

But.. y'know how you have those really life-changing thoughts in the shower? Yes? I just got out the shower, and I'd been thinking about this kinda.. theory that a friend from Brazil had put to me. Now.. it came from a very Christian person.. so it's going to be influenced by their beliefs, obviously, but, I've modified it slightly to fit my frame of mind.

Just before I go on.. my frame of mind. I'm open to the idea of religion.. but I don't firmly believe in any set religion. I agree with the morals it can teach us, and I believe in the great hope and support it provides many around the world. But.. this idea, which I must admit, I like, kinda takes that all out of context, and rethinks some of the ideas of the founding basis of religion.

What if... (I know.. such a bad way to start anything..)

What if this isn't life? As in.. what if this is nothing more than the pregnancy period for our actual lives? Such as human pregnancy is the preparation for human life.. what if our world is nothing more than womb of eternal life? I know it's sounding similar to 'the afterlife' - but that suggests that this is 'LIFE' and what follows is after our main life. What if there is no heaven and hell; or anything else EXCEPT a life similar to that which we're living now.. but.. well.

Human Pregnancy: The Growth & Development of the Human for it's Life on Earth
Eternal Pregnancy (Life): The Growth and Spiritual Development of the Human for our ACTUAL life.

What if upon death we are reborn in to the life that we are being prepared for right now?

It wouldn't be perfect, like 'heaven', it wouldn't be torture, like 'hell', but.. it would be forever. It would be fair.

And fairness.. in the eyes of eternity, what if these religious leaders are equal to all others. What if The Pope is the equal of the homeless on the streets of Rome? What if each President around the world is equal to those soldiers who serve them? What difference does sexuality make? Why shouldn't straights, gays, bisexuals, asexuals, transgenders etc.. be equal? What difference does race make? What if every race and culture is the same as one another? What if no religion was right? What if we are all simply being prepared for our lives beyond this temporary state of development?

I'm just going to pause and let you take that in.. I know I'm rambling a bit here.. but. Yeah.

I know not everyone will agree with this ideology, but, just take a moment to think. What if everything we've ever accepted is different? Not wrong.. but different. What If.

Just think about it.

Sweet Dreams, World. <3

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  1. wow.thanks for such honest,thought provoking and flowing thought.You put my mind to work.I also think this life isnt the way preachers(and other such people) push their beliefs down our throats

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