Monday, 27 December 2010

Day 117

Bonsoir mes amis :)

I'm off out tonight, so I guess I have to blog now, so, sorry for the fact it's a little early!

First off; yes, new design. Again.. Hopefully I'll be sticking with this one for a while!

Secondly: You've heard me mention him a million and one times, now you can read about his life! It's Ben's blog >> here <<

Thirdly: Yesterday's post got an interesting response. Well.. just over 180 of you sat down and read it! There were a few comments via Facebook as well, so, thank you! If you haven't read it, then you can read it >> here <<

I didn't get up until 1 this afternoon.. BUT, I did crack on with plenty'a revision this afternoon, so it wasn't a totally wasted afternoon! Had a Skype session with Ben, and yes. Mhmm :)

Anyway, that's really all for today! Oh, while I remember, you can now look (and browse) a selection of the blogs I follow, which are located just below the 'share this' bit on the blog, down on the right!

We also cracked 7000 Views last night, so, thank you readership! Thank You!


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