Thursday, 30 December 2010

Day 120

Evening Everyone :)

I got to sleep this morning at around 5am. That was fun.. ¬¬ But I awoke to some good news, and subsequent panic. :L

I have to say, I wasn't full of energy this morning, and, having had a week or so of such little sleep (or so it feels) - I seem to spend much of the day with my eyelids drooped and all the muscles behind my eyes feeling SO strained! Oh well, shan't really complain; hopefully my sleeping pattern will return soon!

I watched a few episodes of CSI:NY to continue my annual EPIC marathon.. wow, I love that show <3 Erm.. I revised a little this afternoon, just had a relaxing afternoon until about 4.

I was on the phone to Johanna and my HERCULEAN organisation skills swung into action.. although I did nearly have a heart attack! :L

Anyway; hopefully everything is sorted now!

So, as this rather crazy year closes.. I seem to have a similar thought each year, perhaps this year more than before: Do I reflect on what HAS been or look to what WILL be? Or a mix of both?

I think, it's down to the individual, and what sort of circumstances we're all in. Personally, I'm looking to the future, holding all the positive close to me as we head into 2011.

But what will be remembered of 2010?!

Well, some of the more major news stories this year:

+ The Haiti Earthquake
+ The Chilean Earthquake
+ The Winter Olympics
+ The Death of Poland's President
Eyjafjallajökull ; -_-
+ BP Oil Spill
+ The General Election & Coalition Government
+ The World Cup
+ WikiLeaks
+ Swine Flu Pandemic 'Over'
+ Chilean Miners Rescue
+ The Hadron Collider WORKS!
+ North/South Korea Tension
+ The Student Protests
+ Snow, January AND December

And WHAT will 2011 bring?! We'll just have to wait and see!

Last day tomorrow though! :) <3

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