Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 152

Don't Judge. :)

Aha, what a day. :L

So, I awoke this morning, shattered! It was pretty much.. very high chance I didn't even attempt going in this morning.. like. I woke up and thought. Fuck Monday, I want my weekend back!

Anyway, I trudged off to school, got to the station where dearest Ben arrived, in about the same mood as me I think.. conversation was a little grumpy, but. It was Ben, so, I could get away with saying it. :L

Got to school.. caught up on some history.. sat through assembly.. and then English.. erm. Coursework annotation and looking at Bradley's Essays on Shakespeare Criticism.

Brighton Rock again in my next English lesson with an ill teacher, and plenty of talk on damnation, sex, and eternal life. (Y)

History: Black Week. Not, a week for.. as in. Never mind.

Maths: Erm.. I don't remember much except having the most embarrassing hiccups ever. Thanks a bunch guys for helping me out with that. ¬¬

I DROVE HOME FROM SCHOOL! Mum came to pick me up, and I drove home! :)

Then, off to Phoebe's, and then in turn to Sandhurst to play pianoooooo with my little poached egg :) - DON'T JUDGE! That photo up there was when Phoebe was scoffing ALL the biscuits. ;)

Have a wonderful Monday, and hello February tomorrow! :D

FormSpring Me?! :)


Sunday, 30 January 2011

Day 151

OK so I'm pretty much dead now. I woke up at half 5 to make Ben breakfast and make sure he got to work on time, went back to bed, got back up again to make sure I was at work on time. The cool thing is, I drove to work. So. Y'know. Yay! I got to work, and although the people were lovely as per usual, and it really is the best part about working there, all the people you get to know, I had a loada ungrateful people to serve, and I was out late. I was exhausted by this point in the day. Needless to say, I got the chance to try my hand at driving in the dark, and I drove back.. which was interesting, and I only angered one driver!

I went to Phoebe's next where we had a great evening of music and laughing (often at my expense!) and cockney voices. Ooh gosh. Such fun! :')

Sorry there's been no VLOG this weekend.. not had enough to say.. but.. there will be soon this week I hope.. just need to make sure it's work you guys watching!

Adios Amigo. :') <3

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Day 150


We got here! Blimey. 150 days. Wow. :L

This is just a short one, Ben is fast asleep on the sofa, and I probably need to take him home soon, bless him..

Saturday today, I DROVE MUM'S CAR! Which was quite frightening.. I did stall it a few times, but all in all, my limbs are still attached, so, that's a bonus!

Ben came round.. for HIS dinner at least, and then fell asleep. N'aww.

I'll post tomorrow properly.. :) <3

Friday, 28 January 2011

Day 149

So we're almost at the big 150! Are we excited? I should imagine we're probably not (Y)

I just want to address a few points raised following last night's post: I am not sexist! Go women! Seriously, equality all the way. BUT, it should BE equal! Men shouldn't get sacked for joking at the expense of women if women can get away with it.. either you fire the women (or advertising executives who oversee the operation), or you let the men keep their job. Kudos to the women who are insistent that this was all a big media storm, like all the small insignificant things are these days.

But, to all the women who sit and make jokes about men between themselves, how come when a man makes a joke about a woman, off air, to another man, that it's a massive deal? Sort it out. Men, as well. Give the ladies a break somma the time.

Anyway, FRIDAY. Finally ¬_¬

I got up, again, one of those. EUGH. Another day this week!? :|

Train with Benjaminnnnnnnn :3 school and then we got onto a load of talks on God, Heaven, Hell, and their identities. WTF. At 8 in the morning?! :L

History, which, like, it's interesting! :L I cannot get enough of history! It's all ... interesting! Yay 19th century international politics! :'D

Maths.. I GOT THAT TOO! AAH! I was powering ahead, not gonna lie. Radians and all the jazz, I was like. *scribblescribblescribblescribble* aha! I get it! I was quite proud of myself in truth.

Double free period, Sainsbury's, PIANOOOO, and such fun at lunch!

Law this afternoon, YAY FOR SENILE OLD PEOPLE. Oh, we watched a documentary as well. ;D

Farmhouse tonight, and then Fiona came round, ROBOTS! :) - and, erm, walked her home, and here we are.

I get to go driving in mummy's car tomorrow! :)


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 148

This is my 150th post! My hands are so cold right now, I can't even type properly, so, this won't be a long post..

It's been a RATHER hectic day tbh. Like. Woah. Up, Train, English, Law, Hospital, Wokingham, Train (WITH THE AMAZING STRANGER), Lunch, English, Home, Shower, Theatre rehearsals, home (for 2 seconds?), walks with Ben.

Thus, my hands are cold. Like, I'm struggling, they BURN!

Sorry, I just wanted to moan a bit quickly.. the firing of Andy Gray?

REALLY? Aha, women in media are just as, if not MORE sexist than men are.

Oh, hello Sheila's Wheels (Insurance for WOMEN only because men are irresponsible)
The thick men on adverts who need the woman's help, because the women know best.

I'm not saying Andy Gray was in the wrong, but some of these feminist bitches are even more sexist and rude than the men, at least those guys APOLOGISED! < HYPOCRITICAL SLAGS.

Rant over. -_-

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Day 147

Welcome back everyone, how are we all? Are we well? Wonderful.

It's Wednesday today, just in case you weren't aware, and my day went a little like this:

+ I woke up this morning, somehow, I was tired, and it was one of those mornings where you seem to be forced to get up in the dark with your eyes closed, you're thirsty and the whole world seems to fail? That was my morning. I got to the train station, and so did Ben, had another one of our eventless morning conversations, the usual 'good day ahead' questions. You know what I mean.

+ I got to school, played piano, ran assembly stuff, and that all went swimmingly. Of course, quick reminder that it IS 'Holocaust Memorial Day' tomorrow, so. Respects and all that.

+ Law was OK actually, didn't have much to complain about, looking at the creation of statutes in government, and The Law Commission which is all interesting in its own right. I then had history, where we drifted TOTALLY off subject, began by looking at Gold in South Africa & Transvaal, to communist and Marxist Russia. Somehow... :P

+ Critical Thinking, got a talk on Oxbridge applications and then looking at the media coverage of the 'Andy Gray' which was ok.. English Literature was then looking at the topics we can cover in our coursework, so far as relates to the themes and motifs in Othello.

+ I had a driving lesson this afternoon which was OK actually, it went quite well, not incredible, but, well enough. Theory Test booked for mid-February too! :s

+ Filmed/Edited the next VLOG which you can see on YouTube! >> CLICK HERE << 

That's about it, hoping Fiona feels better soon, and yes. Have a great evening!


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day 146

Yay for self promotion? ^^

Yes, this was my unwelcome return to piano on YouTube (Y) - aha, it uploaded finally in the end. So, praise be to Jesus. If you'll pardon the pun. 

I woke up this morning feeling fine. LOL JK, I woke up feeling awful. :L SO TIRED :|

Probably didn't help that I was sat awake listening to music until half one. 0.o

I overfilled my small bag, and it was all squidgy and squashed. BLEUGH -_-

But, my day was brightened immensely by my best friend. Of course. :3

Caught the train with Ben, got to school, clarinet rehearsals, erm. And thennn.. DOUBLE FREE. Oh yes, now, I do love a good old natter with Chris, but, the time does seem to take a while to pass. I was a tad bored when the conversation between myself and Chris petered out somewhat. 

Anyway, we had history, where we discussed 19th century parliament (which I found really interesting?!)
Then it was English Lit, more discussion, very speedy nonetheless, of Brighton Rock. 
Piano at Lunch
Maths in the afternoon. Well, I call it maths. That was what I was there to do at least. 

I came back then afterschool, walked home with Ben, and pretty much faffed about at home until going out to the theatre tonight to see 'The Lightning Play' - which, I'm not gonna lie, had me in tears. And stitches, and it was incredible!

I'm home now, having a good ol' chinwag to Fiona, and yes. Wednesday Tomorrow! :)


Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 145

So, I'm pissed off at internet that keeps dropping out. Wow, random sudden bad mood.

I got up, quite late today, and mum gave me and Matthew a lift into school, where I ran through assembly on the Holocaust.

I had a double free period, where I sat down to the piano and started improving, and decided to record it. Fuck knows if I'll get it on YouTube in the end though, because apparently, YouTube is gonna be a dick tonight, and, so. Yeah.

I had Enrichment next, where, we were all ranted at, as per usual. We haven't even GOT our module results back yet, and yet, they still find an excuse to shout at us, nice.

Maths, well, waste of a lesson. Sat there looking at what was like. Physics, but, GCSE physics almost. Erm, I wasn't particularly enthused in the lesson, and was MORE than pleased when lunch arrived. Mum picked me up, and I went home. Pronto.

I had a bit of a relax and a wind down before heading out to my first theatre thing of the evening, yay for like. 5 monologues. Enjoyable, but strenuous all the time.


Oh no.. now it's back on track?

I'll put a link if I find out in the end.

I had the first read through of the March production tonight, which was good. But, my throat REALLY hurts.

Evening Lads&Ladies. <3



Sunday, 23 January 2011

Day 144

Well, what a day!

I spent the first 2 or 3 hours of this morning looking after my brother, who was unconscious and silently throwing up over his own face.


I got up this morning, after another GLORIOUS night on my mattress! :O

I woke up, went down for a little breakfast, hot cross buns.. yes. Really, this early in the year!

I did then, my maths and history homework for the week, so I have NO outstanding homework for the week, which is EVEN better! There was one answer: '5 Miles', and it looked like the word 'smiles' :) This made me happy!

Then sat down to edit the vlog together and finish off all the recording I needed, music and all that.

I had the most GLORIOUS roast beef tonight! Omnomnom!

I then had Fiona round tonight, which was lovelyyyyyyyyy :) We watched Wild Child, which was a surprisingly good film! ;D

Walked her home, and yes. :)


Hello to my reader in Palau :')

Oh, this video is SO inspiring. Makes you think about a lot.

New Week Tomorrow <3

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Day 143

So, erm, this post would have been earlier, except I had to go and collect my disgustingly drunk brother from a party. So, I'm on the late shift, and, yes. Sorry for lack of blog.

Erm. I had such an incredible night's sleep on my new mattress, like.. WOW. So comfortable!

I had a driving lesson as well, and it went SO much better! I was driving quite well I think ^.^

I then went shopping and a bit of preparation for Johanna to come round tonight!

Now THAT was a laugh! We drank way too much, had SUCH a laugh, ooh, such an incredible evening! :L

And then, we had to go and pick up Matthew, and here I am.

Exciting, no?

I'll get the VLOG out tomorrow, I promise :) <3

Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 142

Erm. So. The Incredibles.. Edna Mode?


Lethargic Friday.


Lack of Energy.

I have a new mattress. It's so comfortable.

Imma sleep on it well I hope.

I got up.

I got to Winnersh

I got Nick a cake.

I eat some of Nick's cake.

Our form tutor told us we weren't allowed to be ill.

I had history.

South Africa.



3 Hours of Piano.


Wrapping pencils in sellotape.




Dinner with the incredible Phoebe.

Walk to Ben's.

Sit in Ben's hallway talking.

Walk Home.



A picture of William:

Vlog Tomorrow.

Watch Out. Rant About.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 141

My Day; post 6 o'clock tonight: Wonderful!

Law: Looking at Parliament and the Creation of Statutes.
Maths: Kinematics. Erm THAT was a fail.
English: Structures, Themes, Motifs and Language Analysis.
Free: Sainsbury's and William's plane :P
History: Victorian Britain :D

My new poster arrived today.. perhaps the most IRONIC timing ever?

In celebrity news.. Jeff Brazier is 'proud of his penis', Katie Price is 'annoyed how Alex always wanted to be famous and in the spotlight' (MASSIVE HYPOCRISY?!) and on the day that a stratling statistic was announced.. that around 30% of English children live in poverty, Stuart Baggs off the apprentice said he 'wouldn't get out of bed for a £65,000 job'. What a FUCKING tosser.

ENJOY YOUR EVENING. 12000 views passed. (Y)


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 140

OOH OK. Erm. 20 Weeks of Blogging. And you keep coming back for more. I love you guys!

"Mummy, what DOES poo taste like?"
"Like daddy's cooking I guess."

I love sarcastic people. :'D

I had an odd day. I got up a little later than normal, showered, got up, watched some Jeremy Kyle; where there really was THE ugliest woman.


She was a bitch anyway.

I had a law exam today, which, wasn't TOO bad.

I came home, and my POSTER HAD ARRIVED!

This poster pretty much sums up my life.

I had some dinner, and erm, oh, I went to see Ben.

Loadsa random walking around in the mist and fields and then back to Ben's for tea and talks and all the rest of it.

Not like  I reeled off a lit of like. 50 or so male celebrities I have a crush on. :S

That's all for tonight I think.

School starts tomorrow again. How rubbish.

CBA to get up tbh.

But. Oh well!

Vlog/Twitter/FormSpring Me


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 139

Wow, Tuesday nights are boring.

Except for a quick phone call with Johanna, I've literally been sat doing revision for the exam tomorrow.. AND(!)

Putting up the new wall/display/decoration type collage. Beginning with my first eBay purchase to arrive: the WW1 photographs.. this is what half the wall looks like now:

Can't wait to add the rest of my eBay purchases to it :3

Today: day off. Aahhh. I could get used to this. I did plenty of law revision, talking to Nat on Skype (basically incredible :P) and sorting all that lot on my wall as well.

Quite exciting.

Erm, I'm not looking forward to this stupid law exam tomorrow, and then going back to normal lessons the day after. EUGH. -_-

FormSpring, Questions, you know the drill.

I've answered all your questions from the last week, and you can now see the replies on the next VLife


Blog tomorrow. <3

Monday, 17 January 2011

Day 138

Eugh. Cannot be bothered tonight.

Alas, here goes...

I'm reading this out to Fiona on Skype, she just wooed, always nice to know you're pleasing the fans. *raised eyebrow*

She would just like to point out also that she doesn't approve of me writing about her random verbal ejaculations, and, ooh, she doesn't like that either. She's too busy laughing now, so, can't hear her. :)

In other news, Fiona has a mental problem which means plays non stop with pliers. I think it's bad sign. She cut the tag off her shoes with them. Before walking out the shop with them, before paying. Thief. :O


And all you wonderful twits (witty.. no?) can follow the blog's official twitter here: @LIFEBLOGLIFE

Ermm.. what else happened today? OOH, I got up, went to school in the rain.. and the sight at the train station this morning made me laugh! ><

Double English and texting Fiona, came home.. watched a bit'a tele, ermmmm.

Ooh, erm, had a shower..

Erm. My life isn't that exciting today..

OOH, theatre tonight.. that was great fun, now at home on Skype with the lovely Fiona, erm, and it's Glee in a few minutes. Which, not gonna lie, is quite exciting.. it's the Britney Spears episode. :')

Have a great evening! <3

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 137

I usually get a feeling for a number as I write it.. I don't like the number 137.

137 is the atomic number of an element not yet observed called: Untriseptium.

If you've seen the film 'Empire Records', from 1995, then you will understand the plot that character AJ has to tell a certain girl that he loves her at exactly 01:37.

According to Urban Dictionary at least. Then again, Urban Dictionary also claim that a '139 Face' is the face of a chameleon eating a slice of processed cheese.

And you can take that to the bank.

I woke up this morning, waited for my dad to get out the bathroom, had a shower, went to work, served more alcohol than I care to recollect, had a great day walking up and down saying hello to the same people, eating a very nice slice of something, earning a £40 tip, coming home, printing an essay, checking Facebook and writing this.

Wow, my day, in a paragraph.

Paragraph is also similar to Photograph, and I need a photograph that represents today. I haven't taken a photo today. :/

Well I have.. but I did it accidentally in my pocket.

Instead, I took a photo of a page from my copy of Brighton Rock, which I'm studying for English.

Bon Voyage.


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day 136

Before you read this. Stop. Watch.

+ VLife Vlog Number 4 - Link
+ Nat's INCREDIBLE Return to the Vlogosphere, without a shoutout to me (Mou ^.^)
+ Tom Hinsley's Introduction to the Vlogging World
+ Will Davison's Latest Vlog
+ Sophie Reynold's New Blog

And that brings us up to date!

Today, in case you weren't aware, is a Saturday. My Saturday began with a startling awakening from my mother around 8 o'clock. Needless to say, I had a reason to get up on time, but, promptly forgot, and fell asleep once more.

The doorbell rang.

"SHIT." - I picked up my dressing gown, ran downstairs, opened the door to Ben, who I DID remember was coming.. and then ran back upstairs, got dressed, came back downstairs and wished him good morning properly.

We headed into the kitchen and made breakfast, which, this morning, consisted of scrambled eggs, sat down and watched Hustle on Sky+ and then we watched midget oompa loompas on Total Wipeout USA. Ben said something about poo as well, and he kept laughing at it. Oh yes, something to do with bathrooms. Bless him.

So, he left, as my family came home from football, they drew, and I retreated upstairs. Where I vlogged and essayed a bit.. before heading onto eBay.

Wow. eBay. An online shopping mall of crap you know you don't need but CANNOT resist!

- 100+ WorldWarOne Photographs
- A 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar Baknote (Roughly £3)
- An Antique Key
- Some WorldWar2 Documents from Slovakia
- A 'Keep Calm and Drink Tea' Poster
- A 'Keep Calm and Carry On' Poster

Quite proud of my purchases.

I carried on with my essay this afternoon, had some lovely Steak, went and bought a new mattress, EXCITING?! and then saw Anna this evening.

LOLing and the boardgames and MugCakes, and. Just general cathing-up-ness. Which was loveeelyyyy :)


I have work tomorrow. ¬¬

Have A Great Sunday!


Friday, 14 January 2011

Day 135

So, I've gone for a different look for the blog.. I'm so excited about Spring and Summer, I can't wait to get it all under way! So, summery and like. Warm, and happy. Summer please. ><

I had the most of today off! ^.^

I was awoken about 8:30 though, as my new sunglasses had arrived. And I LIKE THEM! Oh, they're quite nice. Quite nice indeed ;D

I got up about 9.. ok, half 9. OK then, 10 this morning. Well, 10:30? 10:40ish actually.

Headed into Wokingham, had to sign a few forms at Specsavers, and then headed to Brown Bag, where I met the LOVELY Johanna for lunch! Aah, she does make me smile, blogosphere. She does. :)

I wandered down after a while to the train station, and because the timetable was different, I was facing a 25 minute wait.. but, I found myself needing the toilet. 'Ooh!' I thought.. 'The station has toilets!'


Little did I know...

I walked in to find two men. In close proximity to one another. Well. Lips to *ahem*. Yeahhhhh.
I didn't stay long.. I walked out, not quite sure if I had actually just seen what I had seen. I do believe I had though.

I got to school in the end, where, I handed in some essays and faced an hour of law, which, was a total waste of time and really not worth going in for!

I got home, and yeah. Had a nice evening and a tidy up! MY JOURNAL ARRIVED!

My new journal is so beautiful. I love it. <3


You can see the answers to your questions in the next VLOG, the link is at the top, and yes.

I just got home from seeing Ben, cheering him up, telling him I love him. Y'know. Best Friend things.

Have a wonderful Friday! <3

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Day 134

Wow. So, erm. I'm not gonna apologise for my massive rant. But, I will thank everybody who got in contact with me just to check I was ok.. really means a lot, so, thank you.

On with today. I didn't get up this morning, well, I did, eventually. But, I had no lessons in the morning, so, I got up at about 9:30? Had breakfast and a shower, and packed my history revision slowly, before getting a lift to school. So, I got to school and started an hour and a half or so, of history revision. Well, I say that. It was more like. PANIC. :|

No, I have to say, the exam went quite well, and for those of you who're interested for one reason or another, the two essays I wrote in the exam, were:
- "How accurate is it to say Alfred was responsible for promoting the rebirth of religion and culture?"
- "How accurate would be to describe the Normal rule after 1066 as oppressive and cruel?"

I was SO lucky not have to face a question on the Vikings tbh.. BUT, it's over and done with now, so, that's good :)

I'm not going into school until lunch time tomorrow, for one lesson.. Hmm.

And then it's the weekend at least!

As I'm sure many of you readers will be aware.. there's one particular reason that any of us will fail our A Levels...


Gah. Damn you Mark Zuckenburgenburgenzuckerburg.

The questions are pouring in relatively ok for the Q&A for the next VLOG.. remember.. if you have a question, then ask on the box on the side.. knock yourselves out!

Happy Thursday. <3

[[ Update ]] - I genuinely LOLED at the Facebook Group: Dear windscreen wipers, can't touch this. yours sincerely that little triangle. 


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day 133

My day was pretty shit. Compared to recent weeks anyway. SO HEY, YOU SUCCEEDED WHOEVER YOU ARE.

Life lesson learnt: Trust close to nobody.

I got up, I walked to the station. I stood impatiently waiting for the train to come, which it did. Late, of course. I have to say, the rail companies have a fucking cheek.. they charge me/us absolutely extortionate prices for their service. (£2.40 for a 3 minute journey -_-) - and then don't even bother running the trains properly. And I'm sorry, if it IS going to be late, why don't you do us all a fucking favour and TELL us, rather than update it every minute saying it's due the minute afterwards. What the fuck am I paying for except to be able to stand on your platform for longer. The platform with like. No chairs, a concrete staircase that drips and 500 other miserable commuters. I REALLY hate taking the train sometimes. That and it's pitch black when I leave, doesn't exactly make it the most thrilling part to a weekday. At all.

I got to school, EVENTUALLY. Assembly. What fun that was. Bit more complaining from the headmaster, BUT WELL DONE THE SPORTS TEAMS. Nice to see them get some recognition for once. -_-

I had Law first. Fucking hell. What a DRAG. "Do a past paper. Do another one. Write model answers, read the examiner report, do another past paper." - OH YEAH. Just what I spend an hour of my life I'll never get back doing. So, then we were had a go at for wasting our free periods. Y'know, the ones I've been spending in the library revising.. apparently we all waste time and we're all going to fail. GEE. Thanks Miss.

History next, at least I could get on with my own revision without being spoken at like I was a toddler. Sat with my head buried in a text book for an hour, fun filled history lessons, as per usual. I have my exam tomorrow though, which, I am not thrilled about in the slightest. 80 minutes of hand cramp and the rest of it. No, stop, the excitement is just TOO much.

Critical thinking proved to be another waste of my life yet again. There were what, 6 or 7 people in our form room. Sat in silence going through revision. Ah, what a constructive hour that was. Forgive me, what I mean to say is: Oh, sitting in a cold classroom where the teacher points the heating fan at herself and makes us sit there in total silence is the best thing I can manage to do with my life.

I had English afterwards. At least then I had some sort of creative outlet. Sat there on the laptop typing out coursework. "How is Hamlet relevant today?" and so on. It wasn't that bad. I put in my headphones and just got going. 500 word limit though, which, I think I'm gonna struggle with. tbh.

So, got on the train with the rowdiest bunch of year 11s, got home, eat some lunch, picked up for driving lesson. Wow, that failed. I think I stalled it 10 or 11 times in the hour.. managed to piss off the entire driving population of Reading. Mind totally elsewhere.

So. Now what. History revision of course. Because we can't just let the Vikings be, we must study them all we can. -_-

Remember, if you fancy abusing me, then the FormSpring box is down the side.. but what it's actually there for, is to ask questions for the next VLOG, which, I'll get round to doing at some point.

I'm going. Temper, just. Eugh.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 132

This was going to be a positive post about how well my day had gone, but, I don't really feel up to writing one now. My day was pretty good, but, erm. ok.

It's been made pretty clear one person, I don't even know who, who I presumed I could trust, I can't. And they don't have the courage to even own up to it. And y'know, I hope that you read this, whoever you are, because. Well. You've made me feel totally ashamed, so, thank you.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Day 131


It wasn't too bad actually. The paper itself was quite a bit harder than ones we've done before.. so, I'm not overly happy about that tbh.. Nevertheless, it's done and finished! I got to come home at 11 this morning though.. so, no complaints! Now I just have to learn the entire syllabus for history on Thursday. :P

OH, on the train this morning, was the return of angry looking ginger goth guy! I LOVE THIS GUY. I want to be his friend. <3

I was at the theatre tonight, loving the monologues tbhh :')


So, today's rant: Celebrities.

Admittedly, not every celebrity is a tosspot. It just seems that a lot of the Z-listers (Kerry Katona etc..) are, more and more so. I was browsing the internet earlier, and I came across a selection of stories, that, well. Frustrated me.

- According to Michael Jackson would have wanted to work with Cheryl Cole. Apparently, he says she can sing. (Hate to break it to him.. but, y'know.. :S) Of course, since his death in 2009, seems to know EVERYTHING about Michael Jackson, the man who has a certain notoriety for being unpredictable. Baby, hotel balcony, you get what I mean?

- Kerry Katona and Laura Hamilton (Y'know, Laura Hamilton..? No, me neither.) have used up ALL the spray tan for all the contestants on Dancing on Ice. WTF. How orange do these people need to look?! Take a leaf out of Noel Fielding's book. (Y) According to one source, the other contestants are: Furious.

- Mega-c*nt Katie Price continues her complete slaggery by 'keeping Alex Reid in the dark about their marriage'. So basically, we all knew it wasn't gonna last, but that gold-digging whore is just gonna keep it going for as much attention she can possibly squeeze out of the God-forsaken situation. BUT! Don't worry, Katie Price, the woman known for being the tackiest pile of crap in the world of the Z-list, says she likes how she looks naturally. Erm. Really Katie. Could've fooled me.

- But, the better news is, comedian Mark Watson has FINALLY spoken out about Frankie Boyle. The guy needs to learn when things just aren't funny. In his original post, Watson wrote: "Pretty much since I became a comedian, I've wondered whether comedy awards itself too much licence by playing the hey-calm-down-we're-just-joking-here card, and thus making anyone who objects feel like… well, like a Daily Mail reader. I've seen scores and scores of gags at the expense of fat people, gay people, disabled people, women, pretty much every minority group other than 45-year-old, slightly paunchy stand-ups in suit jackets."

So, Rant Over. Ffs. Not liking them. -_-


Enjoy <3

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Day 130

Mathematics. It'd a dull word, as is it's meaning. And yet, I have spent an entire, never-ending day partaking in it. Indeed, even now, I am on a break from it. Yes, it's that time again, the 'day-before-exam-fuck-I-seem-to-know-nothing-must-revise-entire-syllabus' revision session. That's what I've found at least.

Readers, I shan't lie, I will be most grateful to get this exam out the way.

I woke up this morning.. as most do, to get up, and get going. Well, that's a slight lie, I actually watched 'T4 Meets Glee' - and, I'm not ashamed to admit it.. I AM looking forward to series 2 of Glee starting tomorrow. :)

Basically, it's been maths revision all day. No, really, nothing else.

I did pop out and have a 20 minute catchup with Ben, nice to see him, of course, and erm. That's about it!

Instead, I'll give you my opinion on some things!

- Facebook has just over 500,000,000 users. It is worth approximately $50,000,000,000. So, each Facebook user is worth about $10. Doesn't that put your life slightly in perspective. $10. Roughly £6.43. For this, you can purchase:
- A £6.43 Gift Card
- A Child's Cinema Ticket
- £6.43 worth of Pic'n'Mix
- Or, according to one Yahoo Answers user: His Ex-Girlfriend.

Nice, eh?

- The Beckhams are expecting their next child. Will that finally be enough to make Victoria Beckham smile? No. She's going on the list of people I don't like. Bitch.

I had a lovely evening with Fiona yesterday.. walked her home.. walked home myself, and, yes.

The Vlog (Link) - got a good response, so thank you all kindly for that. :)

That's all for tonight I think!

Good Luck to Everyone Taking Exams <3

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 129

People of Earth.

That sounds quite cool :)



Or, you can access it underneath the banner :)

I had a driving lesson this morning; and I don't think I was doing too bad! I'm getting better.. slowly.. I think. :L

JML ARE HAVING A SALE! Wow, now's the time to buy cheap crap that breaks at an even CHEAPER price!

Anyway, when I got home... ermm.. ooh, when I got home, I started on the vlog. Which is actually great fun! And editing it was quite a lot of fun as well, so, I did that in the morning.. with a little bit of maths revision.

I had some lunch, and then did more maths revision.. SUCH FUN! Sorry, Miranda reference.. Fiona just arrived and it reminded me :')

I did plenty of piano this afternoon/evening.. and then had dinner, and now Fiona randomly arrived on the front step, and, she's here now, so, end of the post :P

Blog Soon :) <3

Friday, 7 January 2011

Day 128

So, it's been an INTERESTING day..

It started in the early hours in the morning with a visit to the hospital. Yes, how fun. Having problems with breathing and chest pains and all that.. but, it turned out to be some sort of chest muscle spasms, which is all a bit weird, but, hey, I'm ok now. It was all linked with the flu I've had these last few days, which, I'm glad to say, I'm pretty much over it now; although I'm not working tomorrow.

Oh, the doctor about 3am this morning: "You're quite whimsical; you remind me of Stephen Fry, I can imagine you educating us all on the television when you're older!"

I laughed.. quite a lot :'L

Now; as those of you who've seen or heard, then, erm, yes! Fiona and I are now together :')

So, as I promised to her, she'll be on here plenty more now <3

Sorry to all of those of you who went to school today, I got up at about 1pm. The afternoon consisted of nothing except CSI NY; and I've now finished watching season 6 :/

Tonight.. well, hmm. Tonight's been pretty good as well :)

It's been a fairly smashing day if I'm honest, and now Hustle is on this evening! Ooh wow; I like today!

And, as I just told Fiona, I WILL be having a man crush on Matt Di Angelo for all the time Hustle is on!


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Day 127

So, the voting closed yesterday, and 80% of readers want to see the Vlog :)

Watch this space!

I've been off ill today :/ woke up this morning feeling grotty as anything, got up to revise eventually, and I was sitting here when mum walked in, and said: Oh, you've had a shower then?
I hadn't; but I was running such a temperature, there was that much sweat.

I can't really say much about today.. I finished off the trailer above.. which is a lot more 'X-Factor'-y than it was originally, but meh. Fun to make :P Gave me a break from the monotony of revision.

I still don't have a great appetite, and I'm still all tired and meh. >.<

Thank You to everyone for your messages.

Oh, and, people, the trailer's a spoof! Intentionally over the top and dramatic. As I just told Ben, I would have put in explosions and the voice-over guy from X Factor, had I been able to..!


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 126

So, I'm in bed. I have flu. I'm too hot. I have a maths exam in 5 days.

So, after what was the most retarded night I've ever tried to sleep in, I woke up this morning.. well, I was woken up.. I think I was shaking, and mum came and shook me awake. Nice..

I got to school. Hot Spell; Cold Spell; Hot Spell; Cold Spell.

Oh, you know, I HATE some people. I mean, not even slightly dislike, there are some people I have an uncontrollable loathing towards. I mean, like. Gah. Need to take a hike, preferably never come back. Ever.

I had law first, that was ok (Y)
I had English next; an hour of me talking. I think my presentation on the chapter I studied is going to be about 3 and a half hours long. Sorry, English class, I'm sorry.
I had history after break; that was fairly average.. erm. Totally, nothing to comment about it.

Maths; past paper, got an A. And Josh made an origami swan. And I drew an evil face on it and named it Graham.

I came home in the afternoon, cold spell. Sat under my duvet watching more CSI:NY, watched some more TV, eat a bit of dinner, not a lot though >.<

More TV, cold spell, hot spell.

Showered, cold spell.

Hot spell.

I was flicking through my photos on my phone, and I came across this example. Question, how do you motivate a school of 1100 odd boys? With this statement:

Oh, isn't it grand.

I need bed now, badly.

''Soir <3

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day 125

Terrible state, in bed since 6.30.. Post Tomorrow. ><

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Monday, 3 January 2011

Day 124

My legs may as well have fallen off. I am in pain. Although, I didn't  have to be, had it not been for work.

Yes, it was work, once again today. I always have a lovely time at work, and, y'know, it's lovely, but MAN does it knock the wind outta your sails. I come back and my limbs just seize up, 8 hours straight of walking back and forth and standing up! I know it doesn't sound THAT bad, but, when you have to appear in the right posture, back straight, for EIGHT HOURS straight, you try it. More than half my waking hours spent like that.

I had plans for this evening. They've now been scuppered. (Y)

Oh, and, the cherry on the cake? The Icing on the Muffin? The proverbial flourish to the proverb? School tomorrow.

Gosh. Honestly, if the next 24 hours were a cereal, it would be a Corn Flake / Muesli hybrid.

Some sort of Cureslake.

I'm going to bed now; in the hope I can just about get enough rest for tomorrow's early morning.

Go ahead, yawn for me. :)

You did, didn't you?! :D

Bonsoir <3

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day 123

Day 123

One Two Three.

That amused me slightly.

So, I awoke, after little sleep... again, and got up within a reasonable time. First on the agenda though, was to sort the rest of the bottles out from New Year's Eve.. so, there I was at about 11 in the morning, the fumes of alcohol almost enough to knock me out!

Having said that.. I went upstairs afterwards and started tidying up my room, it was a BIT of a state! But, it's much tidier now (Y)

I hate to say it.. but, there really isn't much to say about today! It's been revision mostly.. sitting here with text books and past papers. The fun never ends is yet to begin.

Having said that.. actually, no, really. It's sort of the January post-Christmas reality check - I have work tomorrow, back to school/exams until the weekend, then more work, then more exams.. I don't think my feet are really gonna touch the ground.. and y'know.. after a fortnight of little effort and relaxing.. I KNOW I'm not going to like it.. >.<

I don't like January actually. It's life's biggest anti-climax, I'm sure. No offence to all of those who have birthdays or anniversaries in January or anything.. but. Birthday's gone, Christmas is gone, New Years is gone, School, Exams, Cold. I mean. Sorry, but. Meh. >.<

This has been a really depressing post, I know, sorry! But. Aha. Oh well, eh? Apparently, Justin Beiber is the second most influential person in social media, just after Barack Obama.

What IS the point? I don't like him. And I would take great sadistic pleasure in causing him intense pain for every fan he has, and every time I've been subjected to his music APPALLING CRAP.

He has joined my list of Celebrity Dislike. With him are Daniel Radcliffe, Katie Price, Jonathan Ross, The Go Compare Man, Gordon Brown, Ricky Gervais and so on.. There are many.

So long for today! <3

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Day 122

Welcome to 2011!

Doesn't feel much different to 2010, does it really? New Years Resolutions and all that hoo-ha.. I have a few things I'd like to stick to, but, I'll avoid calling them resolutions for now. 

New Years EVE however, now that was a night :'D

Somehow managed to salvage a gathering from the ashes, but, I just about managed it :P
Having vomit all over the downstairs toilet, more vomit at the bus stop, a little more vomit in the bathroom and more in the downstairs toilet, it was just about over! I also saw Tom for the first time in like.. 3 and a half years, and, on the way round Wokingham, he decided to ring Hastings Direct from a callbox! 

Phoebe and I also decided that we were going to go skydiving. As you do. (Y)

Talking of Phoebe and I, our latest two songs are on YouTube:

'Gaudete' - Originally a Latin hymn, made popular by Steeleye Span in 1973 :) Phoebe sings all in Latin :P

'For Good' - The duet from 'Wicked' by Steven Shwartz, Phoebe sings it as a solo with me on the piano. :) 

So go ahead and enjoy those!

As far as today goes, I didn't do much until this evening when I had Fiona and Ben over for a ... taste sensation. OK, pudding went badly wrong. But. Yes :) <3

Yay for continual sarcasm ;D

I hope you're all looking forward to a bright and prosperous 2011 :D <3