Thursday, 13 January 2011

Day 134

Wow. So, erm. I'm not gonna apologise for my massive rant. But, I will thank everybody who got in contact with me just to check I was ok.. really means a lot, so, thank you.

On with today. I didn't get up this morning, well, I did, eventually. But, I had no lessons in the morning, so, I got up at about 9:30? Had breakfast and a shower, and packed my history revision slowly, before getting a lift to school. So, I got to school and started an hour and a half or so, of history revision. Well, I say that. It was more like. PANIC. :|

No, I have to say, the exam went quite well, and for those of you who're interested for one reason or another, the two essays I wrote in the exam, were:
- "How accurate is it to say Alfred was responsible for promoting the rebirth of religion and culture?"
- "How accurate would be to describe the Normal rule after 1066 as oppressive and cruel?"

I was SO lucky not have to face a question on the Vikings tbh.. BUT, it's over and done with now, so, that's good :)

I'm not going into school until lunch time tomorrow, for one lesson.. Hmm.

And then it's the weekend at least!

As I'm sure many of you readers will be aware.. there's one particular reason that any of us will fail our A Levels...


Gah. Damn you Mark Zuckenburgenburgenzuckerburg.

The questions are pouring in relatively ok for the Q&A for the next VLOG.. remember.. if you have a question, then ask on the box on the side.. knock yourselves out!

Happy Thursday. <3

[[ Update ]] - I genuinely LOLED at the Facebook Group: Dear windscreen wipers, can't touch this. yours sincerely that little triangle. 


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