Friday, 14 January 2011

Day 135

So, I've gone for a different look for the blog.. I'm so excited about Spring and Summer, I can't wait to get it all under way! So, summery and like. Warm, and happy. Summer please. ><

I had the most of today off! ^.^

I was awoken about 8:30 though, as my new sunglasses had arrived. And I LIKE THEM! Oh, they're quite nice. Quite nice indeed ;D

I got up about 9.. ok, half 9. OK then, 10 this morning. Well, 10:30? 10:40ish actually.

Headed into Wokingham, had to sign a few forms at Specsavers, and then headed to Brown Bag, where I met the LOVELY Johanna for lunch! Aah, she does make me smile, blogosphere. She does. :)

I wandered down after a while to the train station, and because the timetable was different, I was facing a 25 minute wait.. but, I found myself needing the toilet. 'Ooh!' I thought.. 'The station has toilets!'


Little did I know...

I walked in to find two men. In close proximity to one another. Well. Lips to *ahem*. Yeahhhhh.
I didn't stay long.. I walked out, not quite sure if I had actually just seen what I had seen. I do believe I had though.

I got to school in the end, where, I handed in some essays and faced an hour of law, which, was a total waste of time and really not worth going in for!

I got home, and yeah. Had a nice evening and a tidy up! MY JOURNAL ARRIVED!

My new journal is so beautiful. I love it. <3


You can see the answers to your questions in the next VLOG, the link is at the top, and yes.

I just got home from seeing Ben, cheering him up, telling him I love him. Y'know. Best Friend things.

Have a wonderful Friday! <3

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