Monday, 17 January 2011

Day 138

Eugh. Cannot be bothered tonight.

Alas, here goes...

I'm reading this out to Fiona on Skype, she just wooed, always nice to know you're pleasing the fans. *raised eyebrow*

She would just like to point out also that she doesn't approve of me writing about her random verbal ejaculations, and, ooh, she doesn't like that either. She's too busy laughing now, so, can't hear her. :)

In other news, Fiona has a mental problem which means plays non stop with pliers. I think it's bad sign. She cut the tag off her shoes with them. Before walking out the shop with them, before paying. Thief. :O


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Ermm.. what else happened today? OOH, I got up, went to school in the rain.. and the sight at the train station this morning made me laugh! ><

Double English and texting Fiona, came home.. watched a bit'a tele, ermmmm.

Ooh, erm, had a shower..

Erm. My life isn't that exciting today..

OOH, theatre tonight.. that was great fun, now at home on Skype with the lovely Fiona, erm, and it's Glee in a few minutes. Which, not gonna lie, is quite exciting.. it's the Britney Spears episode. :')

Have a great evening! <3

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  1. two things,

    1. tom you once stole coffee from starbucks so you cant criticise anybody for stealing.

    2. and the name for twitter users is twats