Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 139

Wow, Tuesday nights are boring.

Except for a quick phone call with Johanna, I've literally been sat doing revision for the exam tomorrow.. AND(!)

Putting up the new wall/display/decoration type collage. Beginning with my first eBay purchase to arrive: the WW1 photographs.. this is what half the wall looks like now:

Can't wait to add the rest of my eBay purchases to it :3

Today: day off. Aahhh. I could get used to this. I did plenty of law revision, talking to Nat on Skype (basically incredible :P) and sorting all that lot on my wall as well.

Quite exciting.

Erm, I'm not looking forward to this stupid law exam tomorrow, and then going back to normal lessons the day after. EUGH. -_-

FormSpring, Questions, you know the drill.

I've answered all your questions from the last week, and you can now see the replies on the next VLife


Blog tomorrow. <3

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