Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 141

My Day; post 6 o'clock tonight: Wonderful!

Law: Looking at Parliament and the Creation of Statutes.
Maths: Kinematics. Erm THAT was a fail.
English: Structures, Themes, Motifs and Language Analysis.
Free: Sainsbury's and William's plane :P
History: Victorian Britain :D

My new poster arrived today.. perhaps the most IRONIC timing ever?

In celebrity news.. Jeff Brazier is 'proud of his penis', Katie Price is 'annoyed how Alex always wanted to be famous and in the spotlight' (MASSIVE HYPOCRISY?!) and on the day that a stratling statistic was announced.. that around 30% of English children live in poverty, Stuart Baggs off the apprentice said he 'wouldn't get out of bed for a £65,000 job'. What a FUCKING tosser.

ENJOY YOUR EVENING. 12000 views passed. (Y)


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