Saturday, 22 January 2011

Day 143

So, erm, this post would have been earlier, except I had to go and collect my disgustingly drunk brother from a party. So, I'm on the late shift, and, yes. Sorry for lack of blog.

Erm. I had such an incredible night's sleep on my new mattress, like.. WOW. So comfortable!

I had a driving lesson as well, and it went SO much better! I was driving quite well I think ^.^

I then went shopping and a bit of preparation for Johanna to come round tonight!

Now THAT was a laugh! We drank way too much, had SUCH a laugh, ooh, such an incredible evening! :L

And then, we had to go and pick up Matthew, and here I am.

Exciting, no?

I'll get the VLOG out tomorrow, I promise :) <3

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