Sunday, 23 January 2011

Day 144

Well, what a day!

I spent the first 2 or 3 hours of this morning looking after my brother, who was unconscious and silently throwing up over his own face.


I got up this morning, after another GLORIOUS night on my mattress! :O

I woke up, went down for a little breakfast, hot cross buns.. yes. Really, this early in the year!

I did then, my maths and history homework for the week, so I have NO outstanding homework for the week, which is EVEN better! There was one answer: '5 Miles', and it looked like the word 'smiles' :) This made me happy!

Then sat down to edit the vlog together and finish off all the recording I needed, music and all that.

I had the most GLORIOUS roast beef tonight! Omnomnom!

I then had Fiona round tonight, which was lovelyyyyyyyyy :) We watched Wild Child, which was a surprisingly good film! ;D

Walked her home, and yes. :)


Hello to my reader in Palau :')

Oh, this video is SO inspiring. Makes you think about a lot.

New Week Tomorrow <3

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