Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 145

So, I'm pissed off at internet that keeps dropping out. Wow, random sudden bad mood.

I got up, quite late today, and mum gave me and Matthew a lift into school, where I ran through assembly on the Holocaust.

I had a double free period, where I sat down to the piano and started improving, and decided to record it. Fuck knows if I'll get it on YouTube in the end though, because apparently, YouTube is gonna be a dick tonight, and, so. Yeah.

I had Enrichment next, where, we were all ranted at, as per usual. We haven't even GOT our module results back yet, and yet, they still find an excuse to shout at us, nice.

Maths, well, waste of a lesson. Sat there looking at what was like. Physics, but, GCSE physics almost. Erm, I wasn't particularly enthused in the lesson, and was MORE than pleased when lunch arrived. Mum picked me up, and I went home. Pronto.

I had a bit of a relax and a wind down before heading out to my first theatre thing of the evening, yay for like. 5 monologues. Enjoyable, but strenuous all the time.


Oh no.. now it's back on track?

I'll put a link if I find out in the end.

I had the first read through of the March production tonight, which was good. But, my throat REALLY hurts.

Evening Lads&Ladies. <3



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