Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day 146

Yay for self promotion? ^^

Yes, this was my unwelcome return to piano on YouTube (Y) - aha, it uploaded finally in the end. So, praise be to Jesus. If you'll pardon the pun. 

I woke up this morning feeling fine. LOL JK, I woke up feeling awful. :L SO TIRED :|

Probably didn't help that I was sat awake listening to music until half one. 0.o

I overfilled my small bag, and it was all squidgy and squashed. BLEUGH -_-

But, my day was brightened immensely by my best friend. Of course. :3

Caught the train with Ben, got to school, clarinet rehearsals, erm. And thennn.. DOUBLE FREE. Oh yes, now, I do love a good old natter with Chris, but, the time does seem to take a while to pass. I was a tad bored when the conversation between myself and Chris petered out somewhat. 

Anyway, we had history, where we discussed 19th century parliament (which I found really interesting?!)
Then it was English Lit, more discussion, very speedy nonetheless, of Brighton Rock. 
Piano at Lunch
Maths in the afternoon. Well, I call it maths. That was what I was there to do at least. 

I came back then afterschool, walked home with Ben, and pretty much faffed about at home until going out to the theatre tonight to see 'The Lightning Play' - which, I'm not gonna lie, had me in tears. And stitches, and it was incredible!

I'm home now, having a good ol' chinwag to Fiona, and yes. Wednesday Tomorrow! :)


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