Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Day 147

Welcome back everyone, how are we all? Are we well? Wonderful.

It's Wednesday today, just in case you weren't aware, and my day went a little like this:

+ I woke up this morning, somehow, I was tired, and it was one of those mornings where you seem to be forced to get up in the dark with your eyes closed, you're thirsty and the whole world seems to fail? That was my morning. I got to the train station, and so did Ben, had another one of our eventless morning conversations, the usual 'good day ahead' questions. You know what I mean.

+ I got to school, played piano, ran assembly stuff, and that all went swimmingly. Of course, quick reminder that it IS 'Holocaust Memorial Day' tomorrow, so. Respects and all that.

+ Law was OK actually, didn't have much to complain about, looking at the creation of statutes in government, and The Law Commission which is all interesting in its own right. I then had history, where we drifted TOTALLY off subject, began by looking at Gold in South Africa & Transvaal, to communist and Marxist Russia. Somehow... :P

+ Critical Thinking, got a talk on Oxbridge applications and then looking at the media coverage of the 'Andy Gray' which was ok.. English Literature was then looking at the topics we can cover in our coursework, so far as relates to the themes and motifs in Othello.

+ I had a driving lesson this afternoon which was OK actually, it went quite well, not incredible, but, well enough. Theory Test booked for mid-February too! :s

+ Filmed/Edited the next VLOG which you can see on YouTube! >> CLICK HERE << 

That's about it, hoping Fiona feels better soon, and yes. Have a great evening!


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