Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 148

This is my 150th post! My hands are so cold right now, I can't even type properly, so, this won't be a long post..

It's been a RATHER hectic day tbh. Like. Woah. Up, Train, English, Law, Hospital, Wokingham, Train (WITH THE AMAZING STRANGER), Lunch, English, Home, Shower, Theatre rehearsals, home (for 2 seconds?), walks with Ben.

Thus, my hands are cold. Like, I'm struggling, they BURN!

Sorry, I just wanted to moan a bit quickly.. the firing of Andy Gray?

REALLY? Aha, women in media are just as, if not MORE sexist than men are.

Oh, hello Sheila's Wheels (Insurance for WOMEN only because men are irresponsible)
The thick men on adverts who need the woman's help, because the women know best.

I'm not saying Andy Gray was in the wrong, but some of these feminist bitches are even more sexist and rude than the men, at least those guys APOLOGISED! < HYPOCRITICAL SLAGS.

Rant over. -_-

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