Friday, 28 January 2011

Day 149

So we're almost at the big 150! Are we excited? I should imagine we're probably not (Y)

I just want to address a few points raised following last night's post: I am not sexist! Go women! Seriously, equality all the way. BUT, it should BE equal! Men shouldn't get sacked for joking at the expense of women if women can get away with it.. either you fire the women (or advertising executives who oversee the operation), or you let the men keep their job. Kudos to the women who are insistent that this was all a big media storm, like all the small insignificant things are these days.

But, to all the women who sit and make jokes about men between themselves, how come when a man makes a joke about a woman, off air, to another man, that it's a massive deal? Sort it out. Men, as well. Give the ladies a break somma the time.

Anyway, FRIDAY. Finally ¬_¬

I got up, again, one of those. EUGH. Another day this week!? :|

Train with Benjaminnnnnnnn :3 school and then we got onto a load of talks on God, Heaven, Hell, and their identities. WTF. At 8 in the morning?! :L

History, which, like, it's interesting! :L I cannot get enough of history! It's all ... interesting! Yay 19th century international politics! :'D

Maths.. I GOT THAT TOO! AAH! I was powering ahead, not gonna lie. Radians and all the jazz, I was like. *scribblescribblescribblescribble* aha! I get it! I was quite proud of myself in truth.

Double free period, Sainsbury's, PIANOOOO, and such fun at lunch!

Law this afternoon, YAY FOR SENILE OLD PEOPLE. Oh, we watched a documentary as well. ;D

Farmhouse tonight, and then Fiona came round, ROBOTS! :) - and, erm, walked her home, and here we are.

I get to go driving in mummy's car tomorrow! :)


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