Sunday, 30 January 2011

Day 151

OK so I'm pretty much dead now. I woke up at half 5 to make Ben breakfast and make sure he got to work on time, went back to bed, got back up again to make sure I was at work on time. The cool thing is, I drove to work. So. Y'know. Yay! I got to work, and although the people were lovely as per usual, and it really is the best part about working there, all the people you get to know, I had a loada ungrateful people to serve, and I was out late. I was exhausted by this point in the day. Needless to say, I got the chance to try my hand at driving in the dark, and I drove back.. which was interesting, and I only angered one driver!

I went to Phoebe's next where we had a great evening of music and laughing (often at my expense!) and cockney voices. Ooh gosh. Such fun! :')

Sorry there's been no VLOG this weekend.. not had enough to say.. but.. there will be soon this week I hope.. just need to make sure it's work you guys watching!

Adios Amigo. :') <3

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