Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 152

Don't Judge. :)

Aha, what a day. :L

So, I awoke this morning, shattered! It was pretty much.. very high chance I didn't even attempt going in this morning.. like. I woke up and thought. Fuck Monday, I want my weekend back!

Anyway, I trudged off to school, got to the station where dearest Ben arrived, in about the same mood as me I think.. conversation was a little grumpy, but. It was Ben, so, I could get away with saying it. :L

Got to school.. caught up on some history.. sat through assembly.. and then English.. erm. Coursework annotation and looking at Bradley's Essays on Shakespeare Criticism.

Brighton Rock again in my next English lesson with an ill teacher, and plenty of talk on damnation, sex, and eternal life. (Y)

History: Black Week. Not, a week for.. as in. Never mind.

Maths: Erm.. I don't remember much except having the most embarrassing hiccups ever. Thanks a bunch guys for helping me out with that. ¬¬

I DROVE HOME FROM SCHOOL! Mum came to pick me up, and I drove home! :)

Then, off to Phoebe's, and then in turn to Sandhurst to play pianoooooo with my little poached egg :) - DON'T JUDGE! That photo up there was when Phoebe was scoffing ALL the biscuits. ;)

Have a wonderful Monday, and hello February tomorrow! :D

FormSpring Me?! :)


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